How to Buy Apecoin (APE) with Credit Card, PayPal, Wire & More

This is a beginners’ guide on how to buy ApeCoin (APE) With Credit Card, Debit Card, and PayPal. Read more and learn about the best brokers and exchanges where to buy and invest in ApeCoin using safe and secure payment methods.

Author: Raifu Tobi   -   Last updated: 19/03/2024
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You will find out, in detail, what ApeCoin is, the best broker to buy Apecaoin with Credit Card, Paypal, and other payment methods on the best exchange. You will also learn how to buy ApeCoin (APE) instantly in the USA, UK, EU, Australia, and other parts of the world. We will introduce you to simple and safe means (payment methods) to buy ApeCoin, and provide everything you need to know about the brokers and exchanges to buy APE tokens from.

Launched by the most valuable Non-Fungible Token collectable to date, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, Apecoin is a decentralized protocol that serves as a layer for community-led initiatives that drive culture forward into the metaverse. It is a new meme coin for crypto connoisseurs.

Top 6 Platforms Where To Buy Apecoin (APE) in 2024

  • Min Deposit: $200
  • Number of Coins: 20+
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Regulated by FCA, ASIC & CySEC
  • Paypal, Debit & Credit Card Accepted
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex
Visit eToro

Capital At Risk

  • Min Deposit: 20 $£€ By Credit Card
  • Number of Coins: 26+
  • Regulated by FCA, CySEC, ASIC, SCA, & SCB
  • Place Buy & Sell CFDs Orders
  • Low Minimum Deposit

80.84% of retail CFD accounts lose money

  • Min Deposit: 1 $£€
  • Number of Coins: 50+
  • Regulated by SEC, & FinCEN
  • Place Buy & Sell CFDs Orders
  • Low Minimum Deposit
Visit Coinbase

Capital At Risk

  • Min Deposit: 1 $£€
  • Number of Coins: 1500+
  • High Number of Coins
  • Accepts Fiat Deposits
  • Trade on Spot and Futures
Visit Binance

Capital At Risk

  • Min Deposit: 50 $£€
  • Number of Coins: 9+
  • Free deposits / withdrawals
  • High limits for buying bitcoins with a credit/debit card
  • Service available in many countries
Visit Coinmama

Capital At Risk

  • Min Deposit: 1 $£€
  • Number of Coins: 50+
  • Highly transparent exchange
  • Competitive Bitcoin trading fees
  • Highly secure
Visit Kraken

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How to Buy Apecoin with Credit Card Instantly in Three Quick Steps

Step 1: Create an account

Having an account with a broker or exchange is the first step to take when trying to buy ApeCoin. Open an account with a broker or exchange of your choice. We recommend you pick from the brokers and exchanges that will be described later in this article.

Ensure the broker or exchange is regulated before opening an account with them and complete the KYC process to verify your account. This process will only take a few minutes of your time.

Step 2: Fund the account

Getting your account funded is the next line of action once your account is created. The deposited fund will be used to buy Apecoin. Brokers and exchanges have different funding options depending on your country of residence. You Can Buy Apecoin with Credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Bank transfer, Skrill, and Neteller instantly.

Step 3: Buy Apecoin, with or without leverage

After the funding of your account has been successfully done, you can now buy Apecoin tokens. There are two ways to buy Apecoin, with or without leverage. Buying Apecoin with leverage means you will open a trade that will allow you to earn by speculating on the price of APE while buying without leverage means you get to own the token as an underlying asset.

Step One
Open A Free Account
eToro Logo
Step Two
Deposit Funds
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex
Step Three
Buy Cryptocurrency
Buy Now

Capital At Risk

What is Apecoin (APE)?

Apecoin is a BEP-20 ( or ERC-20) utility and governance token that is used within the APE ecosystem to incentivize and empower decentralized community building at the forefront of the web3. The internet culture has found a new expression in web3 through entertainment, art, gaming, and events. The possibilities for blockchain’s impact on the internet culture are so endless that they can’t possibly all be predicted yet. Apecoin token is created to support and control what’s built on the community.


Apecoin is governed by the holders via a decentralized governance framework controlling the Apecoin DAO and voting on how the Apecoin DAO ecosystem fund should be used. Proposals are administered by the APE foundation and agreed upon by Apecoin holders. It can be used to access games, events, services, and merchandise.

