How to Buy Sandbox (SAND) with Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer & More

Here is a detailed guide on how to buy Sandbox Crypto for beginners. Learn how to buy SAND with credit and debit cards, PayPal, and bank wire. This post will also cover the best places to buy SAND tokens and provide you with a step-by-step guide for buying Sandbox on each brokerage/exchange.

Author: Alex Waick   -   Last updated: 19/03/2024
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This post will introduce you to the Sandbox metaverse token, telling you what Sandbox is and how it works. It will analyze SAND tokens’ past price action and factors influencing their price action. Even more importantly, we will provide you with a detailed -by-step guide on how to buy The Sandbox from an exchange and how to trade SAND CFDs at a brokerage.

What is Sandbox (SAND)? Is it a good investment? Where can you buy Sandbox crypto tokens today? How can you buy Sandbox (SAND) in 2024 and how do you trade Sandbox CFDs?

You too might be looking to make a kill off Sandbox’s recent rice jump. But are you familiar with the different ways you can invest in Sandbox? Do you how to trade Sandbox CFDs or brokerages that list the derivative? How about buying Sandbox with credit/debit cards or bank wire on an exchange?

Top 4 Platforms Where to Buy Sandbox (SAND) in 2024

  • Min Deposit: $200
  • Number of Coins: 20+
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Regulated by FCA, ASIC & CySEC
  • Paypal, Debit & Credit Card Accepted
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex
Visit eToro

Capital At Risk

  • Min Deposit: 1 $£€
  • Number of Coins: 50+
  • Regulated by SEC, & FinCEN
  • Place Buy & Sell CFDs Orders
  • Low Minimum Deposit
Visit Coinbase

Capital At Risk

  • Min Deposit: 1 $£€
  • Number of Coins: 1500+
  • High Number of Coins
  • Accepts Fiat Deposits
  • Trade on Spot and Futures
Visit Binance

Capital At Risk

  • Min Deposit: 1 $£€
  • Number of Coins: 50+
  • Highly transparent exchange
  • Competitive Bitcoin trading fees
  • Highly secure
Visit Kraken

Capital At Risk

How to Buy Sandbox Crypto (SAND) Instantly in Three Quick Steps

Step 1: Create an account

Start by finding a reputable crypto trading platform that lists Sandbox. Register a trader account with them. The account registration process for most of these brokerages and exchanges is quick and straightforward. Further, most will only ask for your personal information and identity verification.

Step 2: Fund the trader account

Log in to the approved crypto trader account and make a deposit. There often are no minimums or maximums that you can deposit. How much you deposit here should, however, be enough to cover the trading platform’s minimum deposit/trading limit as well as the transaction fees.

Step 3: Buy Sandbox (SAND) (with or without leverage)

After the deposit reflects in your trading account, start buying  Sandbox tokens. Note that crypto exchanges let you own the private keys relating to SAND tokens. Crypto brokerages, on the other hand, let you trade Sandbox CFDs without owning their underlying private keys. Further, brokerages like eToro will let you buy Sandbox crypto with leverage.

Step One
Open A Free Account
eToro Logo
Step Two
Deposit Funds
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex
Step Three
Buy Cryptocurrency
Buy Now

Capital At Risk

What is Sandbox (SAND)

According to the official whitepaper, Sandbox is a decentralized virtual world and gaming metaverse. It was created by Pixowl under the stewardship of Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget in 2011 as an online gaming platform. But in 2018 Sandbox game developers decided to integrate it into the blockchain ecosystem. But even more importantly, they sought to transform it into a community-driven platform.

They transformed Sandbox into a user-content generated platform, with SAND holders participating in the governance of the platform via a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). This implies that any Sandbox platform user can play games, create custom games and assets, own these assets and games, and even monetize them. They also determine how Sandbox ecosystem is run by voting on key decisions affecting the platform.

Overall, Sandbox hopes to morph into one of the largest blockchain-based social networks. This would allow for real-time interaction between the metaverse users in Sandbox hubs.

How Does Sandbox Crypto (SAND) Work?

Sandbox has four core components i.e LANDS, Sandbox Games, Vox Edit, and game maker, as well as the NFT marketplace. These dictate the nature of services provided in The Sandbox metaverse and, by extension, how the virtual world works. Let us take a closer look at each of these and see how they work.

  • LAND: The Sandbox metaverse is divided into 166,464 pieces of virtual land. These are designed to serve as the Sandbox hubs for different activities in the virtual world. These could range from gaming conventions, shops and stores, chat rooms, entertainment joints, and hubs for virtually any other experience. Like every other asset on The Sandbox metaverse, each plot of LAND is a tradable NFT.
  • Sandbox Game: The Sandbox ecosystem also features a wide range of Sandbox games, both user-generated and conventional games. Most of these are built on the play-to-earn model that rewards players with free SAND tokens when they play.
  • Vox Edit and game maker: In addition to playing existing games, you too could create custom games and share them with other metaverse users. You do not even need to be a coder to create games on the platform. Simply use the numerous free Voxel models NFTs integrated into the Sandbox metaverse ecosystem. You could also use these models to create unique assets that you can then use on your land or sell to other landowners. You get to own the games and assets created using these free voxel models and can trade them as NFTs.
  • NFT marketplace: The Sandbox virtual world integrates an NFT marketplace. Here, you get trade LANDS, games, and any other asset created and hosted on this virtual world.

