How to Buy Crypto 10 Index With Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal & eWallets

If you are looking to invest in Crypto 10 Index, This ‘How to Buy Crypto 10 Index’ guide will come in handy. Find out where to buy these coins, top brokers and exchanges; and secure payment methods like PayPal and credit cards.

Author: Edith Reads   -   Last updated: 19/03/2024
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What if you could buy and trade up to 10 cryptocurrencies all at once? This is what the Crypto 10 Index promises cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts. Also known as the B10 index, the crypto 10 Index makes it possible for you to buy and trade all the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market and benefit from their price action without necessarily opening an individual position for each asset.

Crypto indexes trading is quickly gaining popularity as an alternative form of crypto investing because of its ease of access and the minimum trade requirements. It is especially favored by the more risk-averse crypto traders as it lets them spread risks to multiple digital currencies and not risk it all with just one cryptocurrency.

If you are looking to buy or trade the Crypto 10 Index in 2024, but you probably need guidance or are seeking more information on the crypto derivative. We have thus come up with this Crypto 10 Index investment guide to help you get started with the derivative.

Best 3 Exchanges & Brokers to Buy and Trade the Crypto 10 Index (B10) in 2024

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How to Buy Crypto 10 Index (B10) Instantly in Three Quick Steps

Step 1: Create a User Account

Start by creating a user account with an online crypto trading platform that lists the Crypto 10 Index. Today numerous platforms are facilitating the purchase and trade of the B10 Index and they all have rather straightforward account creation processes. They only need your personal information, though most will also require that you verify your identity since you are dealing with fiat deposits.

Step 2: Fund the User Account

After the trader account is approved, you now need to deposit funds therein so that you can start buying the Crypto 10 Index. Most of the trading platforms that list the B10 Index also support a wide range of internationally accepted payment methods.  Some of the most common include credit card or debit card, PayPal, eWallets (Skrill, Neteller), and bank wire transfer – but we will be looking at the deposit/withdrawal methods supported by each platform later.

Step 3: Start Buying and Trading Crypto 10 Index

Once the deposit reflects in your trading account, proceed to buy the Crypto 10 Index. Most companies have made this process as straightforward as possible and it involves just a few steps. Later in the guide, we will provide you with this step-by-step guide on how to purchase the index on what we consider to be the best crypto trading platform.

Step One
Open A Free Account
eToro Logo
Step Two
Deposit Funds
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex
Step Three
Buy Cryptocurrency
Buy Now

Capital At Risk

What is the Crypto 10 Index (B10)?

The crypto 10 Index is a dedicated fund that tracks the performance of a basket of 10 cryptocurrencies. It is measured against the USD and its performance is specially designed to reflect the median value of these cryptocurrencies in real time.

The Index was created and is actively managed by the German Financial Technology Company, BITA, and it comprises the 10 largest digital currencies based on market capitalisation. It was originally designed to serve as a benchmark for the crypto industry that crypto investors and traders could use to monitor the volatility and overall crypto market sentiment. First introduced to the market in September 2018, the Crypto 10 Index was quickly turned into an investment product and listed with numerous crypto derivative trading platforms.

Constituent assets

We referred to the Crypto 10 Index as a dedicated crypto fund because it only contains digital currencies.  We might also add that as is the case with most other crypto and convention investment indexes, there are no permanent constituents of the Crypto 10 Index. Rather, it is composed of 10 cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization and trading volumes at any given moment.

Given the volatile price action of these coins, the Crypto 10 Index makeup is regularly updated to reflect the prevailing crypto market condition.  As of September 2021, the ten coins making up the Crypto 10 Index basket are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Uniswap, Chainlink, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

In addition to the large market cap and trade volumes, BITA also considers three key features when deciding on the coins to add to the crypto 10 Index. First, the coin must prove market acceptance by being listed in two or more reputable exchanges. Secondly, the coin must have been around the crypto market and traded for at least 3 months. Lastly, the coin must at one time have been among the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

How is it calculated?

Given the overbearing value and daily trading volume that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum have over the rest of the market, BITA came up with a unique algorithm for weighing and balancing the composition of this index. It distributes the index weight among the different coins while capping the maximum influence that a coin may have over the index at 26%.