Officially launched in March 2022, Apecoin is a decentralized project inspired by Yuga Labs, the creator of the Board Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). It will be the primary token for any future products and services that Yuga Labs develops, which includes a play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game that Yuga Labz hopes to release later this year with game developer nWay. Apecoin will also be used in Animoca Brands’ new play-to-earn game Benji Bananas, which also owns nWay.

Albeit, Yuga Labs has been keeping its distance from the launch of Apecoin because the SEC of the US has been diligently targeting crypto start-ups. Experts now believe that this is the main reason why the new token was created by ApecoinDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that is distinct from Yuga Labs.

The APE Foundation

The APE Foundation is the steward of Apecoin and the base layer on which Apecoin holders in the Apecoin DAO can build. It is not an overseer of the project. It facilitates decentralized and community-led governance and is designed to become more decentralized over time. The task of the APE Foundation is to administer the decisions of the Apecoin DAO and be responsible for the day-to-day bookkeeping, project management, administration, and other tasks that ensure the idea of the DAO community gets the support it needs to make it a reality.

Its main goal is to steward the growth and development of the APE ecosystem in an inclusive and fair way. The ecosystem fund, which is controlled by a multi-sig wallet, is utilized to pay its expenses as directed by the Apecoin DAO and to provide an infrastructure for Apecoin holders to join forces through open governance processes.

The Apecoin DAO

The Apecoin DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) exists because decentralized governance is critical to building and managing a globally dispersed community, which is critical to the success of the APE ecosystem. The APE improvement proposal process allows Apecoin DAO members to make decisions regarding projects, partnerships, governance rules, fund allocations, and beyond. The membership is open to all Apecoin HOLDERS.

Apecoin Token

Apecoin is an ERC-20 utility and governance token used within the APE ecosystem to empower decentralized community building at the forefront of web3. It was built on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply of Apecoin is 1 billion tokens and it is permanently fixed at that number. Minting capability is not exposed through the contract interface, thus the total supply will never increase. Also, the contract interface does not expose any token-burning capability, which means the supply will never decrease.

Unlike Bitcoin, for instance, the entirety of ApeCoin tokens will be minted at once. 62% of the total supply will go into the ecosystem fund, of which 150 million tokens will be airdropped. 470 million tokens are allocated to the DAO treasury. 9.75% of the tokens will go to BAYC Yuga Labs and 6.25% will go to the Jane Goodall Foundation, a charity dedicated to protecting chimpanzee habitats. The remaining 8% which is 80 million tokens, will be allocated to BAYC founders.

How is Apecoin (APE) Different From Or Similar To Bitcoin?

Apecoin and Bitcoin are different in several ways. While Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto to eliminate third parties in financial transactions, Apecoin was created to be used in the decentralized community of web3. Apecoin is created to be used in the future web. Here are other ways they are different and similar.

Purpose and Development

Bitcoin was the first digital currency to be created, which helps to reduce ambiguities in transferring funds from one part of the world to the other. Apecoin, on the other hand, was created to be used in the decentralized community. The token was developed to be used and govern the APE ecosystem.


The ecosystems of the two coins are distinctly different. Apecoin is used in the APE ecosystem to access games, services, events, and many more. Apecoin DAO helps to build and manage the APE ecosystem. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a digital currency with a well-defined ecosystem that ensures the longevity of the coin. Both coins were built using blockchain technology, but Apecoin uses the Ethereum blockchain network.


Apecoin and Bitcoin are quite different in terms of scarcity. Unlike other digital coins with open-end mining, there is a definite number of tokens for each coin. The total amount of Bitcoin tokens that can be mined is 21 million, and a system has been put in place to ensure the supply is finite once the number is reached.

Apecoin, on the other hand, has a total supply of 1B tokens, which has been minted. A system has been put in place to make sure the token doesn’t increase or decrease.

Apecoin Price and Coin Historical Performance

According to data received from TradingView, Apecoin started trading on the 17th of March, 2022. The price started trading at $5 and went as high as $40 on its first trading day, gaining over 700%. The price closed at $8.5 on the same day, ending the day with a profit of over 75%.

Apecoin Price Chart


Apecoin Market

What Factors Influence Apecoin’s Price?

There are a lot of factors that influence the price of Apecoin, some of them are fully discussed below.