Note: The Sandbox is the metaverse while SAND is the governance and utility token for this virtual world.

What is the Difference Between SandBox and Bitcoin?

Both SAND and Bitcoins are cryptocurrencies, anchored on revolutionary blockchain technology. However, the two crypto assets could not be more dissimilar. Let us discuss the three most distinct differences between SAND and BTC.

Purpose and use

While SAND tokens are designed to serve as the utility and governance token for The Sandbox metaverse, Bitcoins are meant to serve as a medium of exchange. There is a limit to what you can do with SAND tokens outside of The Sandbox ecosystem. The same, however, cannot be said of Bitcoins whose adoption as a medium of exchange across the world continues to rise.


Bitcoins are hosted on the pioneer Bitcoin blockchain technology. SAND is, on the other hand, the native token for a blockchain-themed gaming platform hosted on the Ethereum network.

Coin Supply and Generation

Bitcoin has a relatively light maximum coin supply of 21 million BTC (at present, its circulating supply is 18.9 million coins). SAND, on the other hand, has a maximum supply of 3 billion SAND tokens (at present, its circulating supply is 1.124 billion tokens).

Note that Bitcoins are mined by individuals by contributing computing power to the Bitcoin network. On the other hand, all SAND tokens were pre-mined and sold/allocated to different parties after the launch of the metaverse.

Sandbox (SAND) Historical Price Performance

SAND tokens were first availed to the public via an ICO on 14th August 2020 at an offer price of $0.0083. Data from CoinMarketCap then suggests that SAND started trading on the day that followed, ending its first day of trading valued at $0.051 – more than 600% above its ICO price. By the end of the month, SAND token’s price rallied to $0.07371. It, however, shed all these gains in the three months that followed and dipped to its current all-time-low of $0.028 on 4th November.

Sandbox (SAND) Historical Price Performance

As the early 2021 crypto market rally gathered pace and metaverse and play-to-earn blockchain games become a buzz, SAND prices started rebounding. It broke above $0.1 for the first time ever in January 2021 and by March, it peaked above $0.8.

The mid-May market crash, however, halted further uptrend and fell to $0.1 a month later. In a show of resilience and rising demand popularity of metaverse and blockchain gaming concepts, SAND started rebounding in the last half of 2021. It even broke above $1 on 30th October.

However, the token’s biggest break yet came about in the three weeks that followed. Between 10th and 25th November 2021, SAND token prices shot up by close to 450%, setting its current all-time high of $8.44.

Sandbox ecosystem continues the onboarding of partners and collaborators and the metaverse buzz is still on. These lead experts to believe that Sandbox will most likely rebound and resume the late 2021 price rally.

What Factors Influence Sandbox (SAND) Prices?

Sandbox is a massively volatile and unpredictable crypto asset. And though it has sustained an overall uptrend, its price is always fluctuating. In this section, we look at the critical factors that influence this volatile price action:

  • Adoption and use case: As more gamers, virtual real estate investors, and traders join the Sandbox ecosystem, you can expect the demand and price of SAND tokens to continue rising.
  • In-network Developments: The launch and upgrade of the core systems and programs on the Sandbox ecosystem is expected to ignite interest in the Sandbox metaverse which, in turn, fuels the demand and value gain for the SAND tokens.
  • Crypto market performance: SAND token prices are massively dependent on the overall performance of the larger market. They rise when the market rallies and dips when the market crashes.
  • Partnerships and collaborations: Sandbox is expected to launch more partnerships and collaborations, especially with key NFT marketplaces, layer 2 networks, and virtual games. The onboarding of these new users to the ecosystem is expected to ignite a price run for the tokens.
  • News: Positive news coverage about Sandbox or its metaverse creates positive user sentiments, which ignites an uptrend. And vice versa.

How to Invest in Sandbox (SAND)?

You now understand what Sandbox token and metaverse are, their value, and the factors affecting SAND’s price action. Let us now look at the four primary ways through which you can invest in Sandbox:

1. Buy and hold SAND tokens

The buy-and-hold long-term strategy also referred to as HODLing, is a popular and beginner-friendly method of investing in Sandbox. It involves buying SAND tokens today and holding on to them for years, expecting their value to rise and reach unimaginable heights.

2. Buy and Flip LAND and NFTs

You may also consider buying and flipping LAND and other NFT assets on the expansive Sandbox metaverse. Alternatively, and in consideration of the scarce nature of Sandbox LAND, consider buying plots on the metaverse and holding onto them – expecting their value to soar as more gamers and investors join the metaverse.

