What Cryptocurrency Will Explode in 2024?

Predictions for 2024 indicate it will be a very bullish year for many cryptocurrencies. Any analyst will offer several options for the next crypto coin that will explode. However, all cryptocurrencies don’t have the same prospects for the year. Join us as we discuss the best choices for the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2024.

Author: Eric Gift   -   Last updated: 12/04/2024

Overview of the Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

It promises to be a very eventful year for cryptocurrency investors, as many analysts predict that interest rates will fall and the investor landscape will improve. These developments will naturally lead to increased investor risk appetites, driving up the value of many crypto projects. As a savvy investor with ears to the ground, it becomes imperative for you to know the next big cryptocurrency 2024 offers you. 

Many projects are poised to see increases in value during the year, including old-time giants like Bitcoin, BNB, and Ethereum. However, many of these old projects have arguably exhausted much of their capacity to spike too high in value. New meme coins are the blue chip option if you’re looking for crypto that will explode during the year. After all, being new and built around more contemporary blockchain use cases, these coins have lots of growth potential. 

We’ll discuss five popular meme coins whose values are projected to skyrocket. To boot, we’ll briefly introduce the coins on our list; then, we’ll elaborate on them in the next section, discussing everything from their token supply and current project stage to their price projections. Next, we’ll explore the criteria for determining the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2024 before tying things up and answering some top FAQs on the subject. 

Cryptos That Will Explode in 2024

Let’s overview our top options for the next crypto that will explode in 2024. 

Sponge V2: $SPONGEV2 is a meme coin and an upgrade on the $SPONGEV1 token, the latter having entered the crypto space during the May 2023 bear market. V1 proved to be a 100x token, with 13,000+ holders and an all-time high market cap of nearly $100 million. The V2 token has been on presale as of January 2024 and is projected by many analysts to be the next cryptocurrency to explode by 100x as the year progresses. 

Bitcoin Minetrix: BTCMTX is a stake-to-mine token in presale since September 2023. The core mission of this token is to provide a user-friendly way for investors to earn bitcoin passively without having to deal with cumbersome and costly mining gear that requires expertise to handle. 

Meme Kombat: As far as meme coins go, Meme Coin is one of the most promising crypto that will explode in 2024. The token is part of a robust, gaming-centric ecosystem that combines gambling and DeFi and also incorporates staking mechanisms, allowing users to earn up to 477% annual percentage yield passively. 

Launchpad XYZ: This meme coin project is specially built for investing, primarily focusing on making web3 more investor-friendly. It features analytics tools to streamline crypto trading, a decentralized exchange, and a marketplace for NFTs and fractionalized assets. 

Wall Street Memes: Wall Street Memes is a crypto ecosystem and online casino designed with retail investors in mind. It combines the best elements of blockchain technology and casino gambling while rewarding diamond hands with its staking feature. It’s one of the next crypto to explode for retail traders who wish to enjoy casino gambling and crypto in one package. 

Reviews of The Next Exploding Cryptocurrencies in 2024

Let us now discuss our top crypto projects in more detail. 

Sponge V2

The $SPONGEV2 meme coin is potentially the next big cryptocurrency 2024 will see. It operates on a play-to-earn basis, where users must play the SpongeBob-themed game Sponge P2E Racer to win tokens. Although, it bears noting that the game is not yet out as of January 2024. This means buying from the ecosystem is the only way to earn the $SPONGEV2 tokens. Alternatively, investors who own V1 tokens can stake those to earn V2 tokens. This is possible because of the bridging mechanism within the ecosystem. 

The project is in its presale phase but has ambitions similar to the preceding $SPONGEV1. The aim is to reach a market capitalization of $100 million at launch. The token supply stands at 150 billion coins, with over 18 million sold in its presale phase. Projections indicate the coin will be worth 35x its presale price at launch ($0.0060). However, in January, it showed a remarkable growth rate of about 180%, strongly indicating its potential as the next cryptocurrency to explode at launch. 

Token Symbol$SPONGEV2
Presale Supply 18M
Token Type ERC-20
Payment Method ETH, USDT, Card
Listing Price $0.00088

The homepage of Sponge V2

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix operates in the Ethereum blockchain but serves BTC mining purposes. The project aims to provide users access to seamless and uncomplicated BTC mining, seemingly for a limited timespan of 10 years. It achieves this by tokenizing the cloud mining process to increase transparency, a move which makes it a crypto coin that will explode in 2024.

The logic of its operation is that users with Ethereum-compatible crypto wallets purchase the BTCMTX token for staking. They get non-tradable Ethereum credits as a reward and burn those in exchange for BTC cloud mining power. The ecosystem offers terms and conditions of use governed by the laws of the Marshall Islands without regard to its conflict of law principles, and users within it are expected to comply fully with cryptocurrency laws in their various jurisdictions. Finally, most projections indicate a potential high of $0.05; others forecast an increase up to $0.10 and continuous growth beyond 2025.

Token SymbolBTCMTX
Presale Supply 3.1B
Token Type ERC-20
Payment Method ETH, USDT, Card
Listing Price $ 0.011

The interface of Bitcoin Minetrix

Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat is another game-focused crypto that will explode in 2024. It combines a robust epic battle gaming experience (complete with various battle modes) with realistic wagering mechanics in a DeFi environment. Its staking mechanisms provide an annual percentage yield of up to 124%—only staked tokens earn an annual percentage yield on the platform. 

