How To Buy Neo (NEO) With Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal & eWallets

Learn how to buy Neo Coin instantly in this beginners’ guide. We walk you through where to buy Neo coin, the best brokers and exchanges to invest in, and secure payment methods including PayPal and credit cards.

Author: Alex Waick   -   Last updated: 10/07/2024
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Despite NEO providing users with various features, including identity and file storage systems, its price is relatively low compared to other networks with many similar features like Ethereum.

What is NEO coin, how different is it from Bitcoin, and how can I buy it instantly in 2021? Read on to get the answers to these questions and more. We will also introduce you to the best NEO coins exchanges globally and give you a simple step-by-step guide that you can always use to invest in Neo.

Additionally, you get to learn Neo coin’s price history and the factors that influence its prices, not forgetting the pros and cons of the cryptocurrency.

Top 4 Best Places to Buy Neo (NEO) in 2024

  • Min Deposit: $200
  • Number of Coins: 20+
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Regulated by FCA, ASIC & CySEC
  • Paypal, Debit & Credit Card Accepted
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex
Visit eToro

Capital At Risk

  • Min Deposit: 20 $£€ By Credit Card
  • Number of Coins: 26+
  • Regulated by FCA, CySEC, ASIC, SCA, & SCB
  • Place Buy & Sell CFDs Orders
  • Low Minimum Deposit

80.84% of retail CFD accounts lose money

  • Min Deposit: 1 $£€
  • Number of Coins: 50+
  • Regulated by SEC, & FinCEN
  • Place Buy & Sell CFDs Orders
  • Low Minimum Deposit
Visit Coinbase

Capital At Risk

  • Min Deposit: 1 $£€
  • Number of Coins: 1500+
  • High Number of Coins
  • Accepts Fiat Deposits
  • Trade on Spot and Futures
Visit Binance

Capital At Risk

How to Buy Neo (NEO) Instantly in Three Quick Steps

Step 1:  Create an account

Find a reputable crypto exchange platform that can guarantee the safe custody of your coins. Confirm that the platform lists Neo and proceed to create a trader account. You don’t have to worry about the simple identity verification procedure the eToro will require. Comfortably provide the details for account verification.

Ideally, you need a platform that not only lists your coin but also provides real-time updates about the coin’s trends using advanced analysis tools. Here, eToro is highly recommended.

Step 2: Fund account

After successfully creating your trader account, you need to deposit some funds to acquire Neo coins. You can make a direct deposit using a cryptocurrency or use other methods like eWallets, such as Neteller, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Skrill, a Credit card, a Debit cards, or Bank transfers. Make sure your names appearing on the payment option you choose are similar to those on your trading account for the transaction to be successful.

Later in this article, we will be discussing the most popular payment methods, although the options available to you will primarily depend on the exchange you choose and your country of residence.

Step 3:  Buy Neo (with or without leverage)

Most crypto exchanges support numerous crypto coins, so you need to find Neo from the list of supported coins and select the BUY option. Next, specify the amount you want to commit from your wallet to buying Neo coins.

The nature of the trade will mostly depend on your preferred trading platform. When buying NEO coins at an exchange, you will mostly only have access to actual coins. However, when trading through brokerages like eToro, you will have a chance to buy NEO CFDs with leverage (borrowed funds). In such a case, you can use relatively small trading capital to open significantly large trades.

The margin available to you will depend on the preferred exchange and country of residence. On eToro, this leverage starts from 2X the trading capital.

Step One
Open A Free Account
eToro Logo
Step Two
Deposit Funds
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex
Step Three
Buy Cryptocurrency
Buy Now

Capital At Risk

What is Neo (NEO)?

Neo is the native cryptocurrency of the NEO network, a blockchain project born in China in 2014. It was initially founded as AntShares by Chinese entrepreneurs Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang before rebranding to NEO in 2017.

After rebranding, the project’s focus shifted to creating a Smart Economy, and it was when Neo coin reached its all-time high in 2018. The network is often regarded as the Chinese Ethereum due to its similarities with the second-largest crypto, such as allowing users to create dApps using smart contracts.

Both the NEO blockchain project and the Neo token have often been used interchangeably because they share the name NEO. To some extent, this confuses readers.

According to the NEO official website, NEO is a non-profit community-based blockchain project running on the Neo blockchain. It leverages blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize traditional assets and automate their management using smart contracts. Its main goal is to provide a distributed network for a ‘Smart Economy.’

On the other hand, the Neo coin is one of the two cryptocurrencies supported by the NEO network. It is used for the network’s management purposes and can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges. However, Neo has no significant use cases outside the NEO network. The other token on the network, Gas, is only used to pay for transactions within the Neo ecosystem.

How It Works

Neo is designed to provide users with a ‘Smart Economy,’ and has set the programs to achieve this goal. The smart economy is a combination of digital assets, digital identity, and smart contracts. Simply put, it serves as a distributed network for the smart economy.