3. Trade SAND CFDs

You could also choose to trade The Sandbox CFDs on such crypto brokerages as eToro. The difference between trading SAND CFDs and buying Sandbox tokens is that CFDs don’t let you own the private keys for your token. You are merely speculating on its price action.

The upside to this, however, is that CFD trading lets you go long (BUY) or short (SELL) on Sandbox.  Moreover, most of these derivative trading platforms will let you trade Sandbox CFDs with leverage (borrowed funds).

4. Day trading SAND tokens

Day trading SAND tokens involves buying the altcoin when the price is low and selling when it posts tangible profits. Or as soon as the token’s value dips below your tolerable risk level. Because the profits scooped with each trade are marginal, traders are often forced to open multiple trades throughout the day. You will also need significantly larger investment capital. And as the name suggests, you have to close all your trades at the end of the day or trading session.

How to Buy Sandbox (SAND) Guide

Different crypto trading platforms have integrated multiple payment methods that you can use to buy Sandbox (SAND). Let us look at the most common below:

How to Buy Sandbox Crypto (SAND) with Credit Card

Credit/debit cards are one of the most common ways of buying Sandbox on such trading platforms as eToro. It is preferred to such other crypto trading platforms as banks because it lets you buy SAND instantly. The transfer of funds to the exchange is almost instantaneous and relatively inexpensive.

How to Buy Sandbox (SAND) with Credit Card in 3 Steps

  1. Choose an Exchange: Find an exchange that supports buying SAND with credit cards. Once you’ve found one that meets your needs, create an account, verify your identity and log in.
  2. Link Your Credit Card: Once you’ve logged into your account on the chosen exchange, the next step is to link your credit card so that you can buy SAND. follow the instructions provided by the exchange.
  3. Buy SAND with Credit Card: Select “Buy/Sell” from the main menu on the platform and then select “SAND” from the list of cryptocurrencies available for purchase. Enter how much SAND you want to buy and confirm.

Credit/debit cards are also easily accessible. Plus, most crypto trading platforms – including eToro – won’t charge a deposit processing fee. You will only have to pay the transaction fee charged by the card provider. At eToro, the minimum card deposit is set at $200 while the maximum is $40,000.

How to Buy Sandbox Crypto (SAND) with PayPal

Some trading platforms, like eToro, will also let you buy SAND with PayPal. This deposit method is also preferred to most other payment methods because it is fast and inexpensive.

How to Buy Sandbox (SAND) with Paypal in 3 Steps

  1. Sign Up For A PayPal Account & Verify It: To buy SAND with PayPal, first sign up for a PayPal account and verify it. Go to the PayPal website and create an account. Add a bank account or credit card to finish verifying it.
  2. Find A Cryptocurrency Exchange That Supports SAND & Create An Account: Once you’ve found an exchange that supports SAND, create an account there using the required information. Once your exchange account has been created, move on to Step 3.
  3. Buy SAND With PayPal: Go to the “Buy/Sell” page of the exchange and select “PayPal” as your payment method. Enter the number of SAND tokens you wish to buy and click “Confirm Purchase”.

Further, the majority of crypto trading platforms that accept PayPal will not charge you a deposit processing fee. You will only have to pay the processing fee imposed by the payment provider. On eToro, the minimum you deposit with PayPal is $200 and the maximum is capped at $10,000.

How to Buy Sandbox (SAND) With eWallets (Skrill, Neteller)

Crypto trading platforms like eToro have also embraced other eWallet payment processors, especially Skrill and Neteller. Today, you can buy Sandbox on eToro with either Skrill or Neteller, as long as both the eWallet and eToro are supported in your country.

They, too, are preferred to such other payment methods as bank wire transfer because the fund transfer is instantaneous and inexpensive. As is the case with PayPal, the minimum eWallet deposit into eToro is set at $200 and the maximum capped at $10,000.

How to Buy Sandbox (SAND) with Bank Wire

Banks are arguably the most accessible payment method in the world. It, therefore, shouldn’t come as surprise to you that virtually all crypto trading platforms, including eToro, process bank wire transfers. This then implies that virtually anyone can buy SAND with Bank on any crypto exchange or brokerage that lists the metaverse token.

The only downside to buying The Sandbox with bank transfer is that deposits may take between 3 and 8 business days before reflecting in your trading account. It also requires higher minimum deposits, $500 on eToro. The upside to buying SAND with Bank wire, on the other hand, is that there is no maximum deposit limit when trading on such platforms as eToro.

How to Buy Sandbox (SAND) Anonymously (Without ID Verification)

As the anti-money laundering debate rages on, regulators across the world are tightening the noose around centralized exchanges. They have made it increasingly difficult for anyone to trade crypto anonymously. The pressure they have exerted upon crypto trading platforms has seen them subject all their users to KYC and AML verification tests, which include identity verification.