Here is the index weight of the 10 coins making up the crypto fund at the moment; Ethereum (26.57%), Bitcoin (23.88%), Binance (13.88%), Cardano (13.0%), Dogecoin (7.11%), Polkadot (4.93%), Uniswap (3.05%), Litecoin (2.61%), Chainlink (2.59%), Bitcoin Cash (2.46%).

How is The Crypto 10 Index (B10) Different from Trading Actual Cryptocurrencies

Before looking at the differences between buying actual cryptocurrencies and trading the Crypto 10 Index, we first need to define cryptocurrencies and crypto derivatives. Cryptocurrencies are actual digital assets generated through mining or issued at an ICO by blockchain network developers.

Crypto derivatives, on the other hand, are financial instruments that derive their value from the performance of the actual asset. The Crypto 10 Index can thus be an aid to a crypto derivative that derives its value from the performance of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies.

Other key differences between Crypto 10 Index and actual cryptocurrencies include:


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are actual digital assets that are designed and created by crypto developers issued through ICOs or crypto mining. Crypto 10 Index, on the other hand, is a financial contract created by BITA to trail the price action of Bitcoin and nine other cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin serve as a medium of exchange and store of value or simply as a native token for facilitating transactions on their respective blockchain networks. The Crypto 10 Index is specially created to serve as a speculative investment product and benchmark for helping actual cryptocurrency buyers/traders monitor volatility and sentiment in the crypto market.


The price-performance of all the cryptocurrencies tracked by the Crypto 10 Index is majorly determined by the forces of demand and supply in the open crypto market. The index, on the other hand, has no reserve value as its price performance, therefore, mirrors the action of the actual cryptocurrencies.


The 10 cryptocurrencies tracked by the BI0 index, are available globally and can be accessed via the crypto exchanges and peer-to-peer crypto trading platforms. The Crypto 10 Index, on the other hand, is a derivative that is traded on a handful of crypto brokerages.

Issuance and control

We have already mentioned that Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, in general, are created through mining and sold via ICOs or exchanges. We would like to add that once a crypto coin is sold, its developers lose control over it and the crypto investor acquires its private keys, which give them absolute ownership and use rights over it.

In the case of crypto 10 Index trading, you only get a contract stating that you have entered into a buy/sell agreement with a broker. You don’t acquire ownership rights over the index. Its creator retains the right to adjust its composition without consulting you.

The Crypto 10 Index (B10) Historical Price Performance

Crypto 10 Index has performed exemplarily well in the past, maintaining an overall uptrending price direction.

Index B10 Price Chart

When it first launched in September 2018, the index fund was trading below $3000. Over the years, especially as the price of the different cryptocurrencies increased, this value increased tremendously, shooting well above $25,000 at the height of the crypto market rally earlier in the year.

Moving forward, cryptocurrency prices are expected to continue rising, especially as the adoption of cryptocurrencies by both governments and the corporate world gathers pace. Considering that the Index fund price is the median price of the constituent token prices, we then can only expect its value to rise further up within the next few years. 

What Factors Influence The Crypto 10 Index (B10) Prices?

The Crypto 10 Index mirrors the value of its constituent cryptocurrencies. Its volatility and price performance, therefore, mirror that of the cryptocurrencies it tracks. Here are the other factors that play the biggest role in influencing the price of the Crypto 10 Index.

  • News: Like actual cryptocurrencies, the Crypto 10 Index is highly sensitive and its price performance reacts wildly to both positive and negative crypto news. Positive news tends to boost the fund’s price while negative news like hacking or crypto scams tends to impact its performance negatively.
  • Price change of constituent crypto: Drastic changes in the price of cryptocurrencies making up the index, especially Bitcoin, send ripples across the Crypto 10 Index and affects its overall price action. For instance, if Bitcoin prices were to suddenly crash, the value of the entire index would fall drastically, and vice versa.
  • Crypto regulation: The threat of crypto regulation and the ban of both cryptocurrencies and popular crypto exchanges also has a huge impact on the Crypto 10 Index price performance. And so does the adoption and embrace of constituent cryptocurrencies by governments and corporations across the world.
  • Trader sentiment: When traders are hopeful that Bitcoin and other crypto prices are bound to go up, the Crypto 10 Index sees a lot of investor interest, which pushes its value up. When trader sentiments are negative and pessimism about the future of the crypto industry grows, the value of the index falls.

