Radix Unveils Successful Completion of Its Babylon Mainnet Upgrade

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Radix Unveils Successful Completion of Its Babylon Mainnet Upgrade

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Radix's Babylon mainnet upgrade marks a significant milestone in the DeFi and Web3 space, promising improved user experiences and innovative features. The upgrade introduces five new products, including the Radix Mobile Wallet and Radix Dashboard. Babylon's potential to create an open and self-incentivizing DeFi dApp ecosystem.

The Radix ecosystem is set for a whole new era of enhanced user experience, as the innovative DeFi platform announced it has successfully completed its Babylon mainnet upgrade.

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According to an official release, the completion of the Babylon upgrade has brought the Olympia era to a close. Hence, the platform considers it as a substantial upgrade which has introduced a game-changing moment for Web3 and the DeFi space as a whole.

Radix's Babylon Mainnet Upgrade 

The wrapping up of the Radix Babylon Upgrade has caused an impressive unison among Defi's Full Stack, marking a fresh start for both existing users and enthusiasts looking to embrace the concept of DeFi and Web3.

While Babylon is on a mission to create an open and self-incentivizing DeFi dApp ecosystem where users can build and deploy impactful decentralized applications at scale, Radix acknowledged its potential to improve the experience for web3 developers 

Babylon brings several improvements to the Radix platform, some of which include a better Radix Engine v2 virtual machine, transaction previews in plain language for DeFi, a decentralized system for developer royalties, smart account components, and a catalog of Scrypto-based blueprints on the ledger.

Notably, many web3 developers are already familiar with the proposed features of the Babylon upgrade through their use of the Betanet and RCnet testnets, this has triggered high interest and confidence as concerning what the upgrade is set to unpack prior to its arrival.

The CEO at RDX Works, Piers Ridyard, expressed anticipations for a new and improved era.

"A new ecosystem awaits - an ecosystem where builders can intuitively build and launch powerful and secure dApps, and where our friends, family, and colleagues can confidently use them”

Radix Babylon Upgrade to Introduce 5 New Products 

While the Babylon upgrade promises the Radix ecosystem a whole new era of improved user experience, it has unveiled five new products set to accompany its journey. They include, Radix Mobile Wallet, Radix Connect, Radix Dashboard, Developer Console, and dApp Sandbox.

Radix Mobile Wallet: This will feature a secure way to manage accounts and hold various assets like tokens or NFTs on Radix. Radix Connect: This enables users to connect their Radix Wallet to desktop dApps through a secure peer-to-peer connection using the Radix browser extension. Radix Dashboard: This will serve as a comprehensive explorer for the Radix Network, allowing users to stake, unstake, and claim XRD from validators. Developer Console: It will provide useful functionalities for developers to deploy packages to the network, ensuring smooth integration of new software components. dApp Sandbox: A developer tool that simplifies experimenting with requests that a dApp frontend can make to the Radix Wallet, displaying results in the wallet's format.


The Radix platform, a decentralized platform for building and deploying scalable and secure applications, has announced the completion of its Babylon mainnet upgrade, which brings a new era of improved user experience. The upgrade introduces several innovations to the platform, such as a better virtual machine, transaction previews, developer royalties, smart account components, and blueprints. The upgrade also makes it easier for users to purchase crypto on the platform using fiat currencies.

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