None of the popular trading platforms will let you buy The Sandbox anonymously (without ID verification). However, a few, like eToro, let users from select countries deposit a maximum of $2250 into an unverified trading account.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Sandbox Crypto (SAND)


  • Room for massive growth: There is a higher chance that SAND token prices, and your SAND investment by extension, will perpetually rise and hit unimaginable heights in the next few years.
  • Multiple revenue-generating streams: Through investments in SAND tokens, LAND, NFT assets, and even game creation, The Sandbox presents you with multiple avenues of generating an income.
  • Accessible/liquid: SAND tokens are listed with virtually all the popular crypto exchanges, making the digital asset readily accessible and massively liquid.
  • Multi-purpose asset: In addition to speculating on SAND prices, you could also use it to hedge against inflation.
  • Control over assets: As is the case with virtually any other crypto asset, you have absolute control over your SAND tokens.


  • Stiff competition: The Sandbox metaverse faces stiff competition from such other virtual worlds and play-to-earn gaming technologies as Axie Infinity and Decentraland.
  • The unsustainability of the P2E model: Critics argue that the play-to-earn model used to fuel The Sandbox’s popularity is unsustainable, which dents the sustainability of The Sandbox virtual world.
  • Overreliance on the crypto market: SAND token prices are overly reliant on the performance of the highly volatile and unpredictable crypto market. It will only rise in the market rallies and will crash as soon as the market dips.

What Do You Need Before You Buy Sandbox (SAND)?

There are three primary things that every trader/investor needs before they can buy Sandbox (SAND). These are:

1. Trader account

You will need to register a trading account with a crypto trading platform that lists The Sandbox token. As we have mentioned above, the crypto trader creation process is quick and straightforward. In most cases, these exchanges/brokerages will only ask for basic personal information and request you to verify your identity.

Hereinbelow, in this guide, we will be discussing four of the best places to buy the gaming metaverse token. We will even provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to buy SAND tokens on each of these platforms.

2. Capital

After creating an account, you will need to deposit funds that you can use to buy the SAND tokens. Use any of the payment methods supported by your preferred crypto trading platform to fund the account. As is the case with any other investment, we advise that you only commit an amount that you can afford and are willing to lose.

3. The Sandbox Wallet

You will also need a digital currency wallet that can hold the Sandbox tokens for you. Note that most exchanges will provide you with free custodial or non-custodial wallets where you can store your SAND tokens. However, we always recommend moving your crypto tokens off exchange-linked wallets and hot wallets and into offline-based self-custody wallets.

How Much Do You Need to Buy Sandbox Crypto (SAND) Tokens?

Ideally, there is no minimum or maximum limit when it comes to investing in crypto. You can invest as little as possible or as much as you are comfortable in The Sandbox. However, most brokers and exchanges maintain specific minimum investment limits, often referred to as trading or initial deposit limits.

Before you can trade The Sandbox tokens on eToro, for instance, you will need to raise a deposit of $200. The minimum trade limit is then set at $25. In crypto trading platforms that do not have minimum deposit/trade limits, your capital investment should be enough to cover the trade amount and associated fees.

There also are a few unwritten rules that you ought to consider when determining the maximum you can invest in The Sandbox. These include your risk tolerance, understanding of the token, your disposable income, trading experience, and investing goals.

Further, different financial planners recommend that you only invest between 5% and 40% in crypto. Around 5% for beginners and risk-averse traders or around 40% for highly experienced and risk-tolerant investors.

Where to Buy Sandbox (SAND)

Sparked by the soaring popularity of play-to-earn games and the metaverse concept, The Sandbox has become one of the most accessible digital assets. It currently is listed with virtually all the most popular crypto trading platforms around. These include:

  • Crypto exchanges: Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase present you with some of the most liquid platforms to Buy Sandbox (SAND) tokens. These exchanges let you buy actual SAND tokens and own their associated private keys. They will also provide you with free custodial and non-custodial crypto storage services.
  • Crypto brokerages: Coin brokerages like eToro and are also equally popular places to buy SAND tokens. But unlike exchanges, brokerages will not let you own the underlying trading asset. You can only trade contracts for difference (CFDs) and other derivatives on these platforms. But as we had mentioned earlier, crypto CFD trading platforms will almost always let you open leveraged trades.
  • Peer-to-peer trading platforms: On peer-to-peer trading platforms, you get to buy The Sandbox token and own its private key. But, unlike international crypto exchanges, most peer-to-peer trading platforms are less liquid. The upside to buying the SAND token on a peer-to-peer trading platform is that they support more payment service providers and even local currencies.

What to Look for in a Sandbox (SAND) Trading Platform?