How to Invest in Crypto 10 Index (B10)

After understanding what the Crypto 10 Index is, its composition, and past price performance, it now is time to make the buy decision. Before you do, however, you need to first understand the different ways in which you can invest in the Crypto 10 Index, and we discuss the three most popular B10 index investment strategies here.


Hedging involves buying one asset with the intent of offsetting any losses from an investment from a related asset. Several Crypto 10 Index traders have therefore taken up a position with the derivative as a hedge and a means of shielding their portfolio from possible losses from investments in individual crypto assets.

Day trading

You could also choose to day trade the Crypto 10 Index. This is a form of short-term investment that involves actively trading the index fund and taking advantage of its price volatility. In most cases, day traders will open multiple trades – both long and short – throughout the day.

These remain open for just a few seconds or minutes and all trades are closed at the end of the trading session, ensuring that no Crypto 10 Index trade remains open overnight, hence the term day trading. To succeed in day trading however you need a rich trading experience, significant trading capital, and access to the most advanced trading and analytical tools.

Swing trading

Swing trading involves buying the Crypto10 Index at relatively low prices, riding its uptrend, selling when it peaks, and repeating the process. For instance, if you suspect that BIT10 prices are about to start dropping, you short-sell the B10 Index, sell when bottoms, and quickly buy as the trend swings to assume an uptrend.

It works more like day trading with the only difference being that Swing traders can hold on to a position overnight or for a few days, as long as the trend holds. As is the case with day trading, you need a lot of experience to help you monitor and accurately interpret market performance.

How to Buy and Trade the Crypto 10 Index (B10) Guide

After looking at the different investment strategies available to Crypto 10 Index investors and its price drivers, it now is time to look at the different payment methods that you can use to buy/trade the fund.

How to Buy Crypto 10 Index with Credit Card or Debit Card

Crypto and debit cards currently are some of the most popular and acceptable payment methods. Most crypto trading platforms that list B10 will, therefore, let you buy Crypto 10 Index with credit card or debit card.

How to Buy Crypto 10 Index with Credit Card in 3 Steps

  1. Choose a Suitable Platform: First, choose a brokerage platform that offers the ability to purchase Crypto 10 Index with credit cards. Create an account.
  2. Fund Your Account: Fund your account by adding funds using your credit card or other payment options. Most platforms will require you to verify your identity before allowing deposits from credit cards so make sure this is done.
  3. Buy Crypto 10 Index with Credit Card: Search for “Crypto 10 Index” within the brokerage platform and select the option that best fits your needs (or budget). Now “Buy Now” and waiting for confirmation that your order has been completed successfully!

In most brokerages, card deposits are free. Therefore, you will only have to part with the transaction charge imposed by your card provider. Importantly, B10 trading platforms have oversimplified the process of buying Crypto 10 Index and narrowed it into no more than a few steps.

How to Buy Crypto 10 Index with eWallets (Skrill, Neteller)

Most Crypto 10 Index trading platforms will also let you buy into the fund via supported eWallets like Skrill and Neteller. These payment methods have become popular with crypto and derivative traders because of their ease of use and inexpensive trading fees.

Most of these eWallets will not charge you a transaction fee when you deposit funds into a brokerage account. However, you first need to confirm whether your preferred Crypto 10 Index trading platform supports eWallets payment options and if the electronic wallet is accepted in your country of residence.

How to Buy Crypto 10 Index with PayPal

PayPal is one of the most preferred payment methods when it comes to buying the Crypto 10 Index. Some of the factors that endear it to B10 crypto traders include its ultra-fast transaction processing speeds and highly competitive fees.

How to Buy Crypto 10 Index with Paypal in 3 Steps

  1. Find a Cryptocurrency Exchange: First, sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange that lets you buy crypto 10 Index with Paypal. Proceed to verify your identity by uploading your government-issued ID.
  2. Deposit Funds: This can be done either via bank transfer or debit/credit card, or any other method you choose. Once the funds have been deposited into your wallet, you are ready for the final step.
  3. Buy Crypto 10 Index with Paypal: Select “Crypto 10 Index” as the token you want to purchase and how much you wish to spend. After confirming your purchase details, click “Buy” and wait for confirmation that the transaction was successful!

Note, however, that it is only available in select countries across the world. You, therefore, need to ensure that your preferred Crypto 10 Index trading brokerage supports PayPal when choosing a crypto trading platform.