  • Regulation: The Security Exchange Commission of the United States has been trying to regulate crypto start-ups and digital currencies in recent years. The SEC is lurking around crypto startups because of the scam that is associated with cryptos in general. CNBC reported a total of $14B worth of cryptos was lost to scam in 2021. A positive or negative regulatory rule in the crypto market will affect the price of APE.
  • Demand and Supply: As there is a definite supply for APE tokens, a surge in the demand for the token will influence its price. The price of cryptos rallies as the demand increases. Buyers are willing to pay higher prices because of the definite number of supply, so the price keeps soaring. Being used on the forefront of web3, the demand for Apecoin will skyrocket as the world adopts the new web.
  • Adoption: The price of Apecoin will be greatly influenced as the world transitions fully into web3 from web2. The more institutions, organizations, companies, and individuals move to web3, the more digital coins like APE will be fully adopted. That will influence the price.
  • News: News about the web3, whether positive or negative, will affect the price of Apecoin. News about the APE ecosystem will also influence how the price of the token moves.

How to Invest in Apecoin

Buy and Hold

Buy and Hold is an old technique but an effective method of investing. It is mainly used to invest in the long term. You are anticipating that a particular asset will increase in value over time. It could be over some months, years, or decades.

Apecoin CFD Trading

Trading ApeCoin as a CFD is another way to invest in it. You will be speculating on the price of ApeCoin CFDs with at least the minimum required capital in your account and using leverage. You either buy or sell its CFDs depending on how well you know how to read price action. CFDs are complex products and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Apecoin Day Trading

Apecoin can also be traded daily. This is done by speculating on the price movement of the token within a day. You can either buy the token at a low price if you are anticipating an upward movement for the day or sell it at a high price if you think the price will fall for the day.

How to Buy Apecoin (APE) Guide

Apecoin can be bought with different payment methods, depending on your country of residence or choice of broker or exchange. Here are some of the ways you can use to buy Apecoin:

How to Buy Apecoin With Credit Card and Debit Card

You can Buy Apecoin with Credit card and debit card. They are the payment methods that are widely used by most crypto brokers and exchanges.

Buy Apecoin With Credit Card and Debit Card

Once your transaction is completed, you can buy Apecoin with the deposited amount. You can either buy the coin as an asset or trade on its CFDs, depending on the broker or exchange.

How to Buy Apecoin with Paypal

Paypal is another payment method that can be used to buy Apecoin. Aside from being widely accepted like Credit cards and debit cards, it is convenient to use and transactions are completed instantly. Albeit, some countries are restricted from using it.

To buy Apecoin by using Paypal, you must create an account and link your credit card or debit card to it.

How to Buy Apecoin with Neteller and Skrill

Neteller and Skrill are eWallets like Paypal that can be used to buy Apecoin. Transactions are fast and instantaneous with minimal fees. They only support transactions in USD, EUR, and GBP. The minimum deposits depend on the broker and exchange you choose.


Buy ApeCoin with Neteller

Buy ApeCoin with Skrill

How to Buy Apecoin (APE) through bank wire

Bank wire transactions take a few days to be processed, 3 to 5 working days on average. Using bank wire to fund your account allows you to deposit large amounts, which makes it better than other payment methods. Deep pocket investors use bank wire to process transactions as it is reliable and transparent for tax purposes.

Buy Apecoin With Bank Wire

How to Buy Apecoin Anonymously Without ID verification

It is possible to buy Apecoin without verifying your identity, but there is a limit on the amount of Apecoin you can buy. Unverified accounts on eToro can deposit a maximum of $2250 by using the available payment methods.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying Apecoin?


  • Return On Investment (ROI): With its performance in the first couple of days that it was launched, there is a high probability that Apecoin will offer a high return on investment. Buying and holding Apecoin as an asset will most likely pay off over the long term.
  • Security: Apecoin has a high level of security because it was built on the Ethereum blockchain network and it has an APE ecosystem that governs its uses.
  • Locked Net Value: For a coin that was launched a few weeks ago and now has a market cap of $3.9B, there is a high upside for Apecoin.
  • Decentralization: Apecoin is a project that was created for a decentralized community. The web3 that the token serves as its forefront is a decentralized community where users’ data are independent of each other. That makes Apecoin good crypto.


  • Competition: There are a lot of defi coins that have their usage attached to the web3. This has created competition among crypto coins that will be used in the web3.

What Do You Need Before You Can Buy Apecoin?