In an age where every crypto trading platform markets itself as the best, you need to be keen on who you trust with your crypto and personal information. Some of the most critical factors that you must consider before registering with any exchange or brokerage include:

  • Trading cost: Before registering with a trading platform look at the trading and non-trading costs affecting its trades. These range from spreads, commission, deposit and withdrawal fees, overnight fees, inactivity fees, and even currency conversion fees.
  • Supported Payment methods: Confirm that the trading platform supports your preferred deposit and withdrawal method.
  • Friendly user interface: The preferred trading platform should have an easily navigable but resource-rich user interface. It should also appeal to both beginner and PRO traders.
  • Reputation/reliability: How supportive is the platform’s customer service team? What are the platform’s transaction execution speeds and does it suffer downtime? Consult different online reviews to confirm a trading platform’s reputation and reliability before registering with them.
  • Security: Has the exchange ever been hacked? How did it react to this? Does it insure the client’s crypto assets? Is its code open-sourced and has it been audited? Confirm all these queries and only register with the most secure trading platform.

There goes everything you need to know about buying The Sandbox. We now need to take a closer look at some of the best places to buy the token today. In this section, we will discuss 4 trading platforms and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to buy the token on each of their platforms.

1. eToro – Best Place to Buy Sandbox Crypto for Social Trading

Available Coins: 20+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: $200
Visit eToro

Capital At Risk

eToro is one of the best places to buy The Sandbox token because of its social trading feature. This, plus the copy-trading tool, make it one of the most beginner-friendly online trading platforms. The two features also make it possible for you to receive mentorship and earn by copying the trade settings of the highly successful and popular investors even as you learn how to trade.

Established in 2007, eToro is currently available in 170+ countries and territories. And if you live in one of these eToro-served regions, you can trade The Sandbox CFDs on eToro. Individuals from select countries, especially nations where crypto CFD trading is disallowed like the US can, however, buy SAND tokens and own their related private keys.

At the moment, only the SAND/USD pair is supported on the platform. You will need a minimum of $25 to open a trade on the platform, though, the minimum initial deposit is set at $200 ($50 for US residents).

Note also that eToro is a no commission broker.  You will only pay the spread, fixed at 3.9% for the SAND/USD pair, and a dynamic rollover fee for margined trades that remain open overnight. The Sandbox CFD traders will also have access to leverages of up to 1:2.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Buying Sandbox (SAND) on eToro?


  • Free wallet services: eToro provides you with a free custodial wallet that stores 95% of client digital assets offline. It also gives every trader on the eToro platform a free and non-custodial mobile wallet app.
  • Insured client deposits: Your deposits into eToro are insured for up to $250,000 by the FDIC for US clients and up to EUR/GBP/AUD 1 Million for its clients in Australia, the UK, and Europe by the Lloyd’s of London.
  • Transparent: eToro has a transparent fee structure and lets you know of all the fees affecting your trade before you hit the buy/sell button.


  • High non-trading fees: eToro maintains relatively high non-trading fees. These include 2% currency conversion fees, a $5 withdrawal fee, a 0.5% coin transfer fee, and $10 inactivity fee.
  • Only one base currency: eToro has only one base currency i.e. the US Dollar. Any non-USD deposits into the brokerage attract a 2% currency conversion fee.

To learn more about trading cryptocurrencies on the brokerage, read this comprehensive eToro review 2024.

How to Buy The Sandbox Crypto on eToro – Step By Step Guide

1: Open the Official eToro website and hit the “Join Now” button on the upper right corner.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on eToro

2: Complete the registration form that pops up, agree to the broker’s terms and conditions and privacy statement, and verify your identity.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on eToro

3: Log in to your approved trader account and click on the “Deposit” tab on the user dashboard to fund the account.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on eToro

4: Choose one of the supported payment methods, decide on the amount you wish to deposit, and hit the “Deposit” button to complete the cash transfer.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on eToro

5: On the user dashboard, click on the “Discover” icon, choose “Crypto,” and from the list of supported digital assets, choose to buy Sandbox tokens.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on eToro

6: On the trading window that pops up, enter the amount you wish to spend on Sandbox tokens and hit the “Open Trade” button to execute the buy order.

Note: If you were buying actual Sandbox tokens, private keys for the asset will be delivered in the exchange-provided wallet. You, however, are free to move them to the free eToro mobile wallet app from whence you can transfer them to other exchanges or wallets.

2. – Best Place to Buy Sandbox Crypto for CFD Trading

Available Coins: 50+
Margin Trading: No
Minimum Deposit: 1 $£€
Visit Coinbase

Capital At Risk tops our list of the best places to trade Sandbox CFDs. Its trading interface is easily navigable and easy to use, even for beginner traders. The platform is also resource-rich, featuring hundreds of advanced analytical tools, technical indicators, charting, and risk-management tools.

Importantly, is also one of the few artificial intelligence (AI) – powered trading platforms available today. Not to mention that it supports hedging and has one of the fastest order execution speeds. And all these features appeal to both beginner and pro traders.

The broker also maintains a smooth account registration process. Note, however, that you can only trade crypto CFDs here. And at the moment, only supports the SAND/USD pair. There is no minimum trade limit, but you will need to raise an initial $200 deposit before you can start trading on the platform.

