Is It Too Late to Buy Jupiter? JUP Price Tops Charts, Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Rival Secures $5.9M

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Is It Too Late to Buy Jupiter? JUP Price Tops Charts, Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Rival Secures $5.9M

As the market cap of Solana’s biggest decentralized exchange (DEX) Jupiter (JUP) surges beyond $2 billion, and its fully diluted market cap powers towards $15 billion, crypto investors are asking if it is too late to buy Jupiter.

After witnessing a crypto that was at one point trading at a modest valuation surge to a hefty market cap, it’s natural for investors to fear that they might have missed the boat.

Just over one month ago, Jupiter was trading at a valuation that was more than 3x less.

Then its token price was trading under $0.50, versus its price now of around $1.50.

Is It Too Late to Buy Jupiter?

But rather than beating themselves up for missing the rally, investors need to assess the asset at its current valuation.

In Jupiter’s case, its fully diluted market cap is around 25% more than Uniswap, the most well-established DEX.

In that sense then, its valuation suggests that Jupiter has now become the market-leading DEX.

Comparing trading volumes supports this notion – Jupiter has 24-hour trading volumes of close to $2.4 billion versus Uniswap’s $1.35 billion.

That means, on the one hand, that it is no longer a highly undervalued project versus its peers.

That suggests there is little prospect for “catch-up” gains.

But that doesn’t mean JUP’s value can’t continue to rise as the DEX market expands.

We remain in the midst of a crypto bull market that is only just really starting to spread to altcoins.

Jupiter could easily still 3x from here in the next 12 or so month as Bitcoin keeps pushing higher.

Jupiter Alternative to Consider – Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Rival Secures $5.6M

While Jupiter could post 3x gains this bull market, some investors are hunting much bigger potential upside.

those looking for a better probability of near-term gains should consider an alternative high-risk, high-reward investment strategy—getting involved in crypto presales.

Presales offer investors a routine to get involved in a project at its very early stages, and thus potentially make returns of as much as 100x.

If investors can identify projects with solid foundation, the risk/reward of their investment is very good.

Analysts at Cryptonews spend a lot of time examining new presale projects.

One such project that they have identified as having a great risk/reward profile is called Green Bitcoin ($GBTC).

Green Bitcoin (GBTC)  is a multi-use cryptocurrency that allows investors to earn rewards while making predictions on the future price of Bitcoin.

Introducing Green Bitcoin: A Revolutionary Predict-To-Earn Token.

Join us on our Gamified Green Staking Platform, where your predictions can turn into profits!


— GreenBitcoin (@GreenBTCtoken) December 3, 2023

The platform also follows a more sustainable model – deployed on Ethereum’s proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus.

Green Bitcoin launched its $GBTC token presale in December 2023. Through this presale, investors have the opportunity to buy the token at a lower price ahead of the initial exchange offering.

Investorshave already poured nearly $6 million into the presale. $GBTC is currently priced at an affordable price of $0.8782 per token.

With a record breaking day yesterday, and listing announcements around the corner, the time is NOW for Green Bitcoin!

— GreenBitcoin (@GreenBTCtoken) March 16, 2024

From a total supply of 21 million tokens – Green Bitcoin has allocated 10.5 million for the ongoing presale.

Of the remaining supply, 27.5% is set aside for the Gamified Green Staking rewards, 17.5% for marketing, 20% for exchange liquidity, and 5% for community rewards.

The presale’s success implies investors are expecting huge things from $GBTC and Gamified Green Staking.

The supply contrasting on the open market can lead to much higher prices down the line, and investors are keen to make sure they’re positioned early enough to capitalize on any price surge once the predict-to-earn contest opens.

Visit Green Bitcoin Here

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