NEO blockchain allows the creation of digital alternatives of traditional assets by giving them digital identities. The assets become decentralized, and their management and transfers are automated via smart contracts. The smart contract technology also enables the Neo platform to support all kinds of decentralized applications. Users don’t need to learn a new coding language. The platform allows multiple programming languages, allowing it to accommodate developers across the industry.

The network offsets the need for intermediaries and their associated costs altogether, replacing them with trustless transactions at lower fees. Although transactions attract a fee in GAS, users may only have to incur the initial charges since Neo coins generate the platform’s utility token. Furthermore, once you acquire your Neo from an exchange, your coin holdings start generating GAS, covering your future transaction costs.

Neo coins, on their part, represent a share of the NEO network. Holders play a role in the network’s governance, and each coin depicts one vote on the ecosystem.

How is Neo (NEO) Different or similar to Bitcoins?

Both Neo and Bitcoin are cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology and compete in the highly volatile crypto market. However, each has a set of features that set them apart and make the two appear to be complete opposites of each other.

From running on distinct blockchains with different functionalities, serving uncommon purposes, and varying transaction throughput, Neo and Bitcoin have no more similarities than just being cryptocurrencies. Here is a sneak peek into their key differences.


Both Bitcoin and Neo are powered by the popular blockchain technology, the decentralized public ledger network. However, there are different versions of blockchain technology, and each of these cryptocurrencies is powered by its blockchain version. For example, the Bitcoin network runs on the Bitcoin blockchain, while Neo exists on the NEO blockchain.

Consensus Algorithm

Transactions are usually verified and added to a block once a network of computers reaches an agreement about the transaction. Bitcoin uses the proof of work consensus algorithm, and its network of computers, the verifiers, are known as nodes. The nodes are responsible for Bitcoin transaction verification and the mining of new Bitcoins by solving complex mathematical puzzles. Transactions are verified once all the nodes are in agreement with the initiated transaction.

Neo, on the other hand, uses the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus algorithm to verify transactions. In this algorithm, the network of nodes is known as bookkeepers. They are responsible for transaction verification but do not mine Neo coins. Unlike Bitcoin, Neo has a fixed supply of 100 million coins, and no more will ever be created. Transactions on the NEO network are verified and broadcasted on the block when two-thirds of the bookkeepers agree.

Transaction Throughput

Bitcoin faces scalability issues due to its mass adoption plus limited block size. As a result, there are more transactions than the network can comfortably handle and maintain the speed. As a result, users have to pay high fees and still experience slower transaction speeds. Today, the Bitcoin network accommodates about seven transactions per second.

As for Neo, the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) algorithm guarantees the speed to handle up to 1000 transactions per second. It takes about 15 to 20 seconds to generate a block on the NEO blockchain but takes 10 minutes for Bitcoin. With the proper optimization in Neo’s upgrade, the network could hit up to 10,000 transactions per second.


Bitcoin is the native cryptocurrency of the Bitcoin network. It is the only token running on the Bitcoin blockchain and is the network’s utility token. The coin is divisible, which means a user can hold a denomination of less than 1 Bitcoin. The holders constitute the Bitcoin community, and each has one vote regardless of their coin holdings.

On the contrary, NEO blockchain supports two cryptocurrencies, Neo and GAS. Neo is the principal cryptocurrency powering the network, while GAS is mainly used as a utility token to pay for Neo transaction fees. Unlike Bitcoin, Neo is indivisible. It is meant to serve as one share in the NEO blockchain, carrying one vote. Each coin, therefore, represents one vote and thus cannot be broken down into smaller units.

Neo (NEO) Historical Price Performance

Neo began life back in 2014 as AntShares. However, nothing much happened until the official release of its whitepaper in April 2016. According to CoinMarketCap, Neo traded for the first time on September 9, 2016, with an opening value of $0.18.

The coin was gaining in value for the following months but at a relatively slow pace. Its price remained below $10 until the first half of 2017. Then, in June, it officially rebranded to NEO, marking a new beginning for the former AntShares. It slightly crossed the $10 mark and hit a record $11.81 before reverting to less than $10 for a while.

Neo (NEO) Price chart

Neo began gaining traction again in August 2017 to reach new highs. The coin maintained its prices above $20 for the remaining part of the year, ultimately reaching an ATH of $78 in December 2017 during the crypto market rally. The bullish trend extended to 2018, hitting Neo coin’s all-time high to date of $196.85 on January 15.

The prices dropped in the following months and even fell below $100 in early March 2018 as the bullish market came to an end. However, the volatility of cryptocurrencies remained in play, Neo’s value falling and rising by significant margins. By December 2018, the coin was trading below $10. The price lows proceeded to 2019, with the price only going slightly above $10 between May and August and again in October and November.

The year 2020 was no better. Neo’s highest price for the year was slightly above $25. The coin was valued below $10 for the most prolonged period but made slight improvements towards the end of the year.

What Factors Influence Neo (NEO) Price Action?