Like eToro, is a no-commission broker. But unlike eToro, transaction fees on aren’t fixed. When trading on this platform, you will only need to pay the highly variable but tight spreads and equally dynamic overnight fees for margined trades. You will also have access to leverage of up to 1:2.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Buying Sandbox (SAND) on


  • Multi-trader platform: allows you to trade on its web-trader platform, the mobile app, on MT4, and on Trading View.
  • Highly regulated: is a highly regulated brokerage, licensed by multiple top-tier regulation agencies including CySEC, FCA, NBRB, and the ASIC.
  • Price alerts and news notifications: lets you set price alerts for different instruments and provides you with by-the-minute financial news.
  • Excellent support: has a highly supported customer support team available 24/7 on the phone, email, telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, and WhatsApp.


  • Limited product portfolio: You can only trade the SAND/USD CFD pair on
  • Low leverage: The maximum leverage availed to users is capped at 1:2.

To learn more about trading crypto CFDs on, read our comprehensive review 2024 of the online broker here.

How to Buy Sandbox Crypto on – Step By Step Guide

1: Open the official website and tap the “Trade Now” icon to begin the registration process.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on

2: Complete the registration form that pops up and verify your identity.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on

3: Log in to your approved trader account and click on the “Deposit” icon.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on

4: You will be presented with a list of payment methods supported in your country of residence. Click one and enter the amount you wish to deposit into

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on

5: On your user dashboard, search for ‘The Sandbox’ to view the supported SAND CFD pairs (as stated above, only SAND/USD) is supported at the moment.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on

6: Click on the BUY or SELL option, depending on whether you wish to long or short the virtual asset. Then use the trade menu that pops up on the right side of the screen to customize the trade. Set the take profit and stop loss levels, decide on maximum leverage, enter trade amounts, and confirm the transaction fees. Hit the BUY/SELL button to execute the trade.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on

Note: Trading Sandbox CFDs doesn’t involve owning the crypto asset’s private keys. You, therefore, won’t need a digital wallet to start trading on

3. Binance – Best Place to Buy Sandbox Crypto with Low Fees

Available Coins: 1500+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: 1 $£€
Visit Binance

Capital At Risk

Binance makes it here because of its ultra-low crypto trading fees. When buying The Sandbox on the platform, for instance, you will pay the Maker/Taker fee of between 0.1% and 0.04% depending on your 30-day trading volume. And if you pay for this transaction fee with Binance coins, you will enjoy a 25% discount, bringing the fee down to between 0.75% and 0.03%

But low transaction fees aren’t the only reason why you should consider buying SAND tokens on Binance. Others include the fact that it is one of the most secure crypto trading platforms – ensuring its client’s virtual assets for up to $1 Billion via SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users). It is also deeply liquid, processing $2 Billion worth of trades daily. Plus, it has a smooth onboarding process and integrates highly advanced analysis, research, trading, and risk management tools.

At the moment, Binance lets you trade 5+ SAND pairs. These are SAND/USDT, SAND/BTC, SAND/ETH, SAND/TRY, SAND/BIDR, SAND/BNB, SAND/BRL, and SAND/BUSD. And you can start trading with as little as $1. Like most exchanges, however, Binance doesn’t offer SAND CFDs.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Buying Sandbox (SAND) on Binance?


  • Crypto custody services: Binance stores client digital assets in highly secure offline vaults. For self-custody services, you could consider Binance’s Trust mobile wallet app.
  • Multi-platform: Binance is a multi-platform exchange available both as a web trader and a mobile app.
  • Fast transaction processing: Binance has some of the fastest transaction execution speeds effectively eliminating slippage.
  • Responsive support: Binance has a highly responsive support team available 24/7 online as well as a comprehensive FAQs section.


  • Limited deposit options: There are limited ways through which you can deposit into Binance and even these will be routed to third-party fiat-to-crypto processors.

To learn more about trading crypto on the exchange, read our detailed Binance review 2024 here.

How to Buy Sandbox Crypto on Binance Step-By-Step

1: Open the official Binance website and hit “Register” to get started.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on Binance

2: Choose to open a trader account with either an email address or phone number, create an account password, complete registration, and verify your identity.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on Binance

3: Log in to your approved Binance trader account. Hit the “Buy Crypto” button. Choose one of the supported purchase options, bank deposit, credit/debit card, P2P trading, or third-party payment. Follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

Note: Binance doesn’t support fiat-to-crypto trades. The transaction will, therefore, be fulfilled by different fiat-to-crypto processors on-ramped onto the Binance exchange. Credit/Debit card purchases are for instance fulfilled by Bitfinity UAB while third-party platforms include Simplex, Banxa, and Paxos.

Step By Step Guide For Buying Sandbox (SAND) on Binance

Note: The purchased SAND tokens will be deposited into your exchange-based digital wallet. You, however, are free to move them to the Trust mobile wallet app or any other wallet or exchange.

