Andrew Tate Shills Easy Crypto Money Despite Criticizing it Months Ago

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Andrew Tate Shills Easy Crypto Money Despite Criticizing it Months Ago

The controversial social media personality Andrew Tate is promoting his university to teach how to make easy money in crypto, contradicting a statement he made in April.

This week, the crypto market has surged, with Bitcoin (BTC) hovering around $34,000 to $35,000. And now a number of mainstream influencers and social media personalities have returned to jump on the digital asset bandwagon.

Crypto Community Calls out Top Signal as Andrew Tate Promotes University

Andrew Tate, the former professional kick boxer, uploaded a video on X (Twitter). In the video, Tate said:

“The real-world professors have been telling you to accumulate crypto. We told you which ones to accumulate, we told you why. Now the price is going up, everybody is making money.

“You could have had these tips. And, you could have learned how to make money in a ‘very easy way,’ in a very simple system.”

Tate’s latest post on X contradicts his posts made in April, when he criticized crypto influencers and said that “the easy money isn’t in crypto anymore.”

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Andrew Tate criticized easy crypto money in April. Source: X (Twitter)

Moreover, Andrew Tate’s Hustler University uploaded a video claiming that Tate predicts the crypto pump. The video says:

“In Hustler’s University, we actually tell you when to buy and when to sell crypto.”

Tate received criticism for his recent promotion of crypto-related services. Due to the heavy promotion of crypto services, community members believe it is a top signal. Generally, during the top of the market cycle, crypto receives mainstream attention, and various celebrities start promoting it.

Andrew Tate has been previously accused of indirectly promoting a meme coin by using its ticker symbol on X. However, Tate refused any association with the project.

On various occasions, authorities have seized Andrew Tate’s crypto assets. Recently, on June 2023, authorities seized 21 Bitcoin (BTC) from the Tate brothers. It was reported that before Tate’s arrest by the Romanian authorities, the police seized five BTC.

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