TON Foundation Announces Grants for 5 Toncoin Projects

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TON Foundation Announces Grants for 5 Toncoin Projects

In line with the drive to expand TON ecosystem, five new projects have been announced as TON grant winners for Q4, 2023. The announcement is another testament to the growing appeal of TON ecosystem and TON Foundation’s commitment to ecosystem development.

Cutting across different sectors, the recently announced TON grant-winning projects will bring lots of innovation and value to the network. Like recent ones, this positive announcement is expected to have a positive impact on Toncoin price, which is up 5.11% today.

The Five Quality Projects

Carefully selected from a pool of several valuable projects, the five TON grant winners for this quarter collectively demonstrate the global appeal of TON ecosystem and its versatility. Below, we’ll briefly describe each project:

This is already the leading marketplace for TON apps and has been making waves within the ecosystem for a while. Among other things, the grant will help the TON App team integrate localization software, which is already in the pipeline. Other planned updates include offering multilingual support and streamlining the translation process. In the ongoing push to make TON ecosystem more inclusive and accessible to a global audience, content will be localized into Russian, Spanish and Indonesian.


This project leverages zero-knowledge technology to transform the survey marketplace. With its platform on TON ecosystem, QSTN will enable businesses and organizations to run smooth surveys and reward participants accordingly. It aims to facilitate data-driven interactions between businesses and their customers/users while ensuring data privacy.


This project enables users to securely and efficiently manage multi-signature transactions on TON. It is a state-of-the-art multisig wallet with an excellent user interface and customizable authorization rules. Other projects within the ecosystem are eagerly waiting for its full integration because upon completing a successful audit, it will be vital for all TON Grants and Bounties programs.

TON Tracker

A potential game-changer, TON tracker will enable users to track key performance metrics of TON apps across such sectors as DeFi, NFT and GameFi. It is set to be a valuable resource for the ecosystem, offering real-time updates and comprehensive metrics. In addition to helping developers and investors make informed decisions, it will also enhance transparency.

TON Connect 2.0 for TMA

This is the updated version of TON Connect UI kit for Telegram Mini Apps and it ultimately streamlines user experience. It is built to be a comprehensive communication protocol offering bug fixes, SDK enhancements and a UI upgrade to support Telegram bot wallets, among others.

TON Grants and Bounties Program

TON Foundation is driving innovations in many ways and collaboration is becoming the key instrument. The TON Grants & Bounties program is great for teams and individuals hoping to build the next new thing in crypto or refine existing ideas. It is a platform where innovation meets collaboration.

The TON Ecosystem Map now has various ongoing inspiring projects. Builders are always welcome to join and contribute to the evolving network. They can find detailed guidelines on all projects on GitHub and submit project proposals on a Questbook page.


From a state-of-the-art multisig wallet to a game-changing survey platform, TON Foundation has chosen some solid projects as grant winners for the last quarter of 2023. This set of winners showcases Toncoin ecosystem's increasing diversity and global appeal. As each project matures and the ecosystem continues to evolve, Toncoin price prediction will continue to look brighter.

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