Crypto Exchange Listing and Delisting Announcements: March 4, 2024

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Crypto Exchange Listing and Delisting Announcements: March 4, 2024

Here is our weekly collection of digital asset listing and delisting, trading pair-related announcements by crypto exchanges that we found last week and today.

Have we missed something? Do you have information about new listings and/or delistings? Let us know here.


MEXC Listings: Greever (GVL) MARS AI (MARS) Portal (PORTAL) ONSWEB3.0 (ONS) Work on Bitcoin (WOB) CycleFi Protocol (CYF) Metahorse Unity (MUNITY) DeFrogs (DEFROGS) Block Ape Scissors (BANANA) Bonk Baby (BOBY) Leo (LEO) The Terminal (TTTU) Baby Trump (BABYTRUMP) Mars Coin (MARSCOIN) Tholana (THOLANA) ScarQuest (SCAR) ChainX (IDX) Artrade (ATR) Beoble (BBL) Ice Network (ICE) Crypto Hunters (CRH) DOVU (DOVU) Chief Troll Grok (CTG) WINR Protocol (WINR) Dreams Quest (DREAMS) QORPO (QORPO) Africarare (UBU) MetaFighter (MF) Pets Crush (PETS) DogeTF (DOGETF) Acria.AI (ACRIA) Minu (MINU) Homer Simpson (SIMPSONSOL) Seamans Project (SEAT) Koava (KOAVA) Any Dog (AD) ETCMC (ETCPOW) SolanaDoge (SOLANADOGE) BillionAir (AIRB) Project Hive (HGT) DeepFakeAI (FAKEAI) Childrens Aid Foundation (CAF) Golden Inu (GOLDEN) Felix (FEL) Navist (NAVIST) AIWORLD (AIWLD) Mars Coin (MARSCOIN) InfinityMesh (IFM) Gold Cow Coin (GCOW) AASToken (AAST) MAGASOL (MAGASOL) StaikaFi (STAIKA) Merlin Inu (MERLININU) Syncus DAO (SYNC) Rabi (RABI) Weave6 (WX) Versity (SITY) Little Kitten Pinky (LKP)


Binance Listings: Axelar Network (AXL)


KuCoin Listings: SatoshiVM (SAVM) Beoble (BBL) Ice Network (ICE) Portal (PORTAL) QORPO World (QORPO) Hourglass Protocol (HGP) OpenStamp (STAMP)


Bitrue Listings: Akash Network (AKT) Delysium (AGI) Portal (PORTAL) Orange (ORNJ) QnA3.AI (GPT) BPINKY (BPINKY) Circularity Finance (CIFI)


OKX Listings: QnA3.AI (GPT)


Poloniex Listings: KlimaDAO (KLIMA) Popcat (POPCAT) Independence Token (RFKJ) FlokiFork (FORK) MOBY (MOBY) Ice Network (ICE) Tao Bank (TBANK) Shutter (SHU) Bonkwifhat (BIF) Doland tremp (TREMP) Dizzy Havoc (DZHV) ArtCoin (AC) Neversol (NEVER)


CoinEx Listings: OpSec (OPSEC) GraphLinq Chain (GLQ) MixMob (MXM) Victoria VR (VR) Syntropy (NOIA) QnA3.AI (GPT) AINN (AINN) bitsCrunch (BCUT) Portal (PORTAL) DeChat (DECHAT) LTO Network (LTO) Pandora (PANDORA) Synesis One (SNS) XRGB (XRGB) Listings: QnA3.AI (GPT) Portal (PORTAL)


BitMart Listings: Baby Troll (BABYTROLL) Ronin (RONIN) MXC Foundation (MXC) Chonky (CHONKY) Ice Network (ICE) Beoble (BBL) IX Swap (IXS) Open Games Builders (OGB) QnA3.AI (GPT) DOVU (DOVU) Hypra (HYP) Avalox (AVALOX) yPredict (YPRED) Sempsun AI 2.0 (SMAI2.0) ONINO (ONI) AASToken (AAST) Mia (MIA) MAGASOL (MAGASOL) Catwifhat (CWIF)


LBank Listings: The Love Care Coin (TLCC) The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) Portal (PORTAL) LifeBank Chain (LBC) Tamkin (TSLT) CyberDoge (CDOGE) Bidz Coin (BIDZ) Vulcan Forged (LAVA)


P2B Crypto Exchange Listings: Epeiron (EPN) Moonboi589 (MB589)


AscendEX Listings: Alkimi Exchange (ADS)


BigONE Listings: Noah (NOAH)


Changelly Listings: NFPrompt (NFP) The Grapes (GRAPE)


ChangeNOW Listings: Arkham (ARKM) Rain Coin (RAIN) Listings: Liquid CRO (LCRO) Institutional Added Trading Pairs: WIF/USDT


DigiFinex Listings: Avalox (AVALOX) Axelar (AXL)


FINEXBOX Listings: Join, Learn & Thrive (JLT) Buddy AI (BUDDY) USEU (USEU) EUUS (EUUS) DIBCOIN (DIBC)


HitBTC Listings: AnaloS (ANALOS)


HTX Listings: The Root Network (ROOT) Bifrost (BFC)


ProBit Listings: FANTARA (FTR) Kneenano (KNA)


VinDax Listings: Book My Asset (BMA) Little Kitten Pinky (LKP) AL-Virland (AVL) APG COINT (APGC)


WazirX Listings: HTX DAO (HTX) Delistings: DFI.Money (YFII) Waltonchain (WTC)


XT Listings: Akash Network (AKT) FAYA (FAYA) Epik Protocol (AIEPK) BullBear AI (AIBB) Shentu (CTK) (ALFA)

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