With the sizable APY Meme Kombat offers for staking, investors are likely to compound their holdings, decreasing supply and boosting the coin’s value. This is why many analysts believe Meme Kombat will be the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2024. Estimates for price increase show it may be as valuable as $0.287 before the end of the year.

Token Symbol$MK
Presale Supply 60M
Token Type ERC-20
Payment Method  ETH, USDT
Listing Price $0.279

The homepage of Meme Kombat

Launchpad XYZ

LPX is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain and is a decentralized launchpad for new crypto token projects. Its decentralized exchange and trading insights are among its most valuable features, especially since they facilitate trading to enable new projects to take off. However, many other similar platforms offer these. What makes LPX unique is its Launchpad Quotient (LQ), a feature that affords users insights from 400+ data sources by leveraging AI. 

Investing on the platform follows a tiered structure that affords investors increasing benefits and access to services for higher amounts of tokens purchased. However, it is worth noting that, in addition to being non-transferable, the license LPX gives to use its services is revocable. The LPX token sold for $0.0445 per token in the final stage of its now-ended presale. According to price predictions, LPX is a crypto that will explode by 100x during the year. 

Token Symbol$LPX
Presale Supply 250K
Token Type BEP-20
Payment Method ETH, USDT, Card
Listing Price None

The homepage of Launchpad XYZ

Wall Street Memes

The Wall Street Memes ecosystem is community-centric and features a casino that allows users to bet on 5000+ games and sports betting options. It also features a stake-to-earn mechanism that enables investors to earn $WSM token rewards passively. This mechanism contributes further to the tokenomics of the platform by creating scarcity and driving up the coin’s value. Some experts expect the $WSM to be the next cryptocurrency to explode by 100x, reaching up to $0.15 by the end of 2024.

Since Wall Street Memes is also a crypto casino, it operates under appropriate regulation and licensing from the Curacao Gaming Control Board. 

Token Symbol$WSM
Presale Supply 1B
Token Type ERC20
Listing Price $0.008486

The homepage of Wall Street Memes

How We Picked The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode in 2024

Now that we’ve explored the details about each of the next crypto to explode in 2024. Let’s now turn our attention to how we selected these coins to begin with. Here, we will discuss four essential factors we considered and which you need to consider when choosing which to invest in. 

Project’s Roadmap

A project’s road map is a graphical or visual portrayal of the overall journey the coin must undertake. This includes its objectives, deliverables, and timeline, from development to presale and launching. 

For savvy and intelligent investors, this information indicates that the development team has a clear idea of their goals and is prepared to pursue them. It builds trust and credibility in an industry where, very justifiably, trust is often low and skepticism very high. This is why we picked only projects with concise roadmaps and definite objectives. 

Growth Popularity

While not a 100% reliable indicator of which project is the next cryptocurrency to explode, we find that a coin project’s popularity and rapid growth often predict its success. The value of a cryptocurrency is based mainly on its popularity among investors, as this generally means people are interested in it. Conversely, unpopular coins are often likely to see little success. 

At any rate, popularity often reinforces itself as popular coins get more so over time and attract more investment, affording the developers the funds they need to see the project to completion. 


While cryptocurrencies tend to derive their value from popular sentiment, their use cases also go a long way to boost their value. Essentially, the more viable use cases a token has, the more likely investors will seek it. So, to determine the next cryptocurrency to explode over any period, it’s essential to look at utility and not only popularity.

Each meme coin we discussed in this review has important use cases, with some being the backbone of important services offered by their platforms. For example, consider BTCMTX and LPX. The former serves the function of facilitating hassle-free BTC mining by being exchangeable for mining power. The latter regulates access to AI-powered services within the Launchpad XYZ ecosystem. 


Tokenomics is the blockchain equivalent of traditional economics. Just as the latter examines how goods are produced, distributed, and consumed, the former also explores how crypto tokens are generated, managed, and circulated within a blockchain ecosystem. This makes Tokenomics a vital consideration when deciding the next crypto to explode in value. It will help you determine what projects follow an intelligent plan and offer well-designed incentives for investors to hold on to tokens for the long term. Any project with its tokenomics in order is on track to be the next big cryptocurrency 2024 has for investors.


Many cryptocurrencies have good prospects for the year, especially considering all the factors we have discussed. The projects we have listed offer concise and well-planned road maps. Additionally, each has shown growth and popularity levels that indicate it will be the next cryptocurrency to explode in value during the year. Moreover, they also feature well-designed tokenomics and show great utility as native tokens. By any indication, these are the blue-chip options for 2024.

Exploding Cryptocurrency FAQs

By all indications, the next crypto to explode in 2024 will be one of the five we treated, if not all. They’re LPX, BTCMTX, SpongeV2, Meme Kombat, and WSM. 

You can find the next crypto coin that will explode by examining different coins in the light of their utility, growth popularity, tokenomics, and project roadmap.

If the cryptocurrency is on presale or has launched in the market, you can buy it on an exchange or from within the relevant blockchain ecosystem.

You can tell by examining how the coin weighs in light of the metrics we have discussed: growth popularity, use cases, roadmap, and tokenomics.

Bitcoin Minetrix will likely be the next Bitcoin because of its utility for Bitcoin mining.

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