Zeebu (Zbu) Now Listed for Trading on the Gate.io Exchange

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Zeebu is the world’s first Web3-powered Neobank built for telecoms, enabling efficient, instant and secure settlements on the blockchain.

Zeebu, the pioneering Web3 Neobank for telecoms, is thrilled to announce that its native loyalty token, ZBU, is now officially listed on Gate.io and began trading at 9:00 AM on November 09, 2023 (UTC). As one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, Gate.io, with its advanced technology and security measures, provides a seamless trading experience for users worldwide.

The listing of ZBU on Gate.io signifies a significant milestone for Zeebu, expanding its reach to a global audience. This strategic move allows Zeebu to tap into the vast user base of Gate.io, thereby increasing the visibility of ZBU.

Listing Details:

Trading Pair: ZBU/USDT Start Trading: 9:00 on November 9, 2023 (UTC)

Zeebu, the world’s premier Web3 Neobank for telecoms, is spearheading a transformation in the telecom carrier industry. By enabling efficient, instant, and frictionless payments, Zeebu is redefining the settlement experience. The Zeebu ecosystem is powered by the ZBU Loyalty token, which facilitates seamless settlements and is designed to incentivize and reward telecom carriers within the ecosystem.

Zeebu’s on-chain settlement platform is live and is trusted and utilized by over 150+ telecom carriers and businesses worldwide. The company has also successfully raised $25 million in a presale funding round which underscores the market’s confidence in Zeebu’s vision and its potential to revolutionize the telecom industry.

Parallel to these developments, the Zeebu community has been growing by leaps and bounds, reaching over 100,000 members across various platforms. This growth signifies the increasing recognition and adoption of Zeebu’s innovative solutions in the telecom and Web3 industry.

“We are excited about this listing as it represents a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to bring efficiency and transparency to the telecom sector,” said Raj Brahmbhatt, Founder & CEO, Zeebu. “We look forward to continuing our journey and achieving more milestones in the future.” 

About Zeebu 

Zeebu is building the next-gen Web3 Neobank for telecoms. Zeebu ensures a unified currency experience and global accessibility, eliminating the complexities of legacy processes while ensuring robust KYC compliance. At Zeebu, we are set to bring a revolution in B2B settlements for the telecom industry, powered by the $ZBU Loyalty Token.  Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper

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