  • Market Trends: Cryptocurrencies are speculative investments, and Neo coin is no exception. Prevailing conditions primarily influence the coin’s prices in the crypto sphere. Most cryptocurrencies skyrocketed during the 2017 and 2021 crypto rallies, the two instances when Neo’s value crossed the $100 mark.
  • News: Positive news about Neo coin can significantly influence its price. It was evident in 2018 when information about NEO’s rating by the renowned investment rating bureau Weiss Ratings broke out. Neo received an A- rating, prompting its value to go 17.2% up on February 26, 2018, when major crypto coins were only 7% up. The coin had allegedly been rated a few days before, but the prices only shot up after media attention.
  • Adoption: Neo coin has a fixed supply of 100 million. As such, continued adoption by the crypto community increases its demand while the coin’s supply remains fixed. Eventually, this leaves an upward effect on prices.
  • Network Development and Upgrades: NEO has seen tremendous growth since its inception. Some of the most significant changes include rebranding from AntShares to Neo and the Neo upgrade to N3. Notably, Neo’s popularity started after rebranding from AntShares in 2017. Its value rose from less than $10 to its ATH in just a few months. Neo2 and Neo3 upgrades also introduce more functionality and use cases which boost the coin’s adoption and value.

Ways to Invest in Neo (NEO)

Investments are all about analyzing the potential and taking the risk. So it’s about time you know the different investment strategies you might resort to when dealing Neo coin.

Buy and Hold (Long-term)

Buying and Holding a cryptocurrency is commonly known as HODLing among the crypto community. It involves acquiring a certain amount of coins and keeping it in a compatible wallet for the long term. The HODLer holds to the premise that the value of the coin will eventually rise.

The essential advantage of this method is that it requires little effort. The strategy can work for Neo that has recorded impressive growth since its launch. An investor who bought a Neo coin when it first traded in September 2016 would have made over 100,000% profit by January 2018.

Neo CFD Trading

Did you know that you can trade cryptocurrencies like Neo without actually owning the underlying coins? All you have to do is look for a reputable crypto brokerage supporting contracts for difference (CFDs).

A contract for difference is an agreement between an investor and a crypto brokerage, allowing the investor to speculate the price movements of assets. The investor predicts the price movement in any direction and receives earnings based on the actual price change. Investors can trade with just some bit of capital since they do not buy the underlying assets. Additionally, they have multiple options, including going short or long, hedging, leveraging, and margin trading.

Day Trading Neo

Don’t feel like CFD trading or HODLing Neo? You can opt to go for day trading. Day trading is the exact opposite of the HOLD strategy. You buy and hold Neo coins for the shortest time possible. Once the coin’s value starts to appreciate, you sell the coins.

A trader can also dispose of the coins if they start depreciating to avoid further loss. You can buy and sell Neo coins multiple times within a day. The premise is not to have any Neo by the close of day. It’s a lucrative trading strategy for traders who can actively monitor price movements.

How to Buy Neo (NEO) Guide

By now, you know a lot about NEO, including the different ways you can use to trade in the ‘Chinese Ethereum’. However, most trades require investors to own the Neo coins they use in trading, so you need to acquire some from an exchange like eToro. This section will take you through the payment options you can use to pay for Neo on popular crypto exchange platforms.

How To Buy Neo (NEO) With a Credit Card in 3 Steps

  1. Register With an Exchange That Accepts Credit Cards: Register with an exchange that lets you buy NEO with credit cards. Read through all of their terms and conditions before signing up and depositing any funds into your account.
  2. Verify Your Identity: This process will vary from one exchange to another, but generally speaking you will need to provide some form of identification such as a passport or driver’s license.
  3. Buy NEO With Your Credit Card: Select the amount of NEO you would like to buy, enter your payment details, and then confirm the transaction. Once everything is confirmed, the coins should be delivered into your wallet!

Credit and debit cards have also become one of the most popular ways to buy cryptocurrencies like Neo. It is preferred because card transactions are instantaneous and carry negligible transaction fees. On eToro for instance, you won’t be charged a deposit transaction fee when you fund your account with a credit card or a debit cards. The minimum deposit is $200 ($50 for eToro.US users) and the maximum is capped at $40,000.

How To Buy Neo (NEO) With PayPal

PayPal is a widely accepted deposit method by a few exchanges around the world, including eToro. However, there are countries where PayPal services are not available, so residents may not have this option yet.

How to Buy NEO with PayPal in 3 Steps

  1. Find a PayPal-Friendly Exchange: The first step is finding an exchange that lets you buy NEO with PayPal. Once you’ve identified an exchange that works with PayPal, create an account and verify your account.
  2. Deposit Funds into Your Exchange Account: Select “Deposit Funds” under the Account tab on your dashboard and select “PayPal” from the menu options. Enter the amount of money that you would like to deposit and click “Submit” when prompted.
  3. Buy NEO (NEO): On the dashboard, select “Buy Crypto”. Then select “NEO” from the list of available coins and enter the amount of NEO you would like to purchase. Click “Confirm Purchase” when ready and wait for your order confirmation!