How to Buy Crypto 10 Index with Bank wire

Bank wire transfer is one the most accessible deposit and withdrawal method. Where all other payment options fail, bank wire transfer stand out. You, therefore, could also choose to buy Crypto 10 Index with bank transfer.

In addition to its accessibility, the bank wire payment option is also preferred by large-volume traders as it supports relatively higher deposit/withdrawal limits. The downside to this, however, is that it takes between 3 and 8 business days for most Crypto 10 Index trading platforms to process bank wire deposits and withdrawals.

How to Buy Crypto 10 Index anonymously (without ID verification)

Crypto exchanges like Binance let their platform users buy cryptocurrencies anonymously, especially if they are pure crypto-to-crypto exchanges. But most brokerages won’t let you buy Crypto 10 Index anonymously (Without ID verification) as it involves fiat deposits.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying/Trading the Crypto 10 Index (B10)


  • Highly liquid: Crypto 10 Index is one of the most popular and most traded crypto derivatives. It is highly liquid due to the amount of both the index and constituent assets being traded at any given time.
  • Access to leveraged trades: Crypto 10 Index is a derivative, which implies that it entitles you to access leveraged funds. This allows you to open relatively large trades with insignificant capital. Depending on your chosen index-trading platform, you will have access to leverage that starts from 1:2.
  • Low volatility: The large number of cryptocurrencies making the fund also serve as its anchor and protect it from excess volatility. The fund, therefore, isn’t as volatile as individual cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  • Trade either market direction: As is the case of any other crypto derivative, most brokerages will allow you to go long or short on the Crypto 10 Index. This lets you profit from both rising-falling crypto fund prices.
  • Trade 10 crypto at once: Perhaps the biggest advantage of trading the Crypto 10 Index is that it lets you engage 10 cryptocurrencies at once and with funds. Plus, you don’t have to worry about keeping these assets safe.


  • No owning cryptocurrencies: Unlike when buying actual crypto assets and getting the private keys to a crypto, Crypto 10 Index doesn’t let you own the constituent assets making up the fund.
  • Leverage compounds risk: Leverage is as helpful as it is dangerous seeing that it amplifies losses just as it amplifies possible profits. You stand to lose more than the trading capital and even suffer negative balance, especially if your broker hasn’t put in place adequate risk management features.
  • Promotes gambling/Speculative tendencies: Due to ease of access, access to high leverage, and low trading minimums, experts warn that trading derivatives like Crypto 10 Index may breed gambling tendencies among traders.

What do You Need to Buy/Trade the Crypto 10 Index (B10)?

The process of buying the Crypto 10 Index is quite easy regardless of your preferred crypto trading platform. You do not even need special skills to start trading the Crypto 10 Index. And to get started, here are the two things you need.

Trading account: Start by choosing a trading platform that lists the Crypto 10 Index and create an account with them. In most cases, your preferred platform will only ask for personal information and demand that you verify your identity.

Investment capital: You will then need to deposit funds into the approved trading account. Note that the minimum initial deposit amount required varies from one trading platform to another. At both AvaTrade and Plus00, for instance, you will need to deposit a minimum of $100 before you can start trading.

How Much Do You Need to Buy/Trade the Crypto 10 Index (B10)?

There typically is no standard investment minimum needed to open a Crypto 10 Index trade. The online brokerages offering Crypto 10 Index trading get to set the trade limits for their platforms. Note, however, that the minimum trade limit required when buying the crypto derivative at a brokerage that gives users access to leverage is relatively lower than the requirement at exchanges that sell actual cryptocurrencies.

In addition to exchanges determining how much you need to trade Crypto 10 index, several other factors can help you determine how much you need before you can start buying the fund.

These include your disposable income, your crypto derivative trading experience, and your risk tolerance.

Traders with low crypto derivative trading experience and even lower risk tolerance should consider starting at the demo environment. Virtually all derivative trading platforms will provide you with a free demo account for practice trading. We also advise that they consider engaging a professional crypto trader to help them trade and manage risk.

Where Can You Buy or Trade the Crypto 10 Index (B10)?

Unlike actual cryptocurrencies that be traded at an exchange and peer-to-peer trading platform and hybrid exchanges, Crypto 10 Index is primarily offered by brokerages. And the fact that it is one of the most popular crypto indices around has ensured that it has been picked by virtually all the leading online brokerages.

