Pi Network Team Announces Roadmap Release Date

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Pi Network Team Announces Roadmap Release Date

Pi Network is becoming more transparent by the day. In line with the ultimate objective of the network, the Pi Core Team has announced that it will release a milestone-based roadmap for products and programs scheduled to be deployed in two versions.

The soon-to-be-released Pi Network roadmap will capture past achievements, ongoing projects, and future undertakings. Though it won't cover the timeline for Open Mainnet release, it will capture relevant milestones leading up to the Open Mainnet. By boosting transparency among pioneers, the roadmap could potentially have a positive impact on Pi Coin price.

The Roadmap Release Plan

As previously mentioned, the roadmap will be deployed in two versions. We’ll shed light on both planned versions right away:

1st Version – Mid to Late October 2023

The very first version of the roadmap will dwell on two distinct components: the past and the current milestones for various Pi products and projects. This initial version will be released this month, October, and will cover the work that has already been done and what the team is currently working on.

Among other things, this first version of the roadmap release is aimed at offering a transparent evaluation of where the project came from and where it is headed in the short term. It will help pioneers to catch up with the relevant history of the project and understand the imminent possibilities.

2nd Version – December 2023

The Pi Core Team plans to take feedback from the community after the first version of the roadmap release and incorporate it into the second version. Scheduled for December 2023, this version will feature an expansive roadmap that will include the future milestones for each product and program. It will provide a comprehensive view of the network’s plans as it awaits the Open Mainnet release.

According to the information from the Pi Core Team, this second version will elaborate on the upcoming features, upgrades, requirements, and other initiatives that will be accomplished before Pi Network enters the Open Network period.


Despite starting in a rather unconventional manner, Pi Network has been able to attract several users from all parts of the world. The most attractive feature, especially in the early days, was the ease of mining Pi Coin. Even when many doubted its viability, the team remained resilient and committed to building a strong community.

While development and transition to the Open Network period has dragged on for a while, the Pi Core Team is now gearing up for the big move. With the release of the Pi Network roadmap, community members will have a better understanding of where the project is headed. With the expected transparency boost, Pi Network is set for the next phase of development. It will be prudent to keep an eye on Pi Coin price prediction, even as we await the roadmap release and the inevitable transition to Open Mainnet.

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