Pi Network Launches ‘Staked DMs’, a PI Coin Powered Direct Messaging Solution

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Pi Network Launches ‘Staked DMs’, a PI Coin Powered Direct Messaging Solution

Key highlights:

Staked DMs lets Pi users privately chat through the Pi Chat app, but with a fun crypto twist - you have to stake some of your hard-earned PI coins to send a message. This deters spam bots and trolls by making it costly to send unwanted DMs. For legit chats though, you get your coins back once the person accepts your request. Early results also show prices for PI coins jumped almost 40% when Staked DMs launched.

Pi Network, the popular social crypto platform, has introduced an innovative new feature called Staked Direct Messages (Staked DMs) that allows users to connect privately using PI cryptocurrency. This addition to the Pi Chat app provides a groundbreaking solution for balancing accessibility and protection in online communications.

Introducing Pi Staked Direct Messages (Staked DMs)—the latest Web3 feature in Pi's mission to redefine social access that integrates tokenomics into Pi Chats. With Staked DMs, Pioneers can now connect directly with other Pioneers in private chats through message requests that… pic.twitter.com/f45ABljxrp

— Pi Network (@PiCoreTeam) October 18, 2023

As outlined in Pi Network's official blog post, Staked DMs requires users to stake a certain amount of PI coins to initiate a direct message request with another user. This stakes-based system helps deter unwanted communications while facilitating meaningful connections between users.

The evolution of Pi Network

Pi Network burst onto the crypto scene in 2019 with its unique mobile mining concept that allowed anyone to earn PI coins by simply clicking a button on their phone. Though initially met with skepticism, Pi Network has grown a community of over 47 million pioneers who believe in the project's vision of building an inclusive peer-to-peer ecosystem.

The network has come a long way since the early mining days. In recent times, Pi has begun integrating real utility into its applications using the PI cryptocurrency, bringing its decentralized vision closer to reality.

As covered previously on CoinCodex, Pi Network aims to incentivize development on its chain through initiatives like the Developer Ambassador Program. The team also announced details surrounding the hotly anticipated Pi Network Roadmap which outlines requirements for mainnet launch.

Staked DMs represents the next step in Pi's continuing efforts to build real-world utility into its apps.

Deterring spam and fostering meaningful connections

Like any social platform, Pi has had to deal with issues like spam messages and unwanted contact requests interfering with positive interactions between users. Staked DMs provides an elegant crypto-integrated solution to these problems.

To initiate a DM request, the sender must stake a variable amount of PI coins based on the recipient's preferences. If the request is accepted, the staked coins are returned. If rejected, they are forfeited. This system disincentivizes spam by attaching a real cost. The staked amounts can also increase for serial spammers as recipients block their attempts.

Conversely, genuine users get their staked coins back when connections are mutually accepted. This means real relationships aren't penalized, only undesired outreach. The result is an organic environment that deters bots and trolls while enabling humans to connect freely.

Early price action looks promising

Though PI has yet to be freely traded on exchanges, IOU markers tracking expected value have responded positively in the wake of the Staked DMs announcement. As noted in our recent PI coin price analysis, IOU prices registered a +37% surge following the feature launch.

This indicates strong market confidence in Pi's continuing ecosystem development. With mainnet launch likely to coincide with exchange listing, PI coins could start being traded publicly in 2023. If Pi Network can deliver on its roadmap, the long-term Pi price upside for early adopters could be substantial.

Staked DMs - Another step towards mainnet

With initiatives like Staked DMs generating real token utility ahead of the full mainnet rollout, Pi Network continues to make technological strides while growing its global user base.

The project still has its detractors, but Pi's resilience and steady progress in the face of criticism has won over many former skeptics. If the network can maintain its development momentum as the roadmap targets are hit, wider adoption beckons for this ambitious crypto social platform.

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