What to Look for in Crypto 10 Index (B10) Trading Platform

Seeing that Crypto 10 Index has been picked up by numerous crypto trading platforms, finding the best brokerage to trade with can be challenging. How do you even vet different brokerages and how do you tell which promises better services? We have come up with five factors that every crypto trader must consider when finding the best Crypto 10 Index trading platform.

  • Fees: You first need to familiarise yourself with all the trading and non-trading fees imposed by your preferred broker. Then assess the impact they will have on the profitability of your trades after which we recommend that you only sign up with a broker with the lowest fees.
  • Reputation and regulation: Check if the broker is regulated and confirm its reputation from reviews by current and past users on such review platform as Trust Pilot. Only sign up with a broker if they are regulated and have a positive reputation.
  • Customer support: Check the customer support avenues provided by a broker to assess their accessibility. Then use the user reviews to gauge the level of support provided by a broker. The last thing you need is to create an account with a brokerage of ill repute and poor customer support
  • Supported deposit/withdrawal methods: Before creating a Crypto 10 Index trading account with a brokerage, ensure that they support your preferred deposit and withdrawal method. Their charge should also be competitive.
  • User-friendliness: The preferred broker’s trading platform should be user-friendly. It should be easy to use for beginners and feature all the advanced trading and analytical tools needed by professional traders. Additionally, it should provide a free demo account for beginners to practice trading and professionals to develop and test strategies.

We understand that choosing the best brokerage to buy and trade the Crypto 10 Index. But we have helped you get started by vetting numerous online brokerage and coming up with what we consider the 6 best places to trade Crypto 10 Index today.

1. Avatrade – Best for Beginner Traders

Available Coins: 12+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: $100
Visit AvaTrade

Capital At Risk

The AvaTrade trading platform is a forex and global CFD trading platform started in Australia but with its global headquarters in Ireland. It was started in 2006 and it provides traders access to multiple CFDs (stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrency) and such other derivatives as the Crypto 10 Index. It stands out because of its solid reputation, and innovative trading platform, as well as competitive trading and non-trading fees.

To start buying and trading the Crypto 10 Index on AvaTrade, you first need to create a user account with the broker and verify your identity. The process is speedy and straightforward. You will then need to deposit funds and the broker supports a wide array of payment methods, including bank wire, eWallets (Skrill and Neteller), and credit card or debit card. The minimum you can deposit in AvaTrade is $100. AvaTrade doesn’t impose deposit processing fees and the spread for trading the Crypto 10 Index on the platform though variable, is still highly competitive.

Other factors that make AvaTrade unique and one of the best places to buy cryptocurrencies include its highly innovative trading platforms that include a web trader, desktop and mobile apps, and the proprietary AvaOption platform.  Further, AvaTrade is registered and regulated in multiple jurisdictions, maintains a highly responsive customer support team, and operates multiple account types.

What are the Pros and Cons of Trading the Crypto 10 Index (B10) on AvaTrade?


  • Resource-rich trading platforms:  AvaTrade provides its clients with a free demo account for practice trading and its trading platforms integrate multiple trade and market analysis tools.
  • Access to leverage: Crypto 10 Index traders on AvaTrade have access to leverages starting from 1:2.
  • Social trading feature: AvaTrade allows Crypto 10 Index traders on their platform to execute their trade via DupliTrade platform. This allows them to automate their trades and also gives beginner traders a chance to copy the trade settings for Crypto 10 Index
  • Transparent and competitive fees: AvaTrade maintains highly competitive trading fees for the Crypto 10 Index trades. You also get to see all the trading fees charged on the trade before hitting the Buy/Sell button.


  • Not available in some countries: The Crypto10 Index is not available to retail traders in countries like the UK and US where crypto derivative trading is disallowed.
  • Low leverage for retail traders: One may consider the leverage of 1:2 offered to retail Crypto 10 Index to be relatively low.
  • Expensive AvaProtect feature: The AvaProtect risk management tool, though innovative, has been criticized as being too expensive for retail traders.

Check out our comprehensive AvaTrade review 2024 for all the information you need to get started.