The upside to buying Neo with PayPal on platforms like PayPal is that transaction processing is near-instant and transaction fees are quite low. Further, eToro doesn’t charge a deposit processing fee for PayPal deposits. The minimum you can deposit with PayPal here is $200 ($50 for Us clients) and the maximum is capped at $10,000.

How To Buy Neo (NEO) With eWallets (Skrill, Neteller)

Crypto exchanges and brokerages are continuously striving to make it possible for crypto enthusiasts to acquire and invest in cryptocurrencies. Today, eWallets have become a popular way to deposit funds on exchanges like eToro. Some of the reasons most eToro users prefer using eWallets (Skrill, Neteller) to buy NEO on the platform is because the deposit process is straightforward and almost instantaneous. Plus, eToro accepts deposits as low as $100 or as high as $10,000 and doesn’t maintain a deposit processing fee.

How To Neo (NEO) with Bank Wire:

Bank Wire is another excellent alternative for making deposits on eToro, provided the exchange is supported in your country. Depositing is free, but the minimum deposit amount of $500, which is slightly higher than eWallets and cards.

The upside to funding your eToro trader account with a bank wire is that there is no upper limit to how much money you can channel into the account. The biggest downside nevertheless is that payment processing takes longer and you might have to wait for up to 7 business days before the funds reflect in your account.

How To Buy Neo (NEO) Anonymously (Without ID Verification):

People in select countries can buy Neo coins on eToro anonymously (without ID Verification). However, this capability comes with a limitation on the deposits they can make. They can only deposit a maximum of $2250

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Neo (NEO)?


  • High growth potential: The crypto community is convinced that Neo token prices will continue rising in the foreseeable future. When this happens, Neo will help most of its investors reap maximum profits.
  • Availability: Neo is listed on most major exchanges including eToro, and the buying process is relatively straightforward. There are also a host of supported payment options on the platform, so you can quickly pay and acquire Neo coins from most countries across the globe.
  • Greater earning potential: NEO is a dual-asset model platform. Neo and GAS tokens power it. Neo holders earn a passive income in that their Neo coin holdings generate GAS tokens which can also sell on exchanges.
  • Transaction cost: Fast transaction processing under the dBFT consensus algorithm translates to lower fees on the NEO network. Also, Neo coin users may not spend any of their Neo on transactions as their coin holdings will generate the GAS required to pay for transactions.


  • Security: NEO’s consensus mechanism is supported by very few nodes across the globe. As such, it could easily get compromised by attacking these nodes.
  • Volatility: Volatility cuts across the entire crypto industry, so Neo coin is no exception. It’s quite a challenge to predict Neo price movements accurately, which in turn exposes your investment to risk.
  • Few Use Cases: Although Neo is primarily used to run the network’s smart economy. It has not been adopted as a medium of exchange or store of value and thus has limited use outside of the Neo ecosystem.

What do You Need Before You Can Start Buying Neo (NEO)?

Before buying your first Neo coin, you will want to first conduct a thorough research about the coin and ensure that its mission, vision, and price direction align with your crypto investment goals. If they do, here are the three most crucial things you will need to start your Beo investing journey.

  • A verified trading account: First, you need to register and verify a trading account with a preferred trading exchange or brokerage. The choice of a trading platform should be informed by your investing strategy. For instance, if you wish to buy actual Neo coins, use an exchange and if you want to buy Neo CFDs, use a crypto brokerage. But if you wish to trade both, consider eToro.
  • Neo wallet: You need a secure wallet that supports Neo to hold your coins. If you are looking to buy and then HODL, your Neo, cold wallet storage would be more secure. Day traders may have to settle for a hot (online) wallet as it gives them easy access to their digital assets.
  • Capital: You will also need to deposit funds into the trading account. While there is no standard limit to how much you need to start buying Neo globally, we will be telling you about the factors that you need to consider when deciding on Neo investment amount next.

How Much do You Need to Start Buying Neo (NEO)?

When buying cryptocurrencies, the general rule is to invest what you can afford to lose. But this rule doesn’t operate in isolation. It is complemented by several other factors. For instance, crypto exchanges and brokerages set minimum deposit and trading amounts, meaning you cannot start buying Neo without depositing a specified minimum amount. US residents, for instance, need at least $50 to get started on eToro.

Neo’s price at the moment is also a critical determining factor. Unlike other coins, it is not divisible into smaller units. A Neo coin is the smallest you can buy, so you need to have an equivalent amount of a Neo coin at the time you buy.

Other factors that you need to consider when deciding on how much to invest in NEO include your disposable income, risk tolerance, and trading experience. Inexperienced traders are especially advised to start small for a beginner and gradually increase their investment capital as they gain experience, or consider engaging a crypto expert to help them manage their trades and monitor risk.

Where can You Buy Neo (NEO) Today?

Neo is less than a decade old. It’s barely five years since its rebrand, and despite the short life, there is no shortage of exchanges that list the coin. You can find Neo on most of the reputable crypto exchanges and brokerages across the world. A lot of peer-to-peer crypto trading platforms have also cropped up around the world and they provide users with a rostrum on which one could buy Neo coins with local currencies and alternative payment options.

