Blockchain Analytics Firm Implies Data on Hamas Crypto Donations Exaggerated

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The blockchain analytic firm Elliptic has clarified that its data was misinterpreted, and only $21,000 has been donated to the militant organization Hamas through cryptocurrency.

Unlike traditional finance, crypto offers transparency and traceability. There were reports that amidst the Israel-Hamaz conflict, the militant organization received millions in donations through cryptocurrency. However, Elliptic has cleared the air.

Elliptic: No Evidence to Support Significant Hamas Crypto Donations

After the reports about Hamas receiving millions in crypto donations, US Senator Elizabeth Warren pushed for an anti-crypto bill. She said:

“The danger of crypto-financed terrorism is real and should be an urgent priority for Congress. There’s a growing bipartisan coalition of senators who are committed to passing this bill and fighting back against terrorism worldwide by choking off the financing.”

However, Elliptic cleared the confusion by stating that “only $21,000 in cryptocurrency has been donated since Oct. 7.” Moreover, the blockchain analysis firm confirmed that various crypto service providers froze a major portion of this amount.

Particularly, the Elliptic blog pointed out that Tether, the issuer of USDT, froze $9,000 in stablecoin donations. Moreover, authorities have been time to time seizing the crypto donated to Hamas. Hence, in April 2023, Hamas decided to stop raising funds through the means of cryptocurrency.

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Lastly, Elliptic states that it spoke with Senator Elizabeth Warren and the authors of a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article to clarify the situation. Well-known crypto personalities such as Balaji Srinivasan, the former Coinbase CTO, and Venture Capitalist Nic Carter criticized the WSJ.

Nic Carter criticizes the Wall Street Journal over its Hamas funding report. Source: X (Twitter)

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