How to Buy/Trade Crypto 10 Index on AvaTrade – Step By Step Guide

  1. On your browser, open the AvaTrader official website and click on the “Register Now” button on the upper right corner of the home screen.
    Buy/Trade Crypto 10 Index on AvaTrade
  2. Fill in the registration details and verify your identity.
  3. Log in to your approved AvaTrade account and on the user dashboard, click on “Deposit” and choose “Fund Account.” Then use one of the supported payment options to create fund your trader account.
    Fun Account at AVATrade to buy Index 10
  4. On the User Dashboard, click on the “My Account” tab and choose a trading platform. You could choose to download a desktop or mobile app, the web trader, or choose to connect with the DupliTrade (for illustration purposes, we use the web trader).
    DupliTrade / Web Trader Screenshot
  5. On the user dashboard, click on the “Trade” tab and search for “Crypto 10 Index” and decide if you wish to go long or short on the Index.
    Select Long or Short Crypto 10 to trade
  6. Use the trading menu to the right of the computer screen to customize the trade by deciding the trade amount, leverage, take profit, stop-loss, etc.
    Crypto 10 Trading Menu
  7. Check that the transaction details are correct and confirm the transaction fees, then tap on the ‘BUY/SELL’ button to authorize the trade.

2. Plus500 – Best for Low Minimum Deposits

Available Coins: 5+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: $100
Visit Plus500

72% of retail cfd accounts lose money

The Plus500 trading broker is an online trading platform and one of the few publicly traded CFD brokerages, seeing that it is listed with London Stock Exchange (LSE). It was started in Israel in 2008 but has since expanded its operations to multiple countries across the world especially in Europe, Asia, and North America. On the platform, users get to buy and trade such Forex, shares and commodity CFDs, ETFs, Options, cryptocurrency CFDs, and Crypto indexes like the Crypto 10 Index.

Plus500 is easy to interact with as its friendly user trading platforms appeal to both beginner and expert traders. The account creation and identity verification process with the brokerage is easy and rather straightforward. Plus500 then supports a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit card or debit card, bank wire transfer, PayPal, and e-wallets (skrill, Neteller).

Like most other crypto 10 Index trading platforms, Plus500 doesn’t charge deposit or withdrawal fees. It also describes itself as a commission free-broker, implying that you won’t be charged a broker commission for trading on the platform. You will only be required to part with the highly competitive spread.

Other factors that Plus500 is one of the best places to buy Crypto 10 Index include its highly innovative trading platforms, an easily accessible and highly responsive customer support team, and the fact that it is one of the most regulated crypto trading brokerages. Traders also fancy its low deposit minimums of $50 for PayPal and $100 for bank wire and cards as well as its fast trade execution speeds.

What are the Pros and Cons of Trading Crypto 10 Index (B10) on Plus 500?


  • Easy-to-use platform: Plus500 features an easy-to-use proprietary trading platform that is easily navigable and appealing to both PRO and beginner traders. It also presents all clients with a demo account for practice trading.
  • Transparent and competitive fees: The spreads for trading the Crypto 10 Index on Plus500 is also highly competitive and the fee structure quite competitive.
  • Secure trading: In addition to being listed with the LSE, Plus500 makes trading on their platform secure by enabling two-factor authentication and facilitating negative balance protection.
  • Trader education: Plus500 also provides its platform users with such trader education tools as textual guides and video tutorials.


  • Limited resources: Plus500 platform users have complained of the limited trading and analysis tools integrated into its proprietary trading platforms.
  • Maintains inactivity fees: Plus500 will charge your account an inactivity fee of $10 per month after three months of inactivity (failure to log in).
  • No MT4 trading: Plus500 trader accounts can only be accessed via the proprietary trading platform provided by the broker. The brokerage does not support MetaTrader 4/5 trading platforms and neither does it allow for copy trading or trade automation.

Check out our detailed Plus500 review 2024 for more.

How to Buy/Trade Crypto 10 Index on Plus500 – Step By Step Guide

  1. Open the official Plus500 website on your browser and click on the “Start Trading” icon to begin the registration process.
    Plus500 Homepage screenshot
  2. Complete the registration form and verify your identity.
  3. Log in to the approved Plus500 trader account and click on the fund’s tab. depending on your country of origin, you will be provided with several deposit options, choose one and follow the prompts to fund your account.
    Deposit Funds to Buy Crypto Index 10 at Plus500
  4. Once the funds reflect in your trader account, click on the Trade icon on the user dashboard, search for Crypto 10 Index, and decide if you want to open a Buy or Sell position.
    Open Buy/ Sell Crypto Index 10
  5. After clicking on either trade option, a trading meu will appear on the right-hand side of the computer screen. Use it to customize the trade by setting the trade amount, stop-loss, and take profit levels and leverage.
    Set Trade Amount and Stop Loss
  6. Review the trade and confirm that the details are accurate. Check the trading fees impacting the trade and if satisfied, authorize the trade by clicking the “Buy/Sell” button.

