Steve Aoki Launches Exclusive Digital Sneakers as NFTs on Stepn’s Move-to-Earn Platform

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Steve Aoki Launches Exclusive Digital Sneakers as NFTs on Stepn’s Move-to-Earn Platform

Steve Aoki and Stepn collaborate to release a limited series of NFT digital sneakers. Image by GulyaevStudio, Adobe Stock.In a recent collaboration that brings together the entertainment industry and cryptocurrency, electronic musician and NFT creator Steve Aoki has teamed up with the mobile move-to-earn game Stepn. The partnership seeks to launch a unique collection of digital sneakers as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana blockchain. The collection aligns with Aoki’s existing NFT-based membership club, A0K1VERSE.

The Steve Aoki x Stepn collection consists of 300 limited-edition digital sneakers in four distinct designs—Walker, Jogger, Runner, and Trainer. 240 of these will be sold via the MOOAR marketplace between October 31 and November 4 for 3,500 GMT (approximately $695). An additional 60 NFTs will be allocated to Aoki’s fan community, rounding off the collection at 300 NFT editions.

The Collection and its Real-World Implications

“Collaborating with Stepn is an exciting step towards bringing the metaverse and real world closer together,” Steve Aoki said in a release.

The NFTs, when connected to mobile phones via the Stepn platform, allow users to earn crypto rewards based on their physical movements, such as walking or jogging. Created by Find Satoshi Lab, Stepn claims to have over 2 million active monthly users.

Steve Aoki x #STEPN Genesis Sneaker Raffle

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with @steveaoki, a Grammy-nominated DJ and renowned music producer

For this occasion, we will raffle 240 limited edition co-branded Genesis Sneakers on @solana!

Here’s how to grab one…

— STEPN | Public Beta Phase VI (@Stepnofficial) October 30, 2023

Shiti Manghani, the COO of Find Satoshi Lab, spoke about the collaboration saying, “Steve Aoki continues to push boundaries and demonstrate immense innovation. This partnership highlights our commitment to this cause and underscores the potential of our industry.”

The A0K1VERSE Connection

A0K1VERSE, Steve Aoki’s NFT-based membership club, offers an array of exclusive benefits to its holders. This new digital sneaker collection is an extension of Aoki’s broader engagement with the NFT space, which has seen partnerships with companies like Gala Games and Nickelodeon, as well as famed comic book artist Todd McFarlane.

In an earlier interview in 2022, Aoki revealed he was “building his own world” through A0K1VERSE.

Meanwhile, Find Satoshi Lab, the startup behind Stepn, has also disclosed its plans for a new game called Gas Hero.

Although details about Gas Hero are sparse, it is an MMO game that will be playable via web browsers and mobile phones. The game is set in a future dystopian world, and its development indicates the company’s further foray into the cryptocurrency gaming sector.

The collaboration between Steve Aoki and Stepn adds another layer to the ongoing conversation about the integration of NFTs in sectors beyond pure digital art. As NFTs find various applications, from collectibles to utility-driven assets, this partnership shows how existing platforms are exploring new ways to engage with their user base.

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