Swiss Bank Launches a Revolutionary Crypto Lending Solution

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Swiss Bank Launches a Revolutionary Crypto Lending Solution

Dukascopy Bank, a pioneer in financial innovation, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking crypto lending program, offering cryptocurrency owners an opportunity to access instant cash while retaining their crypto investments.

Instant Access to Cash While Keeping Investments

Dukascopy’s crypto lending program allows users to unlock the value of their cryptocurrency holdings, providing access to 50% of their asset’s value without the burden of repayment.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Getting Instant Cash Access, While Keeping Investments

Open a Multi-Currency Bank Account (MCA): Clients should start by setting up a multi-currency bank account with Dukascopy. This account will act as their central hub for crypto lending. Simple Cryptocurrency Transfer: Clients can effortlessly transfer their cryptocurrency holdings from their blockchain wallet to the Dukascopy MCA. Protect Your Investment: Clients are advised to navigate to the “Investment” section of the MCA and select the “Crypto lending/borrowing” option. Complete the Trading Agreement: After selecting this option, clients will receive an email containing login details for their trading subaccount. Access Your Funds: The client’s crypto investment is converted into regular currency. Half of it remains in the MCA, while the other half is transferred to the trading subaccount as collateral. This also opens a position that corresponds to the initial crypto investment. This process provides a seamless transition of digital assets from the blockchain to the Dukascopy account, enabling clients to utilize the converted regular currency for various financial activities.

This straightforward process allows cryptocurrency holders to transition their digital assets from the blockchain to their Dukascopy account, enabling them to utilize the acquired fiat currency for various financial needs.

Detailed information and a crypto lending calculator can be found here.

Settlement Example 

As an example, if a client funds their MCA account with 0.1 Bitcoin at a price of $20,000 per Bitcoin, they can choose to keep their investment and access 50% of its value:

The client will receive $1,000 (50% of market value) in your MCA account. The remaining $1,000 (50% of market value) will be deposited into their newly established trading subaccount. An automated long position of 0.1 BTC/USD at the prevailing price of $20,000 per Bitcoin will be opened in their trading account. All these operations are seamlessly automated, ensuring the retention of their initial 0.1 Bitcoin investment in the trading account. 

Effective Management of Transferred Investments

Dukascopy’s trading account is tailor-made for the efficient management of your transferred investments. Users will receive login instructions to access the Dukascopy trading platform, JForex. Furthermore, the option to transfer investments back to your MCA account is available without incurring any fees, as long as your MCA account maintains sufficient funds.

Flexibility and Variety

Transferring to JForex offers access to over 1200 trading instruments, extending flexibility and variety to users. The marginal trading account requires lower capital, making it simpler to add positions. JForex also provides an array of tools, including a graphical interface, pending orders, and price alerts, to streamline the monitoring and management of investments.

For further details about JForex trading accounts and to explore DEMO trading account options, please visit

Dukascopy Bank, a Swiss financial institution, assures clients of the safety of their crypto assets. Clients can explore Dukascopy’s crypto-related products and embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of their cryptocurrency holdings.

About Dukascopy Bank SA

Established in 2004, Dukascopy Bank SA is a renowned Swiss financial institution regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) as a bank and securities firm. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Dukascopy has been at the forefront of financial services for over two decades.

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