What to Look for in a Neo (NEO) Trading Platform

The Coinmarketcap recognizes about 384 exchanges, not to mention the peer-to-peer trading platforms and highly localized crypto trading platforms. This says that you can never fall short of crypto trading platform options.

This then begs the question, how do you narrow down these options when looking for the best place to buy Neo today? What are some must-haves that a Neo trading platform should have before you register an account with them? We have highlighted four considerations below.

  • Transaction fees: Different platforms charge distinct amounts of transaction fees. Some even include additional charges, so it’s essential to research the costs on different platforms. It will help you make comparisons and settle for the exchange with the lowest fees.
  • Supported payment methods: You can use numerous payment options to fund an exchange for you to buy Neo. However, each trader has a preference for convenience. Therefore, look for an exchange that supports your most convenient payment and withdrawal method.
  • Beginner friendliness: The ideal platform should be simple to use even for beginners. Ensure the platform’s processes are straightforward and the support is available when necessary. User reviews will help you gauge user-friendliness.
  • Reputation: Cryptocurrency scams are not unheard of, and you could easily fall victim. Every trader should aim to work with a reputable exchange that is transparent about every aspect. Confirm the registration and regulation details, the owners, and platform addresses to ensure everything is legit.

Top four platforms where you can buy NEOs

There are hundreds of platforms where you can buy Neo today. While most of them have similar features, there can be significant differences in transaction fees, user-friendliness, and security. Trying each of them out can be a daunting task. To help you ease the process of finding the good Ne trading platform we have vetted numerous exchanges and brokerages and came up with what we consider to be the best places to buy Neo today. Read on to understand how they work and go through the step-by-step guide on how to buy your first NEO token on the platform.

1. eToro – Best for Social Trading

Available Coins: 20+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: $200
Visit eToro

Capital At Risk

The eToro trading platform Launched in 2007 and currently tops our list of the best platforms to buy Neo. We love it not just because of its user-friendliness but also because of its support for novice traders as it provides them with a free demo account for practice trading.

It is a crypto brokerage that integrates social and copy-trading tools for digital currencies and traditional investments. It is also one of the few crypto trading platforms that let you buy real NEO tokens and trade Neo CFDs. The derivatives are, however, not available in all countries. In the UK and US where CFD trading is banned, for instance, users only have the option of buying Neo coins.

eToro Home Screen

eToro users across the globe have access to a wide range of payment options, including cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and bank transfer. Other methods like online banking, Klarna Banking, Rapid Transfer, and iDEAL are also available in a few select countries.

The brokerage doesn’t charge deposit processing fees and the minimum deposit amount is $200 ($50 for eToro.US users and $500 if using bank wire). Users can also withdraw as low as $30 at a processing fee of $5.

Anyone can handle the simple account creation and identity verification process, which is mandatory in most countries. Unverified accounts, however, cannot make deposits of more than $2,250, cumulatively.

Pros and Cons of Buying Neo (NEO) on eToro


  • You get access to multiple payment and withdrawal options.
  • You have the option of buying Neo coins or leverage trading Neo CFDs.
  • eToro deposits are insured by the FDIC in the US, FSCS in the UK, and by the Lloyds of London for eToro Europe and Australia clients.
  • Low minimum deposit and trading limits.


  • High non-trading fees, including a $5 withdrawal and 2% currency conversion charges.
  • Biased customer support with no live chat r [hone service from non-eToro club subscribers.

Check out our comprehensive eToro guide 2024 to learn more.

How to Buy Neo (NEO) on eToro – Step By Step Guide

  1. Visit eToro’s official website and click on ‘Join Now’ at the top right corner.
  2. Complete the registration form provided and the identity verification process.
    Buy Neo (NEO) on eToro
  3. Log into your new eToro account, then proceed to ‘Trade Markets.’ Next, select ‘Crypto’ and identify Neo from the list of crypto coins appearing.
    Trade Neo (NEO)
  4.  Specify the amount you want to commit to buying Neo to open the trade.
    Buy Neo (NEO) on eToro
  5.  The platform will present you with payment options based on your country of residence for you to fund the eToro account. (a Credit Card , a Debit card, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, Rapid Transfer, and Online Banking).
    Select Payment Account to Buy Neo (NEO)
  6. If you choose the a credit card or a debit card option, enter your card details and click on ‘Deposit.’
    Buy Neo (NEO) with Credit Card
  7. Click on ‘Open Trade’ to authorize the transaction.

Note: Your Neo coins will remain on the platform’s inbuilt wallet. You can transfer them to the eToro wallet to send them to other exchanges or wallets.