A Live Account

Opening a live account with a regulated crypto broker or exchange is the first thing you need to do before you can Apecoin. The platform must have APE listed on its crypto lists. Factors like transaction fees, trading cost, payment methods, and leverage must be considered when choosing a broker and exchange. Demo accounts, which contain virtual money, are available on almost all crypto platforms for you to practice how to use the platform and trade.

Investment Capital

Investment capital needs to be deposited into your trading account once it has been successfully created. The minimum required funds to buy APE depends on the broker or exchange of your choice. There are different payment methods that you can use to fund your account, they include Credit card, debit card, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, and bank wire.

Apecoin Wallet

You will need a secure wallet to keep your Apecoin tokens after you purchase them. Most crypto exchanges offer a custodial wallet for you to keep your tokens. Although, it is advisable to store your tokens in a hardware wallet if you plan to hold the tokens for the long term. Cold storage is also available if you want to lock your tokens away for years.

How Much Do You Need to Buy Apecoin?

The amount of funds you need to buy Apecoin depends on the price of the coin and the required minimum amount of the broker and exchange you are using.

Buy Apecoin

Where Can You Buy Apecoin Today?

Apecoin is available on different brokers and exchange platforms. eToro, Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken are some of the popular crypto platforms you can buy APE from.

How To Buy Apecoin at an ATM

It is now possible to buy cryptocurrencies at ATMs. And like most cryptos that can be bought at the ATM, you can also buy APE at supported ATMs. Here is how you can go about it;

  • Get an Apecoin Wallet: An ERC-20 wallet is needed if you are looking to buy APE at the ATM. Make sure you take your QR code with you to the ATM.
  • Go To The Nearest ATM: You can use Google to locate ATMs that offer APE in your residential area or places close to you. Make sure you go with enough cash or credit card or debit card.
  • Scan Your Apecoin QR Code: Carefully read the instructions on the screen once you tap it. You will be asked to choose the cryptocurrency of your choice, which is Apecoin. Scan the QR code of your wallet address by showing it to the camera at the ATM.
  • Buy and Receive Apecoin: After the ATM has successfully scanned your wallet’s QR code, deposit the cash equivalence of the amount of Apecoin you want to buy. Confirm the amount and finalize the transaction. The coin will be sent to your wallet in a few minutes. But note that a service fee might be charged.

What to Look For in an Apecoin Trading Platform

To select the best trading platform to trade Apecoin, you will need to do some due diligence. Brokers and exchanges have different features and you should vet them through some checklists before you decide on which one to go with. Here are some important checklists;


The reputation of a cryptocurrency broker or exchange is very important, and the only way to find out is to ask other users and read reviews online. Experienced users will tell you what you need to know about the broker or exchange and the things to look out for. No broker or exchange is perfect. They all have different features but offer the same service. Choose the ones that have features that you like and have good reviews. It is paramount to select a broker or exchange with high-security features to keep your data and money safe.

Transaction fees

Brokers and exchanges charge fees for every transaction you do, be it trading or withdrawing. But these fees vary from broker to broker, so you can do some comparison. In addition, you need to ensure the trading cost of your chosen broker or exchange has to be low if you plan to invest for the long term or if you are a swing trader. High trading costs can cause you to incur losses even when your positions are in profit.

Payment Methods

Brokers and exchanges that offer many payment methods will most likely give you the best experience. Common payment methods like Credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, and bank wire must be available. Easy payment methods will make your experience worthwhile as you won’t have to worry about withdrawing your profits.

Beginner Friendliness

The interface of your preferred broker or exchange should be intuitive for users, which is easy to use for beginners. As a beginner, make sure you choose platforms that you can easily navigate. A complex platform is not advisable if you are new to trading.


Your crypto investment and personal information are important and must be kept safe at all times. Your preferred broker and exchange must have a high level of security and must not be susceptible to hacks.

To buy Apecoins, you need a reliable and regulated broker and exchange. But, which brokers and exchanges are the best? The detailed review of the following brokers and exchanges will answer that question for you.

1. eToro – Best for Apecoin Social Trading

Available Coins: 20+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: $200
Visit eToro

Capital At Risk

eToro is an online broker that was founded in January 2007. It was founded by three trading and tech experts and has introduced hundreds of investment products in stock and crypto markets to its users. It is mostly known for its social trading, where users can follow and copy experts’ trading ideas. eToro offers both margin and CFD trading.

