Crypto Exchange Listing and Delisting Announcements: January 29, 2024

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Here is our weekly collection of digital asset listing and delisting, trading pair-related announcements by crypto exchanges that we found last week and today.

Have we missed something? Do you have information about new listings and/or delistings? Let us know here.


MEXC Listings: Chief Troll Officer (CTO) Troll Inu (TROLLINU) Fox Funnies (FXN) Pablo DeFi (PABLO) Devomon (EVO) PUBLC (PUBLX) Digiverse (DIGI) DOGEMETA (DOGEMETA) DGI Game (DGI) Hamburglar (HAMBURGLAR) Baby Shark (BABYSHARK) MOMOJI (EMOJI) Easytoken (EYT) (CHEQ) FacetERC (FCT) BaseXchange (BEX1) TAIKAI (TKAI) IQ Protocol (IQT) Avalox (AVALOX) Baby Tomcat (BABYTOMCAT) Silly Duck (DUCK) GT Protocol (GTAI) Dao Glas (DGS) Diablo (DIABLO) HappyAI (SMILEAI) Meta Plus Token (MTS) Subsocial (SUB) HY (HY) Future AI (PRT) MUSK MEME Project (MUSKMEME) Funsjourney (FUNJR) MMOSH Pit Protocol (MMOSH) Morpheus Labs (MIND) Fibon (FIB) Soul Society (HON) DOGESWAP (DOGESWAP) BlueMove (MOVE) Wen (WEN) Revelation (SERAPH) Unipoly Coin (UNP) AR Builder (ARBI) Model Labs (MODEL) SqtsAnt (SQTANT) Mirror Breaker (MBR) Rhapso (RPT) Angry Bird Space (ABS) BTC Hero (BTCHERO) JOE BIDEN 2024 Project (JB2024) Ordi Launch (ORLA) Socrates (SOC) MNet Pioneer (NEER) ZetaChain (ZETA) QnaAI (QNA) Jupiter (JUP) Flame Token (FLAME) W3Gamez Network (W3G) OraiDEX (ORAIX)


Binance Listings: AltLayer (ALT)


KuCoin Listings: AltLayer (ALT) ZetaChain (ZETA) AOFverse (AFG) Jupiter (JUP) Dmail Network (DMAIL) De.Fi (DEFI)


Bitrue Listings: OKB (OKB) AltLayer (ALT) Baby Bonk (BABYBONK) Snowman (SNOW) Wen (WEN) GameStop (GME) GameGPT (DUEL)


OKX Listings: Dmail Network (DMAIL) Removed Trading Pairs: WGRT/USDT KONO/USDT WSB/USDT


Poloniex Listings:  Smiley (SMILEY) Bonk Fi (BFI) AltLayer (ALT) Sam Bankmeme-Fried (SBF) HTX DAO (HTX) FOMOFI (FOMO) GT Protocol (GTAI) Honk (HONK) Spoderman (SPOODY) Chow Chow (CHOW) MAGA (TRUMP) BakerySwap (BAKE) Aerodrome (AERO) Chinu (CHINU) PONK!!! (PONK) Snowman (SNOW) Peapods Finance (PEAS) Vector Reserve (VEC) GameStop Coin (GME) HT (HT)


CoinEx Listings: MockJup (MOCKJUP) BADMAD ROBOTS (METAL) Comsats (CSAS) Wen (WEN) Listings:  AltLayer (ALT) Dmail Network (DMAIL) Jupiter (JUP) Xpet Tech (XPET)


BitMart Listings:  Timpi (NTMPI) Derp DEX (DERP) Sensei Inu (SINU) DEVAI (0xDEV) Bozo (BOZO) Steamboat Willie (MICKEY) AltLayer (ALT) JOE BIDEN 2024 Project (BIDEN2024) GT Protocol (GTAI) Chihuahua (HUAHUA) Talis Protocol (TALIS) Aquarius (ARS) Chimpzee (CHMPZ) Wen (WEN) Socrates (SOC) Montage Token (MTGX) Solama (SOLAMA) Jupiter (JUP)


LBank Listings:  AINN (AINN) AMBBi (AMB) Gala Music (MUSIC) 2PED METAVERSE (2PED) Socrates (SOC) Camly Coin (CAMLY) LoungeM (LZM) ZKFair (ZKF) Dmail Network (DMAIL) Reel (REEL)


P2B Crypto Exchange Listings:  Bull Token (BULLT) Digital Asset Rights Token (DAR) Myro Dragon (MYRODRAG)


AscendEX Listings: Sophon (SOPHON) Electra Protocol (XEP) Listings:  GMX (GMX) (FET)


Changelly Listings:  Celestia (TIA) Maple (MPL) Saber (SBR) Klever (KLV)


ChangeNOW Listings:  Manta Network (MANTA) Listings:  AltLayer (ALT) MiL.K (MLK) Institutional Listings:  Ondo (ONDO)


DigiFinex Listings: AltLayer (ALT)


FINEXBOX Listings:  Baby Samoed (BABYSAMOED)


HTX Listings:  Amulet (AMU) AltLayer (ALT) GT Protocol (GTAI) Bakeryswap (BAKE) Bitcoin Cats (1CAT) Jupiter (JUP)


Nexo Listings:  AltLayer (ALT)


VinDax Listings:  Doll Coin (DLC)


WazirX Listings:  Yield Guild Games (YGG) LeverFi (LEVER)


XT Listings: WyScale (WYS) Areon Network (AREA) Kneenano (KNA) Camly Coin (CAMLY) Myra (MYRA) BabyBonk (BABYBONK) RWA Finance (RWAS) Bitcoin EDenRich (BEDR) Ponke (PONKE)

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