4. Kraken – Best for Safe Storage For Sandbox Crypto

Available Coins: 50+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: 1 $£€
Visit Kraken

Capital At Risk

We feature Kraken among the best places to buy Sandbox crypto today because of its commitment towards the safety of crypto assets. Established in 2011, Kraken is one of the few tier-one crypto exchanges that have never been hacked or their systems compromised.

According to the exchange, all client assets are stored in offline, air-gapped, and geographically distributed vaults. The trading platform’s servers are also under surveillance and armed guards 24/7.

Registering a crypto trading account on Kraken is easy. You also have the option to buy Sandbox crypto instantly, place limit orders on its order book, or trade pseudonymously on Kraken’s dark pool.

At the moment, you can trade four SAND token pairs on Kraken. These are SAND/USD, SAND/EUR, SAND/XBT, and SAND/GBP. But you cannot trade SAND CFDs on Kraken.

Note that if you choose to buy SAND instantly, you will be charged a fixed fee, 1.5% of the trade amount. But if you choose to spot trade on the platform, you will pay a Maker/Taker fee of between 0.26% and 0%, based on your 30-day trading volume.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Buying The Sandbox (SAND) on Kraken?


  • Liquid: Kraken is deeply liquid and even the largest buy/sell orders for SAND tokens fill out quickly.
  • Transparent: Kraken is exceptionally transparent when it comes to trading fees and will let you view all the charges levied on your trade before you hit the buy or sell button.
  • Advanced trading platform: Kraken features a highly advanced trading platform that integrates some of the most advanced trading, analysis, research, and risk management tools.


  • Limited payment methods: Kraken will only support bank deposits and cash (exclusively for Canadian clients). It does not support popular pay processors like cards and eWallets.
  • Slow verification process: Kraken has been accused of being sluggish in verifying trader accounts, especially the Intermediate and Pro levels.

How to Buy Sandbox Crypto on Kraken – Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Visit the official Kraken website and click on the “Get Started” button on its homepage.

Step By Step Guide For Buying The Sandbox (SAND) on Kraken

Step 2: Complete the user registration form provided by entering your email, preferred username, and set a password. Hit the “Create Account” button to get started.

Step By Step Guide For Buying The Sandbox (SAND) on Kraken

Step 3: Kraken will email you a verification link. Open it and follow the prompts to complete the registration process and verify your identity.

Note: Once the account is approved, you will be accepted into Kraken’s starter pool. The exchange will put you through different AML and KYC verification tests before you upgrade to the intermediate and PRO levels and unlock higher deposit, trade, and withdrawal limits.

Step By Step Guide For Buying The Sandbox (SAND) on Kraken

Step 4: Log in to your approved Kraken account and hit the “Funding” tab on your user dashboard. Choose the preferred deposit method (mostly bank or crypto transfer) and enter the amount you wish to deposit into Kraken.

Step By Step Guide For Buying The Sandbox (SAND) on Kraken

Step 5: To buy SAND instantly on Kraken, click on the “Buy Crypto” tab on the user dashboard. On the trading tool that pops up, enter the amount you wish to spend on the trade and choose to trade The Sandbox from the list of supported crypto assets.

Step 6: Hit the “Buy” button to execute the purchase.

Step By Step Guide For Buying The Sandbox (SAND) on Kraken

Note: The private keys for the purchased SAND tokens will be delivered to the exchange-provided wallet. You, however, are free to move them to a third-party exchange or wallet. Kraken does not offer self-custody wallet services.

Other Ways of Getting Sandbox (SAND) Tokens

In addition to buying The Sandbox on exchanges trading SAND CFDs on brokerages, there are a few other ways of acquiring the fast-rising gamine metaverse altcoin. Let us discuss the four most common below:

1. Play games on Sandbox metaverse

There are multiple play-to-earn games on The Sandbox virtual world that reward players with free SAND tokens whenever they play. The most popular include Town Star and Nakamoto games.

2. Creating games and assets that you can monetize

In addition to earning by playing existing games on The Sandbox, you could also earn by monetizing the custom-made games. Simply create 3D games using the free voxel models available in the virtual world and monetize them.

3. Staking SAND tokens

A number of third-party platforms, like Uniswap and Polygon, will let you stake SAND tokens. These platforms will lend these tokens to other SAND investors and traders at an interest. Then share this interest with – in the form of free SAND tokens – with you.

4. Receive SAND as a tip

You could also acquire SAND tokens when you receive them as a gift or tip from relatives, friends, and acquaintances. It is especially not uncommon for gamers in the Sandbox metaverse to gift each other with SAND tokens.

How Can You Use Sandbox (SAND) Tokens?

Now that you understand all the popular ways of acquiring The Sandbox, let us shift focus to how you can put these tokens into use. Here are the 5 most practical ways that you can use your SAND tokens:

1. Make money through speculative investing/trading

The easiest and most common method of putting your SAND tokens into use is making money through speculative investing and trading. Investing involves HODLing on to SAND tokens for an extended period of time, while expecting their value to shoot to unprecedented heights. Trading, on the other hand, involves the frequent buying of SAND tokens when its price tanks and selling them when it rebounds.