3. IG – Best for MT4 Trading Platform

Available Coins: 10+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: 1 $£€
Visit IG

70% of retail cfd accounts lose money

IG is one of the oldest and most reputable online crypto trading platforms. It was founded in 1974 in London, UK, though it has since expanded its operations to cover about 23 Countries in 5 continents. Further, the IG Group is a publicly-traded company and listed on the London Stock Exchange. It makes it to our list of the best places to buy and trade Crypto 10 Index because of its solid reputation, highly innovative trading platform, and user-friendliness.

Over the years, IG has put in place multiple measures aimed at making their platform as easy to use and appealing to both novice and pro derivative traders as possible. They have made it possible for traders to operate their IG trading accounts through such popular and highly versatile trading platforms as the MetaTrader 4, their proprietary Web trader platform, and the L-2 Dealer platform.

These present Crypto 10 Index traders on the platforms with such benefits as the ability to automate trades and access to the most advanced trading and analytic tools. To get started with either platform, you only have to create a user account with IG, verify your identity, deposit funds, and start trading.

The minimum deposit amount on IG is $100 with supported payment methods being PayPal, credit card or debit card, and bank wire transfer. The minimum trade size for Crypto 10 Index on IG is 0.2 lots and you have access to leverages of up to 1:5.

Other factors that help IG make it here include its commitment to the security of client deposits, the fast order execution speeds on its platforms, and the fact that it provides all its platform users with a free demo account for practice trading and strategy testing.

What are the Pros and Cons of Trading Crypto 10 Index (B10) on IG?


  • Great support: IG maintains one of the most accessible and highly responsive customer support teams that are available online and on phone 24/7.
  • Transparent and competitive fees: Trading and non-trading fees on IG are highly transparent and also quite competitive. The broker, for instance, lets you view all the fees acting on your Crypto 10 Index trade before you hit the ‘Buy/Sell button.
  • Access to advanced tools: IG gives its platform users access to the widest range of advanced trading and analytics tools. It also integrates real-time finance-industry news and extensive educational resources.
  • A wide range of trading platforms: IG gives all its clients a choice of 5 trading platforms to choose from, including the web trader, MetaTrader4, ProRealTime, and both Android and iOS mobile trading apps,


  • High inactivity fees: IG maintains punitively high non-trading fees for dormant accounts – starting from $12 per month after 24 months of inactivity.
  • Low leverage: Some IG users have lamented that the maximum leverage of up to 1:5 provided to Crypto 10 Index is too low.
  • Limited payment options: Unfortunately, IG doesn’t support deposits and withdrawals from and to such popular eWallets as Skrill.

How to Buy/Trade Crypto 10 Index on IG – Step By Step Guide

  1. Start by opening the official IG website and clicking on the “Create Live Account” icon on the top right corner of the home screen.
    IG homepage
  2. Complete the registration form and verify your identity.
  3. Log in to your approved IG trading account and click on the deposit funds tab on the user dashboard. Choose one of the supported payment methods and follow the prompts to fund the account.
    Deposit Funds to Buy Crypto 10 Index
  4. Click on the trade tab on the user dashboard and choose to buy or sell the Crypto 10 Index.
    Buy/Sell Crypto 10 Index
  5. A trading menu will pop up. Use it to customize the trade by deciding the investment amount, stop-loss and take profit levels, and the maximum leverage you intend to use.
    Select Leverage and Stop loss
  6. Confirm that the transaction details, especially the fees are correct before hitting the “Buy/Sell” button.

How Can I Use the Crypto 10 Index?

Now that you are familiar with the BITA 10 Index, its composition, and where to buy, it is also important that we look at the three key ways in which it can be used.

Measure trader sentiment

The Crypto 1O Index has been designed to serve both as an investment product and as a benchmark tool for the crypto industry. You can, therefore, use it to track the performance of the crypto industry, especially in gauging the crypto investor sentiment. When the market is doing well and traders are optimistic about the future price action of different coins, the index price will uptrend and vice versa.