2. – Best for CFD Trading

Available Coins: 26+
Margin Trading: Yes
Minimum Deposit: 20 $£€ By Credit Card

80.84% of retail CFD accounts lose money

The trading broker is an award-winning platform that lets users trade shares, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies such as Neo. The platform stands out because it only supports crypto derivatives, unlike eToro, which supports both crypto derivatives and real coins. Therefore, you can only trade Neo coin derivatives like Neo CFDs with pairs like Neo/BTC. However, new traders have nothing to worry about as the platform allows users to create up to 10 demo accounts and the same number of live accounts using different currencies.

The platform is powered by AI, making the account creation, identity verification, and overall user experience seamless. You can complete all processes via web-based or mobile application, with cash deposits or margin trading options with up to 30:1 leverage for major currency pairs. Home Screen provides users with different accounts. The minimum deposit amount for all accounts is $20. The maximum is set at $10,000. In addition, there is a host of supported payment and withdrawal methods like credit cards or debit cards, Webmoney, Wire Transfer, Bank Transfers, iDeal, Giropay, and popular eWallets like Skrill and Neteller.

It is a legit platform, audited by Deloitte and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and CySEC. Your digital assets are stored in the user account and cannot be moved since you do not own the underlying asset but the contract.

Pros and Cons of Buying Neo (NEO) on


  • Gives you aces to the world’s largest online markets.
  • An advanced platform powered by AI technology that features fast speeds and excellent customer support.
  • Provides users with free-market research and analysis tools.
  • provides beginner traders with a practice trading (demo) account.


  • You cannot use Capital CFD trading in the US and the UK because crypto CFD trading is prohibited.
  •’s low leverages of 1:2 may be unattractive to seasoned traders.
  •’s web-trader is rather rigid with minimal customization options.

Our detailed review 2024 will take you through the process of account creation, and more. Check it out.

How to Buy Neo (NEO) on – Step By Step Guide

  1. Go to the website and click on ‘Trade Now’ to create and verify your trading account. webpage
  2. Once you are signed up, go to your dashboard and click on the ‘Deposit’ icon at the screen’s bottom-left corner.
    Fund account to buy Neo (NEO)
  3. Choose your preferred payment option and enter the amounts. (You will have different payment methods available depending on your country including banks, PayPal, a Credit card, a debit cards, and eWallets). Select one and follow the prompts that follow.
    Select Payment Method to buy Neo (NEO)
  4. Use the search button on your dashboard to find CFD trading pairs and choose your preference.
    Find CFD pairs to buy Neo (NEO)
  5. Decide if you want to go short or long, then use the trade menu to customize your trade. Enter the trade amount, the maximum leverage, and stop loss and take profit points.
    Select Amount to buy Neo (NEO)
  6. Review your trade details, including the overnight trading fees and spreads, before you confirm execution.

3. Coinbase – Best for Beginners

Available Coins: 50+
Margin Trading: No
Minimum Deposit: 1 $£€
Visit Coinbase

Capital At Risk

The Coinbase crypto exchange is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform launched in 2012. It became the first exchange to go public through a direct listing. Over the years, the platform has carved out a niche for itself in the crypto markets as it became one of the most reputable platforms in the world today. The cryptocurrency exchange listing over 50 crypto coins provides users with different trading options depending on their level. Beginner traders have the Coinbase main exchange, while institutional and professional traders can use Coinbase PRO.

The platform has a straightforward user interface that allows anyone to create and verify their trader account easily. But the identity verification process is mandatory because Coinbase is a fiat-to-crypto exchange. Additionally, the minimum deposit limits on the platform are set at $50, with multiple payment methods such as Bank Wire Transfer, eWallets, PayPal, Cards, iDeal, SEPA, and Faster Payments for UK users, and Bank ACH for US users.

The platform does not charge a fee for deposits but has varying transaction fees starting from 0.5%, depending on your country. It is a fully regulated exchange that is licensed in all US states except Hawaii. In addition, it provides users with a free Coinbase wallet app where you can securely hold your Neo coin purchases to be stored in offline vaults.

Pros and Cons of Buying Neo (NEO) on Coinbase


  • Coinbase has a highly intuitive user interface that appeals to both beginner and expert traders.
  • Deposits for Coinbase.US clients insured by FDIC up to $250,000. It stores 98% of your digital assets in offline vaults.
  • Coinbase lists among the high liquidity exchanges and will fill even the largest Neo orders fast.
  • Low minimum deposit amounts plus users have access to a free Coinbase wallet.


  • Transactions fees are a little expensive and complicated on the Coinbase main exchange.
  • Users can only trade real Neo coins as Coinbase doesn’t list Neo CFDs.
  • Identity verification is mandatory, and clients cannot buy Neo anonymously

Check out our comprehensive Coinbase review 2024 to learn more.