Buy Apecoin At eToro

On eToro, there are over 30 cryptocurrencies that can be traded which include The Graph (GRT), Yearn Finance (YFI), Apecoin (APE), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), TRON (TRX), Zcash (ZEC), Ripple (XRP), and many more. Cryptos can also be traded against other cryptos, fiat currencies, and commodities on this platform. There are more than 14 crypto-to-crypto crosses that can be traded on eToro. But there are no APE crosses available on this platform.

A transaction fee of 1% is added to the market price when you buy an APE token on this platform. The spread on Apecoin is 258 points (2%). The maximum leverage for crypto margin trading is 2X. It is quite easy to buy APE tokens on this platform as the interface is easy-to-navigate. You can only trade Apecoin as an asset on eToro, CFD trading is not available for this coin.

Pros and Cons of Buying Apecoin on eToro


  • Social and Copy Trading: This feature makes eToro to be widely known, as it allows users to copy expert traders’ trading ideas and strategies. Users, especially beginners, get to earn as they learn.
  • Instant Buy: eToro will instantly deposit your Apecoin tokens into your wallet once your transaction is completed. Buying APE is super-fast on this platform.
  • Competitive fees: In comparison to what other brokers and exchanges are charging, transaction fees are competitive on this platform.
  • Low Minimum Trading Amount: A minimum of $10 is required to be deposited before you can open a trade on Apecoin on this platform.
  • eToro Wallet: eToro offers a free non-custodial wallet to all its users.


  • Limited Support: Normal users do not have access to live chat and phone support. Only eToro club members can use this feature.
  • Slow Withdrawal: Withdrawal is quite slow on this platform. It can take up to 8 days for it to be completed. $5 is also charged on every withdrawal for non-US clients.
  • Wide Spreads: The spread on APE is almost 2% on this platform. When compared to other exchanges, this is high.

Check out our detailed 2024 review of eToro for more.

How to Buy Apecoin (APE) on eToro – Step By Step Guide

1. Click on ‘Join Now’ when you visit the eToro official website,

Buy Apecoin

2. Enter your personal information on the registration form to create an account. You will be required to submit the necessary documents to verify your account.

Buy Apecoin

3. Once your account has been verified, click on the ‘Deposit’ button to fund your account.

Buy Apecoin

4. Click on ‘Payment Method’ to choose your preferred payment option. You can Buy Apecoin with credit card, debit card, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, and bank transfers. Paypal might not be available for you, and that depends on your country of residence. Fill in your payment details and click on ‘Deposit’ to complete the transaction.

5. If you are yet to add APE to your crypto watchlist, you can search for it from the search space on your dashboard. Type APE into the space and press enter. Once found, click on ‘Trade’ and enter the number of APE tokens you want to buy in the pop-up window.

Buy Apecoin

Buy Apecoin

6. Click on ‘Open Trade’ to complete the transaction. Your Apecoin tokens will reflect on your account balance almost immediately.

Buy Apecoin

2. – Best for CFD Trading

Available Coins: 26+
Margin Trading: Yes
Minimum Deposit: 20 $£€ By Credit Card

80.84% of retail CFD accounts lose money is a CFD and crypto broker that was founded in 2016. Based in Cyprus, and with regional offices in the UK, Australia, and Belarus, offers trading services in more than 50 countries across the globe. Both CFD and margin trading are available on this platform.

Buy Apecoin at

Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, clients can trade several other cryptos with this broker. Some of them include TRON (TRX), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Stellar (XLM), Neo (NEO), Quantum (QKD), Steem (SBD), and many more. Crypto-to-crypto trading is available on this platform. APE/USD is the only Apecoin cross that is available on as it is a new token. The spread of trading APE/USD is 191 points (1.9%). You can not purchase Apecoin as an asset on this platform, but you can trade it as a CFD. The required margin to trade is 33.33% and the maximum leverage is 3X.

Pros and Cons of Buying Apecoin (APE) on


  • Easy Account Opening: It is easy to open an account with this broker. You will need to verify your account before you can start trading.
  • Regulation: holds multiple licenses from regulatory bodies in different parts of the world. The broker has CYSEC, FCA, and ASIC licenses.
  • Instant Trade Execution: Trade executions are instant on this platform. Clients do not get to miss out on market price as orders are executed in microseconds.
  • Excellent Customer Service: The presence of a multilingual customer support system makes it easy for all clients around the world to communicate with them freely. Their customer support system works around the clock as well.


