6 Best Crypto Tax Accountants in 2023

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6 Best Crypto Tax Accountants in 2023

Cryptocurrency investments have become a significant part of many portfolios, bringing along the complexities of tax obligations. In addition, many companies, especially in Web3, are paying salaries in crypto assets, which makes the importance of professional accounting all the more apparent.

It is worth noting that crypto legislation considerably varies from country to country, which means that creating a global list of the best crypto tax accountants is very difficult. While we are primarily focusing on tax firms located in the United States for the purposes of this article, we’ve tried to include tax firms and platforms that have a global presence.

Here are the best crypto tax accountants as of 2023: Acuity Accounting – The best crypto tax accounting firm overall Integra Global Solutions Corp – A leading BPO solution for firms focused on digital assets Indinero – A global tax accounting firm TokenTax – A powerful crypto tax accounting platform Founder’s CPA – Crypto-first certified public accounting firm Aprio – A tax accounting giant with specialized crypto services

The 6 best crypto tax accountants: Examining top choices in 2023

In the following sections, we are going to examine what we believe are the best crypto accounting firms in the market today. The information presented in this article was compiled from the websites of each accounting firm in the list, as well as from Clutch, a B2B rating and reviews platform.

1. Acuity Accounting – The best crypto tax accounting firm overall

Acuity Accounting is a modern accounting firm that provides bookkeeping, tax, accounting, and CFO services for entrepreneurs in the SaaS, e-commerce, creative, and crypto spaces. The firm is based in Atlanta and was founded in 2004 by Kenji Kuramoto.

The firm offers specialized bookkeeping services for clients in the blockchain technology industry. The firm has three pricing plans. The cheapest plan starts at $449 per month and covers basic bookkeeping services. The two more expensive plans, starting at $949 and $2029 per month, respectively, offer additional services, including payroll management, invoicing services, employee expense reporting, and more.

Key features: 

Specialized crypto accounting services Three pricing tiers, with the lowest starting at $449/month Payroll management Invoicing services Employee expense reporting

2. Integra Global Solutions Corp – A leading BPO solution for firms focused on digital assets

Integra Global Solutions Corp is a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) and technology company founded in 2004. With a commitment to cutting-edge solutions, they combine their extensive experience in outsourcing with AI automation and emerging cloud technologies to deliver exceptional services to clients across a wide range of industries.

The company provides extensive tax reporting services, which allows clients to get in touch with tax experts who specialize in digital currency bookkeeping and tax consulting. In addition to its presence in the US, Integra has offices around the world, including Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Key features: 

A BPO firm with extensive tax reporting services Affordable pricing Focused on increasing efficiency Offices in North America, Europe, and Asia

3. Indinero – A global tax accounting firm

Indinero is a cloud-based accounting and financial software company that provides comprehensive accounting, tax, and CFO services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Founded in 2009, Indinero combines its proprietary software with a team of experienced accounting professionals to deliver a comprehensive financial management solution to its clients.

The company’s main focus lies in tax preparation, tax consulting, corporate tax services, and cryptocurrency tax services. In addition, Indinero specializes in international tax regulations and laws as well, which means that they are able to provide tax specialist services both for clients in the US and abroad.

Key features: 

Cloud-based accounting software company Focused on small and medium-sized businesses Specialized cryptocurrency tax services Global reach

4. TokenTax – A powerful crypto tax accounting platform

TokenTax is a crypto tax accounting and reporting platform that helps crypto traders and investors track their crypto transactions, calculate their crypto taxes, and generate tax reports. It allows clients to sync their data seamlessly, preview tax bills in real-time, and file different tax forms.

The platform supports a diverse range of API and wallet integrations, which means that you can connect your own wallet or accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges and let the software do the rest. In addition to cryptocurrencies, the platform supports non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as well.

Key features: 

Support for digital currencies and NFTs Preview tax bills in real time Integrates with Uniswap, Arbitrum, and a wide range of DeFi protocols Starts at $65/year

5. Founder’s CPA – Crypto-first certified public accounting firm

Founder’s CPA is a solid choice if you need a crypto tax service that includes not only tax calculations and bookkeeping but also access to up-to-date tax requirements and regulations. The firm is primarily focused on providing services to blockchain startups, crypto funds, and high-net-worth investors, traders, and miners.

Listing the full scope of service offered by Founder’s CPA would be beyond the scope of this article. Some of the most important and sought-after include federal income tax filing, R&D tax credits, state income taxes, payroll taxes, and tax planning. In addition to blockchain, the company operates in SaaS and FinTech industries as well.

Key features:

A certified public accountant Focused on blockchain startups, funds, and investors CFO services for crypto, FinTech, and SaaS industries State and federal income tax filing services

6. Aprio – A tax accounting giant with specialized crypto services

Aprio is a premier business advisory and accounting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1952, Aprio has grown to become one of the largest and fastest-growing accounting firms in the United States, with over 1,900 team members serving clients in over 50 countries.

Aprio can help blockchain companies in a myriad of ways, including helping businesses to be regulatory compliant, follow anti-money laundering (AML) laws, and more. The company’s blockchain accounting services and advisory department is helmed by Emily Cheshire and Dmitri Alexeev.

Key features:

The first blockchain audit made in 2013 Tax audit readiness and audit services Blockchain tax services Data security and privacy compliance reporting AML and financial crimes compliance

The bottom line: Picking the right tax accounting service can help you save money and avoid potential penalties

Using the services of a specialized crypto tax accountant can be extremely beneficial if you want to keep your balance sheet in order and make sure that you comply with relevant tax regulations. If specialized tax accounting is beyond the scope of your needs, you can check the services provided by top consulting companies, which provide expert advice and guidance on various aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology beyond just taxes.

Another way to gain feedback about regulatory compliance is to reach out to crypto lawyers, who are typically better suited to answer broader regulatory questions but can usually still provide a bird's-eye view of the tax reporting landscape.

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