How to Buy Neo (NEO) on Coinbase – Step By Step Guide

  1. Visit Coinbase’s official website and click on ‘Create Account’ to set up and verify your trader account.
    Coinbase homepage
  2. Once signed up, go to the ‘Portfolio’ tab on your dashboard and select ‘Deposit Funds.’ The page will present you with multiple payment options depending on your country of residence (a Credit card, a Debit cards, eWallets, PayPal). Choose your preferred method and follow the prompts.
    Deposit fund to buy Neo (NEO) on Coinbase
  3. Go to the top right corner of the dashboard to the ‘Buy/Sell’ icon and click on it. Next, select Neo from the list of supported crypto coins.
  4. Customize your trade by entering the amount of cash you wish to buy.
    Select Neo (NEO) to trade
  5. Click on ‘Buy Neo Instantly’

Note: The purchased Neo coins will be delivered to your Coinbase wallet account that stores 98% of client digital assets in offline vaults. You can however move these to the non-custodial Coinbase wallet app for outward transfer to third-party wallets and exchanges.

4. Binance – Best for Low Fees

Available Coins: 1500+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: 1 $£€
Visit Binance

Capital At Risk

The Binance trading platform qualifies as the largest exchange globally by trading volume with over 200 supporting countries. The platform supports real coins, so you can only buy and trade actual Neo. In addition, Binance recently unveiled peer-to-peer trading, plus you can also trade Neo derivatives such as Neo futures contracts. The peer-to-peer trading platform allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Neo while dictating your preferred payment method.

You can easily create a trader’s account on Binance by just following this straightforward process. You do not have to verify your account if you do not plan to trade above 2BTC monthly. The platform is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, so you can only make deposits in crypto, and the deposits are free. However, you can still buy Neo using the standard payment methods like eWallets, PayPal, and cards, but you will have to use the peer-to-peer platform or third-party exchanges first.

Transaction processing fees are low but still vary among exchanges, starting as low as 0.02%. However, Binance integrated exchanges are preferable as they will charge reasonable fees.

Users can also buy Neo anonymously, although anonymous purchases have a limit of up to the equivalent of 0.6 Bitcoins per month. The exchange will store the coins on an inbuilt wallet, from where you can then transfer them to other digital wallets or exchanges. According to recent reports, Binance is currently applying for licenses across different jurisdictions in its effort to become a regulated financial service provider.

Pros and Cons of Buying Neo (NEO) on Binance


  • Binance has set up an in-house compensation scheme that ensures all client’s digital assets.
  • Binance is highly liquid and also presents you with multiple Neo trading pairs.
  • Binance prides itself in maintaining a highly responsive customer support team available via live chat and email.
  • Binance maintains some of the lowest transaction processing fees and a highly transparent fee structure.


  • Binance platform’s user interface may be considered to be a little complex for beginners
  • Phone support is not available on Binance
  • Binance does not support fiat deposits and is thus dependent on third-party exchange platforms

Check out our full Binance review 2024 for all the information you need to get started.

How to Buy Neo (NEO) on Binance – Step By Step Guide

  1. Visit Binance’s official website or the Binance.US for US residents and click on the ‘Register Now’ icon.
    Buy Neo (NEO) on Binance
  2. Complete the registration process by filling in your details and then verifying your account if you intend to trade more than 0.6 BTC per month or seek to buy crypto with fiat.
    Create Account at Binance
  3. Log into your new Binance account and click on ‘Buy Crypto’ on your dashboard. You can fund the account using another crypto or select ‘Third-Pary Exchange’ if you want to use fiat to purchase Neo on Binance. You will have a list of third-party exchanges like Paxos, Simplex, Banxa, Moonpay. (You will be redirected to the exchange website you choose to customize your purchase)
    Trade Neo (NEO) on Binance
  4. You can also buy Neo on Binace by depositing other cryptocurrencies into your Binance account and converting them (for free) to Neo on the platform.

Note: The purchased Neo coins will be delivered on the Binance inbuilt wallet. From here, you can send move them to Binance’s non-custodial Trust mobile wallet app or to other third-party wallets and exchanges.

Other Ways of Getting Neo Coins (NEO)

Our previous sections have detailed how you can acquire Neo coins from exchange platforms and start trading. However, we acknowledge that those are not the only ways through which you can get some Neo. Other common ways include:

Gift or tip

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and their use in cross-border transactions has made them come at the top of online gifts. You can also receive Neo as a donation or tip for a job well done.

Through NEO faucets

Neo faucets are websites that reward participants for completing simple tasks. The task can be as simple as clicking a link or an image, watching a video, or completing online surveys. Initially, faucets were paid out using fiat currency, but crypto coins are now preferable. Some Neo faucets even pay directly into your Neo wallet.

Neo as payment for goods  and services

You can earn Neo coins from providing a product or service. All you need is to provide a wallet address and instruct clients to pay for the service in Neo. Content creators, for instance, are earning different crypto coins by providing content on various platforms.

How can You use Neo Coins (NEO)?

You now know how to buy and alternative ways to acquire Neo coins. The various ways through which you can acquire your first Neo coins, including how to buy on popular exchanges and brokerages. It’s time to see the various ways you can put your Neo coins into use.

HODL as a speculative asset

HODLing is one of the simplest and most popular crypto investment strategies. Investors hold on to the premise that the price of a crypto coin will rise in the long run. You can choose to join into this adage and HODL your Neo.