  • No US clients: This broker does not provide its services to clients in the US.
  • Limited Leverage: Compared to other crypto brokers that provide up to 50X leverage for crypto trading, gives very low leverage of 3X.

Read our full 2024 review of for more.

How to Buy Apecoin (APE) on – Step By Step Guide

1. Click on ‘Trade Now’ when you visit to open an account.

Buy Apecoin

2. Type in your email address and password on the registration form and click on ‘Continue’. Enter your other personal details and click on continue again.

Buy Apecoin

3. Click on ‘Live’ to complete the verification process. You will be required to submit some documents.

4. After the verification process has been completed, you can now fund your account. Go to your dashboard and click on ‘Fund Account’. Choose bank cards or bank transfers from the available options to deposit. Payment by bank cards is fast while bank transfer takes days to process.

Buy Apecoin

5. Search for Apecoin in the search space by typing APE in it. Click on APE/USD from the search result.

Buy Apecoin

6. Click on APE/USD and then click on ‘Buy’ to open a position. The required margin, overnight fees, and leverage will be displayed under ‘Market Info’. The spread will also be seen changing as the market trades live.

Buy Apecoin

3. Coinbase – Best for Beginners

Available Coins: 50+
Margin Trading: No
Minimum Deposit: 1 $£€
Visit Coinbase

Capital At Risk

Based in San Francisco, California, Coinbase, a leading crypto exchange,  was founded in 2012. With over 30 million customers across the globe, Coinbase has generated more than 150 billion trades turnover. The platform is easy to navigate for traders.

Buy Apecoin

There are more than 30 cryptocurrencies that are tradeable on Coinbase, which include Compound (COMP), Maker (MKR), Tezos (XTZ), Orchid (OXT), ChainLink (LINK), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), The Graph (GRT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Yearn Finance (YFI), and many more. Crypto can be traded against each on this platform thereby having a minimum of (30×30) crosses available. Some crosses are excluded in some countries and some are restricted in other countries too. Only users with the CoinbasePro account have access to the 3X maximum leverage.

You can only buy the Apecoin token as an asset because both margin and CFD trading are not available on Coinbase. APE/USD, APE/USDT, and APE/EUR are the only APE crosses available on this platform, but trading is unavailable for them. A fixed spread of 0.5% is applied to every transaction.

Pros and Cons of Buying Apecoin (APE) on Coinbase


  • Deposit Insurance: The insurance feature makes Coinbase a unique exchange. There is FDIC insurance on digital assets for clients in the US.
  • User-friendly: The interface of the platform has all the relevant information on the home screen. New users can conveniently use the platform with no hassle.
  • Instant Transfers: Clients in the US can easily transfer funds from their bank account into their Coinbase account.


  • High Transaction Fees: When compared to other crypto exchanges, Coinbase charges high transaction fees. It is one of the main disadvantages of the platform.
  • Compromised Confidentiality: Crypto transactions are supposed to be untraceable due to their decentralized nature. But Coinbase does not give its users the freedom to have untraceable financial transactions as their bank account is linked to their account on the platform. That made it hard for its users to enjoy the full decentralization of cryptos.
  • Customer Support: Coinbase customer support has been reported to take time to respond to their customers. Customers spend much time waiting to chat with a customer support agent. Most people do give up as they get tired of waiting.

Our comprehensive 2024 Coinbase guide has more, be sure to check it out.

How To Buy Apecoin on Coinbase – Step By Step Guide

1. Go to and click on ‘Get Started’ to create an account.

Buy ApeCoin on Coinbase

2. Fill in your information on the registration page, tick the T&C box, and click on ‘Create account’.

Buy ApeCoin on Coinbase

3. Check your mail inbox and click on the verification link sent to you to verify your email address.

4. You will have to complete the KYC process by filling in more details about yourself and submitting the required documents. After the verification is completed and your account is verified, you can now buy APE tokens.

5. Click on ‘Deposit’ and select the payment method you want to use. Available options include credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and others.

6. Enter the amount of funds you want to deposit into your account. Fill in the payment details to complete the transaction.

7. Click on ‘Explore Assets’ on the home page. Choose ‘Trade’ to buy the crypto asset. Enter Apecoin in the search space. Apecoin will pop up from the search result and click on ‘Buy’. Enter the amount of APE token you want to buy and complete the transaction. Coinbase will immediately deposit Apecoin into your account.