Trade actively

You could also choose to trade the Crypto 10 Index. Hereinabove, we have discussed the different ways in which you can trade the index fund. Use one of the highlighted trading strategies to start trading the crypto asset.

HODL as a speculative investment

You could invest in the Crypto 10 Index over the long term as you would with any other cryptocurrency. Since its establishment, the crypto index price has increased steadily and it is expected to continue rising especially as the different coins making up the fund continue setting all-time highs. But unlike investing in a single digital currency, the Crypto 10 Index benefits from fairly tamed volatility as the shock from explosive price action from any of the coins is absorbed by the rest of the fund.

What Do Reddit and Quora Users Say About Crypto 10 Index


There is limited information about the Crypto 10 Index fund on Reddit, safe for the announcement about the launch of what PRNewswire refers to a series of digital asset indexes and benchmarks by BITA. There is an insufficient discussion about the index performance or its composition on Reddit.

Crypto 10 Index Reviews on Reddit

There nevertheless have been a lot of mixed reactions to crypto indexes within the Reddit community. A majority of the contributors laud the idea of indexes and benchmarks as a way of complimenting actual crypto coin trades as well as their input in adding to the metrics that crypto traders would use in assessing market performance.

The dissenting voices, however, do not see the value of these indexes. They argue that while they could work in the traditional markets where the performance of investment products is highly uncorrelated, most cryptocurrencies within the crypto market tend to mimic Bitcoin’s performance. They argue that the huge correlation between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and its dominance over the rest of the crypto market beats the need for a crypto basket as the price of all the constituent coins will take a cue from Bitcoins price action.


As is the case with Reddit, we couldn’t find any information about the Crypto 10 Index on the Quora platform. Nevertheless, the discussion about the relevance of Crypto 10 indexes and debate on the best crypto index around is as life here is as it is on Reddit.

Crypto 10 Index Reviews on Quora

Many Quora platform users have raised multiple queries about crypto indexes on the platform. Most of the responses are hugely positive about the need for these indices and benchmarks. Their proponents argue that indexes help crypto traders make more informed trade decisions and provide investors with more diversification options.

As is the case with Quora, crypto index opponents have questioned their relevance, especially when put into account how deeply correlated the larger crypto market is to Bitcoin prices. Others argue that since these indexes have only been around for a few years, they don’t present investors with much information to help determine their viability as an investment product.

Bottom Line

The Crypto 10 Index presents both crypto traders and investors with an additinal revenue stream. It also provides them with an additional metric for measuring the crypto market performance and gauging trader sentiments. First introduced to the crypto market in 2018, the index fund has performed exemplarily well which saw it attrcat a lot of attention from the crypto community and listed with virtually all the most popular crypto derivative trading platforms.

In this post, we have gone over everything you need to know about the crypto 10 index and even told you of the best places to buy and trade the index. Check the brokerage that appeals most to you, create an account, deposit funds, and start trading the Crypto10 Index.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The crypto 10 index is a weighted index of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. The weightings are based on each cryptocurrency’s market share as of the most recent calculation. The crypto 10 index is updated daily.

The crypto index price is a measure of the average price of a selection of cryptocurrencies. It is used by traders and investors to track the performance of the market and make decisions about buying, selling, or holding cryptocurrencies.

There are a few places where you can buy a crypto index, but the best place to buy one is on an exchange. exchanges like the ones listed above.

The best investment for you will depend on your individual financial situation and investment goals. However, if you’re looking for a broadly diversified portfolio that includes exposure to the crypto market, then the 10 Index may be a good option for you.

The 10 coins in the crypto 10 index are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, IOTA, Monero, NEO and Stellar. Each of these coins was chosen for their liquidity and overall market cap.

It’s impossible to predict which crypto will “explode” and see the biggest price increase. Cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile, and prices can change rapidly based on news or rumors.

Some people say that Bitcoin will jump in 2024, while others believe that Ethereum will be the big crypto of choice. Only time will tell which one will take off first!

Nobody can say for sure which cryptos will survive long term, but it’s likely that the strongest and most well-supported cryptos will prevail. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are all likely to survive in the long run, as they have a large community of supporters and a robust infrastructure. Other cryptos may not be as lucky.

It’s hard to say which cryptocurrency is the best bet in 2022. Some people are predicting that Bitcoin will continue to be on the rise, while others think that Ethereum or another up-and-coming cryptocurrency could take its place.

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