Trade the altcoin

Trading in cryptocurrencies is one of the most lucrative arts in the crypto industry if you have the skill. You can take advantage of the price volatility of cryptocurrencies like Neo and make fortunes from day trading.

Pay for goods and services

Many merchants and individual service providers accept Neo coin as payment for their goods and services. As a Neo coin holder, you can choose to use your digital assets to pay for goods and services from these merchant stores and service providers.

Charitable and non-governmental organizations now accept cryptocurrencies as donations. So you can offer Neo coins the next time you will be donating to charity.

Tip or gift to acquaintances or content creators online

Content creators on social platforms like YouTube will gladly accept donations in cryptocurrencies like Neo. Crypto coins are generally gaining mainstream adoption, so you could even tip or gift a friend with some Neo for a job well done or on important occasions.

What do Reddit & Quora users say about Buying & Investing in NEO (NEO)?


Neo has always been a topic of debate among Reddit users. Currently, the Reddit community seems to be all about the expected launch of the NEO N3 MainNet. Some of the Reddit users express their love for the Neo project and its expected launch. However, the fact that the coin is gaining in value remains a puzzle.

Neo (NEO) Reviews on Reddit

The coin is not without some criticism. Some users are even mocking the decision to buy Neo, creating the impression that real estate investment would be more worth it.

Majorly, Neo discussions on Reddit focus on the advancements on the NEO network and the expected launch of N3. Also, many seem concerned about Neo coin’s prices in the future and the applications of the NEO network, such as the creation of new tokens on the NEO blockchain.


There has not been much debate about Neo coin on Quora lately. However, past discussions show some of the Quora community members are concerned about investing in Neo. Should I buy a 150 Neo at this time or not? How long should I hold on to Neo coin? These are some of the questions about Neo coin posed by users.

Neo (NEO) Reviews on Quora

They want to know whether Neo coin is worth investing in, and like the Reddit community, they are concerned about the price of Neo in the future and want to know if holding on to it is worthwhile.

Bottom Line

There has never been a better time to invest in Neo than now. Today, platforms supporting Neo coin are in their hundreds, each providing an array of payment options. They range from crypto exchanges to brokerages, some even providing alternatives to actual Neo coins, the Neo derivatives like Neo futures, and Neo CFDs.

In this guide, we listed our top picks of the best platforms for trading Neo. Notably, some of them support both real Neo coins and Neo derivatives. Our focus was on their supported payment options, regulation, trading minimums, and wallet storage and gave guides on investing in Neo via these platforms.

Any Neo coin and the NEO network enthusiast can go over them and identify the most appealing exchange and make it the starting point of your journey with Neo. Choose one and proceed with the steps from the account creation and verification.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a few different ways to buy NEO cryptocurrency. One way is to purchase it through a cryptocurrency exchange. We’ve listed some of the best options above. You can also  find someone selling NEO on a peer-to-peer marketplace like LocalBitcoins. The most important thing is to do your research and understand the risks involved before investing in any cryptocurrency.

On the one hand, NEO is a powerful crypto that could potentially offer a lot of value in the future. On the other hand, it’s still relatively new and unproven, so there’s always a risk that it could fail.

There are a number of factors to consider. For example, NEO is based on the blockchain principle, while Ethereum is based on the principle of smart contracts. NEO also allows for the creation of digital assets and DApps, while Ethereum does not. However, Ethereum has a larger user base and more comprehensive developer ecosystem. Ultimately, it depends on what you are looking for in a blockchain platform.

There are so many factors that will affect NEO’s value in 5 years. However, some experts believe that NEO could be worth anywhere from $200 to $10,000 in 5 years. This staggering range depends on the success of NEO’s adoption and development as well as overall market conditions. While it’s impossible to predict the future with certainty, it’s clear that NEO has huge potential and could be worth a great deal in 5 years’ time.

There are 70,538,831.00 NEO in circulation.

It’s impossible to say for certain, but there’s a good chance that NEO will rise in value in 2022. That’s because NEO is a powerful platform with a lot of potential, and it seems to be gaining traction among developers and businesses. So if you’re thinking of investing in NEO, it may be worth doing so sooner rather than later.

NEO is both a token and a coin. As a token, NEO represents ownership of the NEO blockchain. As a coin, NEO can be used to pay for fees and services on the NEO blockchain.

It’s impossible to say for certain, but it’s likely that NEO prices will continue to rise in the near future. NEO is a unique cryptocurrency with many advantages over other coins, and its popularity is only increasing. So long as the NEO team continues to deliver on their promises, there’s no reason to believe that NEO prices won’t keep going up.

NEO is a great coin to buy for a number of reasons. First, it has a great community behind it that is constantly working to improve the technology. Second, it is wildly undervalued right now, so there is huge potential for growth. Third, NEO is one of the few coins with actual utility – it can be used to create smart contracts and dapps on its blockchain. Finally, the team behind NEO is incredibly talented and they have a lot of exciting plans for the future. So if you’re looking for a good coin to invest in, NEO is definitely one to consider!

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