2. Gift or tip

You could also give out SAND tokens as gifts or tips to friends, family, and acquaintances. The gift can be advanced to other gamers and investors on the Sandbox ecosystem or even friends and acquaintances. Tips can on the other hand be offered to online content creators.

3. Donate to charity

The majority of charitable trusts and non-governmental organizations will also accept crypto donations. You may, therefore, consider donating crypto to a charitable trust or non-governmental organization championing the advancement of your favorite humanitarian, environmental, or any other course.

5. Pay for goods and services

You may also opt to pay for goods and services with SAND tokens. A majority of crypto-friendly stores both online and physical will gladly accept SAND as payment for different goods and services. You may also propose to your acquaintances and business associates to accept SAND tokes as payment for goods or services rendered.

What do Reddit & Quora Users Say about Buying Sandbox (SAND)?

Sandbox Quora Review

Overall, the Quora community is optimistic about SAND token’s future. But they are also curious about the sustainability of the metaverse crypto asset as evidenced by the nature of questions posed here. And from the responses to these queries, the majority of Quora users expect SAND token prices to continue rising and The Sandbox metaverse to continue expanding.

Sandbox Quora Review

Hereinabove, we pointed out the stiff competition as one of the key challenges facing The Sandbox. A significant number of Quora platform users are alive to this. They too have queried the level of threat posed by such Sandbox competitors as Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and META to its growth and value gain. The general feeling among the respondents is that The Sandbox is fairly competitive and has a real fighting chance.

Quora platform users have also discussed at length, the SAND token’s most potent future price action. They want to know if SAND can reach $10 in 2022, if it can get to $50 by 2025, and what it will be worth over the long term. Different analysts and investors have highly divergent views about SAND’s future price action. Nevertheless, they all agree that Sandbox will most likely sustain an uptrend.

Sandbox Reddit Reviews

Like on Quora, Redditors are as optimistic as they are curious about The Sandbox metaverse and the SAND token. The majority of discussions on this platform about the gaming metaverse center on its sustainability, competitiveness, and future price performance. But we also see more debates about the different aspects of the metaverse like available games, the play-to-earn model, land, and other assets.

Sandbox Reddit Reviews

Redditors reckon that Sandbox faces stiff competition from seemingly more popular metaverse projects like Decentraland and Axie Infinity. In light of these, they want to know if the gaming-centered virtual world is sustainable. They have also raised queries about the sustainability of the play-to-earn games on this metaverse. And even discussed the most likely future price action of the SAND tokens.

Granted, different Redditors have widely varying views with regards to the future of The Sandbox. Nevertheless, the general feeling from the platform is that The Sandbox metaverse will most likely continue expanding and SAND token prices will sustain an uptrend.


Throughout this guide, we have informed you about everything you need to know about investing in Sandbox. We have taught you how to buy Sandbox for beginners and indicated how you can buy SAND with credit/debit cards, bank wire, and eWallets.

We have even shown you where to buy Sandbox, both SAND tokes and trading SAND CFDs. And more importantly, we have outlined a step-by-step guide on how to buy The Sandbox from the recommended exchanges and brokerages.

We welcome you to go through this beginner’s guide to buying SAND tokens again and decide on an investment strategy. Pick one of the exchanges/brokerages we have recommended here and use the step-by-step guide provided to buy the first SAND token.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Sandbox virtual world is managed by a DAO and its protocol is hosted on the ultra-secure Ethereum blockchain network. It has also been around for more than 2 years and passed most analyst legitimacy checks. One could therefore argue that it is a safe protocol. We must however add that Sandbox, like any other cryptocurrency, is a highly volatile and unpredictable investment. 

It is simple, start by registering a trader account with a highly reputable crypto exchange or brokerage. Deposits funds therein, elect to buy SAND tokens from the list of supported cryptocurrencies, place the buy order. The tokens will be delivered to the exchange wallet. 

Well, most analysts and investors believe that Sandbox has all the elements of a good long-term investment. It has not only performed exemplarily well in the past but has also sustained an overall uptrend. Further, it has proved to be a resilient crypto asset and both its fundamentals and technical analysis suggest that its value will keep rising.

There are three primary places where you can buy Sandbox tokens i.e. a crypto exchange, a crypto brokerage, and a peer-to-peer crypto trading platform. In this guide, we have discussed two brokerages where you can trade Sandbox CFDs and two exchanges where you can buy Sandbox tokens.  

No one can accurately tell what SAND tokens will be worth in 2025. However, the altcoin’s fundamentals and technicals indicate that it will be worth way more than it is trading for today. 

There are multiple ways through which you can make money on the Sandbox metaverse. The most common are playing P2E games, creating games and assets, and trading/flipping LANDS and rate items on the Sandbox NFT marketplace. 

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