Buy ApeCoin on Coinbase

Buy ApeCoin on Coinbase

4. Binance – Best for Apecoin Low Fees

Available Coins: 1500+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: 1 $£€
Visit Binance

Capital At Risk

Founded in 2017, Binance is the largest and most famous cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It is located on the European Island, Malta. Binance processes a daily trading volume of over $2B. It is not just an exchange but a crypto ecosystem and accepts customers from every part of the globe, including the US.

Buy ApeCoin on Binance

This exchange offers more than a hundred crypto assets to trade. Here are some of the cryptocurrencies that are available: The Graph (GRT), Yearn Finance (YFI), Apecoin (APE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX), MATIC Network (MATIC), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), VeChain (VET), Cosmos (ATOM), Chiliz (CHZ), ChainLink (LINK), Compound (COMP), and many more. Cryptocurrencies can also be traded against each other, currencies, and commodities on Binance. The available crypto crosses include APE/BUSD, APE/USDT, APE/BNB, APE/BTC, APE/TRY, APE/EUR, and APE/GBP.

The maximum leverage for margin trading is 5X, and there is no CFD trading for APE tokens on Binance. There is no spread incurred when trading Apecoin tokens but there is a price cut of 0.02% for makers and 0.04% for takers. A trading volume of less than 50BTC will incur a flat rate of 0.1% trading fees.

Pros And Cons of Buying Apecoin On Binance


  • Wide Range of Cryptos: There are over a hundred tradeable crypto assets on Binance. It offers an extensive collection of digital assets and that is why it is the world’s famous exchange.
  • Reliability: Binance is more of an ecosystem than a crypto exchange. The introduction of Peer-2-peer trading makes it a reliable exchange for customers. It has a turnover of over 2B USD trading volume per day.
  • Various Payment Options: You can Buy Apecoin with Credit card, debit card, bank transfer, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, cryptos, and many more are all available as payment methods on Binance.
  • BNB Token: BNB is the cryptocurrency token that powers the BNB chain ecosystem. It is an inbuilt token that attracts more discounts and acts as a utility token. It is one of the unique features of the exchange.
  • Low transaction fees: Trading fees are pretty low on this exchange. Spreads are way below 0.5% on crypto crosses.
  • Multilingual Customer Support: Binance customer service can attend to customers in 20 different languages of the world. They have customers in almost every part of the globe.


  • Limited Availability (US): Clients in the US will not be able to open a Binance account.
  • No Anonymity: You can’t do crypto transactions on Binance without being verified. Anonymity is not allowed.

Check out our detailed 2024 Binance review to learn everything you need to know about the exchange.

How to Buy Apecoin on Binance – Step-By-Step Guide

1. Enter into your browser and click on ‘Register Now’ on the front page. Fill in your information on the registration form and complete the KYC process for account verification.

Buy ApeCoin on Binance

2. After your account has been verified, you can now do any crypto transaction on your account. Click on ‘Buy Crypto’ on your dashboard to fund your account. Choose your preferred currency and payment method. Credit cards, debit cards, peer-2-peer trading, cash balance, and many more are the available payment options.

Buy ApeCoin on Binance

3. Enter the amount of Apecoin you want to buy and click on ‘Continue’.

4. Enter your payment details and click on ‘Continue’.

5. Complete the safety certification to authorize the transaction. Your Apecoin tokens will reflect in your wallet immediately.

5. CoinMama – Best for Fast Apecoin Transactions

Available Coins: 9+
Margin Trading: No
Minimum Deposit: 50 $£€
Visit Coinmama

Capital At Risk

Launched in 2013, CoinMama is one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency exchange. It has its headquarters located in Israel. It is a non-custodial and instant-buy crypto platform that has grown to become a popular crypto platform around the globe.

Buy Apecoin on Coinmama

Transaction times are super fast and it has a wide range of payment methods. It is one of the best crypto exchanges to buy Apecoin tokens. Some of the crypto tokens you can buy from CoinMama include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), and others. There are no crypto crosses available on this platform.

CFD and margin trading are not available on this exchange, so you can’t buy Apecoin tokens with leverage. you can refer to spreads as rates on CoinMama, and add them to the commission charged, which is based on the loyalty level of your account. For every buy order, a standard commission of 3.9% is charged for the ‘Curious’ loyalty level. Orders processed instantly with a locked rate will attract an additional 5% express fee. $50 is the minimum deposit on CoinMama.

