Bitcoin Price Prediction as Total Crypto Market Cap Reaches $1.5 Trillion – Is $40,000 the Next Target for BTC?

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital currencies, Bitcoin showcases a bullish stride, currently trading at $38,765 with a commendable increase of nearly 2% on Saturday. As December unfolds, the cryptocurrency market radiates optimism, with Bitcoin edging towards a 19-month peak, reflecting a robust commencement for crypto stocks.

In a significant geopolitical shift, President Petro of Colombia receives Bitcoin amidst the nation’s exploratory moves to embrace the cryptocurrency. Adding to the fervor, Mike Novogratz’s bullish stance on Bitcoin amplifies the sentiment, as the total crypto market cap touches a staggering $1.5 trillion.

Investors are now keenly eyeing the $40,000 mark, speculating whether it’s the next milestone for Bitcoin’s upward journey.

December’s Dynamic Debut: Crypto Stocks Soar as Bitcoin Nears 19-Month High

As the world’s largest cryptocurrency hits a nearly 19-month high at $38,765, shares of cryptocurrency miners and related companies have surged, reflecting a buoyant market sentiment.

The current uptick, boasting a 1.6% increase for the day, is fueled by the anticipation of a potential approval for a spot exchange-traded fund (ETF), a move seen as a catalyst for further capital inflows into the digital asset sector.

Notably, Bitcoin miners Riot Platforms, Marathon Digital, and TeraWulf have enjoyed gains between 1.7% and 4%. J.P. Morgan has raised price targets for several mining firms, acknowledging the boost from Bitcoin’s surge.

Crypto stocks set to start December on a high note as bitcoin hits near 19-month high

— CNA (@ChannelNewsAsia) December 1, 2023

The rise in cryptocurrency prices, expected to drive transaction volumes and revenue, has propelled Coinbase shares up by 2.5%. Caution remains prudent amidst potential regulatory challenges and new legislation that could impact the industry.

Nevertheless, the resignation of the founder of the largest cryptocurrency exchange has not dampened the optimism for ETF approval. The overall positive mood in the market offers some explanation for Bitcoin’s recent price escalation.

Bitcoin Diplomacy: Colombia’s President Petro Explores Crypto Adoption

Colombia’s foray into the cryptocurrency sphere takes a symbolic leap as President Gustavo Petro now holds Bitcoin, underscoring the country’s exploratory steps towards integrating digital currencies into its economic landscape.

The discussions on leveraging blockchain for public good were enriched by insights from IOVLabs’ Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar and JAN3’s Samson Mow, with the latter presenting Bitcoin to President Petro, signaling Colombia’s openness to the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

President of Colombia  Gustavo Petro Officially Owns Bitcoin

— CryptoMutant (@CryptoMutant) December 1, 2023

Deliberations on Bitcoin’s applications for worker cooperatives and blockchain’s role in enhancing public services like land restitution and health billing have been at the forefront. While regulatory frameworks evolve, the Financial Superintendency of Colombia probes into policy adjustments.

Amidst these developments, Bitcoin’s price stands at $38,765, mirroring the market’s inherent fluctuations.

Colombia positions itself as a proactive player among Latin American nations eyeing digital currencies to bolster national development, possibly influencing Bitcoin’s current uptick amidst the nation’s active involvement and the anticipation of regulatory clarity.

Novogratz’s Optimism: A Bullish Bitcoin Forecast

Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, has cast a highly bullish forecast for Bitcoin, tying its potential price surge to the approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Speaking with Bloomberg TV, Novogratz highlighted the market’s anticipation of this event as a pivotal momentum booster. He pointed to the robust push for Bitcoin adoption by heavyweight financial institutions, including Blackrock, Ark, Fidelity, and his own Galaxy Digital, suggesting that such expectations are already baked into Bitcoin’s current price.

BTCTN: Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz Expects #Bitcoin Price to Be 'Significantly Higher' After #SEC Approves Spot Bitcoin ETFs

— Hudson Estell (@HudsonEstell1) December 2, 2023

With a keen eye on the Federal Reserve’s expected rate cuts and the scarcity of Bitcoin sellers, coupled with the approaching Bitcoin halving event, Novogratz painted a thriving future for Bitcoin amidst global economic uncertainties.

His projection is that a positive shift in market sentiment is on the horizon, potentially catalyzing a substantial rise in BTC prices, especially following the green light for a spot Bitcoin ETF, which is anticipated to usher in a fresh wave of capital into the market.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

In the realm of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin‘s price action on December 1st offers a textbook case of bullish persistence. The digital currency is currently priced at $38,444, marking a moderate 24-hour movement upwards by 0.14%. This 4-hour chart timeframe places Bitcoin just below a significant pivot point of $38,502, as it navigates through layers of resistance and support.

Immediate resistance stands at $38,832, with further hurdles at $39,259 and a more distant challenge at $39,610. Should the bullish momentum wane, Bitcoin may find support at $38,025, followed by additional safety nets at $37,544 and $37,006.

The technical indicators present a nuanced narrative; the Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently reads at 64, suggesting bullish sentiment that is neither overextended into overbought territory nor retreating into bearish realms.

Bitcoin Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

In parallel, the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) traces at $38,777, with Bitcoin’s price action hovering just beneath it, potentially indicating a bullish trend on the cusp of confirmation.

Chart patterns reveal an upward channel, indicative of a steadfast buying trend, reinforced by the current RSI level and proximity to the 50 EMA. The emergence of an ascending triangle pattern breakout at the $38,400 level further bolsters the bullish case, signaling an accumulation phase that could foreshadow a rally.

The synthesis of these factors leads to a conclusion that Bitcoin, while currently in a phase of consolidation, maintains a bullish outlook overall. The market appears primed for a test of the immediate resistance at $38,835 in the short term.

Should this level be convincingly breached, the path towards $39,000 appears increasingly likely, with traders and investors alike keenly attuned to the prospect of Bitcoin’s ascent as the year draws to a close.

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