Amazon Web Services Introduces New Features for Polygon Developers

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Amazon Web Services Introduces New Features for Polygon Developers

 Key takeaways:

AWS launches AMB Access Polygon, a service that simplifies Web3 development by providing instant and serverless access to the Polygon blockchain. AMB Access Polygon offers benefits such as faster time-to-market, cost efficiency, reliability, and security for building Web3 apps on Polygon. AWS, Polygon Labs, and Animoca Brands collaborate to support Web3 startups through the MoonRealm Express accelerator program with various incentives.

AWS, the leading cloud computing provider, has announced new features that will allow developers to easily access Polygon, a popular Ethereum-compatible scaling solution, to build fast and user-friendly Web3 applications.

The service, called Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) Access, is currently in public preview and offers instant and serverless access to both the Polygon mainnet and Mumbai testnet. However, developers can use AMB Access for free during the preview period, but they may still incur AWS data transfer fees as appropriate.

Polygon is a layer 2 solution that uses proof-of-stake consensus to secure and scale transactions on Ethereum and other EVM-based blockchains. Polygon is also home to many innovative projects in the Web3 space, such as NFT marketplaces, gaming platforms, DeFi protocols, and more.

“We're thrilled to see AWS support Polygon PoS through AMB Access, which further streamlines the development of scalable and mainstream applications,” said TK from Polygon Labs. “AWS keeps expanding its enterprise-ready Web3 infrastructure and developer-friendly tools that businesses require to provide fast, seamless, and secure access to applications for Web3 native and mainstream consumers”

Key Benefits of AMB Access Polygon Integration

By integrating with Polygon, AWS offers several benefits for Web3 developers.

Faster time-to-market: Developers can start building their app’s core functionality right away, without wasting time on provisioning infrastructure or complex setup. Automatic Scaling: also scales automatically to handle increasing workloads as the app grows in popularity. Cost efficiency: Developers can save up to 80% on blockchain node costs compared to managing their own infrastructure, simple pay-per-request pricing model that makes it easy to estimate and control costs. Reliability and security: Developers can rely on AWS’s proven track record of providing high availability, security, and 99.9% uptime rates for their apps. tions are securely stored and verified on the Polygon PoS blockchain.

A diagram showing how a dApp can interact with the Polygon blockchain through AMB Access

Potential Use Cases Across Industries

According to the announcement, this integration enables various use cases across different industries, such as:

Financial services: Banks or lenders can offer their customers digital asset investment products by using AMB Access Polygon’s JSON-RPC APIs to read data from and broadcast transactions to the Polygon PoS blockchain. Gaming: Game developers can create unique NFTs that represent game assets and allow players to use them within the game or trade them on Polygon PoS-based marketplaces. Consumer brands: Brands can create loyalty programs that reward their most loyal customers with exclusive NFTs that can be redeemed for special offers or experiences.

Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Web3 Startups

In addition to the Polygon integration, on the 16th of Nov 2023, AWS, Polygon Labs, and Animoca Brands have also announced a strategic collaboration to support Web3 startups through the MoonRealm Express accelerator program.

According to the announcement, AWS is looking to invest over $1m to support up to 500 eligible startups under the inaugural cohort. The company will also provide the startups with its cloud resources through AWS activity, a series of technical masterclasses, as well as exposure to venture capital, go-to-market support, and more.

Additionally, Polygon will also organize a series of workshops, offer cash bounties for hackathons and also distribute vouchers for support services from providers within the Polygon ecosystem. Animoca Brands will provide mentorships from its NFT experts and access to its network of partners and collaborators.

Polygon (MATIC) Recent Price Movement

According to Coincodex, Polygon (MATIC) is currently trading at $0.077737, which is a -1.81% decrease in the last 24 hours. The token has also underperformed Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in the same period, with a -1.23% and -0.98% decrease, respectively.

CoinCodex also provides a Polygon (MATIC) price prediction based on technical analysis and machine learning. According to CoinCodex, MATIC is predicted to reach as high as $4.15 in 2034, $5.27 in 2025, and $4.58 in 2030.

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