Pros and Cons of Buying Apecoin on CoinMama


  • High Limits: CoinMama enables you to buy a high volume of crypto that you want. You can deposit, withdraw or trade a higher amount depending on your payment method on this platform. You can buy up to $30,000 worth of Apecoin when you use a Bank transfer to make a payment.
  • Quick Onboarding Process: Clients start immediately through the help of the tier-based verification system that is provided by the platform. Tier 1 customers should submit a copy of their ID to be able to use the platform.
  • Instant Buy: CoinMam is widely known for its instant transaction. Once you complete your transaction, CoinMama will send Apecoin immediately to your wallet.
  • Beginner-Friendly Platform: The interface of the platform is highly intuitive for beginners. It is easy to navigate.


  • No Mobile App: The platform doesn’t have a mobile app, so users can’t access their accounts on the go.
  • No Selling Apecoin Tokens: You can only buy your Apecoin tokens on CoinMama but you can’t sell them back. It is a buy-only platform.

How To Buy Apecpoin with Credit Card on CoinMama – Step By Step Guide

1. Click on ‘Sign Up’ on the official website of CoinMama,

Buy APE On Coinmama

2. Enter your email address, password, and country of residence to create an account.

Buy APE On Coinmama

3. Fill in your personal information like home address, mobile number, zip code, and others. Submit your ID to complete the verification for Level 1

4. Click on ‘Buy’ on the navigation panel and scroll down to Apecoin on the drop-down menu.

5. Enter the amount of Apecoin tokens you want to buy.

6. Select the payment method you want to use and click on ‘Buy’.

7. Enter your payment details and authorize the transaction. You will receive your Apecoinin your CoinMama wallet.

6. Kraken – Best for Safe APE coin Storage

Founded in 2011, Kraken is a US-based crypto exchange and bank that is present in over 180 countries in the world. It is an old and secure crypto platform that has been standing for years. Its integrity and reputation make it a favorable platform for traders that are looking for a safe place for their crypto assets.

Buy APE on Kraken

Monero (XMR), Terra (LUNA), The Graph (GRT), Apecoin (APE), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM), and Cardano (ADA) are some of the major cryptocurrency assets that are available on Kraken. You Can Trade Crypto and fiat currencies against each other on this exchange and some of the crosses include APE/USD, APE/EUR, and others.

Kraken offers 50X maximum leverage for margin trading. It does not offer CFD trading for crypto. The spread of trading APE/USD is 113 points (1.2%). Spreads could be higher during high volatility. Deposits and withdrawals do not attract any fees and trading fees are quite competitive.

Pros and Cons of Buying Apecoin on Kraken


  • Security: The platform uses two-step authentication, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection, and advanced security protocols to secure your personal information and crypto assets.
  • Zero Deposit and Withdrawal Fee: Kraken does not charge you when you make a deposit or request for withdrawal.
  • Highly Reputable: Kraken remains traders’ favourite crypto exchange because of its reputation. It has never suffered a cyber attack or security breach.


  • No Card Payments: Being an old exchange, Kraken does not accept credit cards and debit cards for payment. You can use eWallets on the platform as well.
  • Non-Friendly Interface: The interface of the platform is quite cumbersome, beginners might find it hard to use at first. It has a complicated interface because it is old.

How To Buy APE on Kraken – Step By Step Guide

1. Go to and click on ‘Create account’ to register.

Buy Apecoin on Kraken

2. Fill in your information in the sign-up form.

Buy Apecoin on Kraken

3. Click on your username at the top right corner and select ‘Get Verified’ from the drop-down menu.

Buy Apecoin on Kraken

4. Choose any of the three verification processes to verify your account. Each of the verification processes has its limit, select the one you prefer.

Buy Apecoin on Kraken

5. To fund your account, click on ‘Funding’ and select the payment method you want to use.

6. Click on ‘Buy Crypto’ to purchase Apecoin tokens.

7. Enter the number of tokens you want to buy in the window that pops up and select Apecoin.

8. Click on ‘Buy’ to complete the process.

Other Ways of Getting Apecoin

Gift or Tip

You can give or accept Apecoin tokens as a gift or tip. If you are an online service provider, you can receive Apecoin tokens as tips from your clients. You can also give it to your friends and family as a gift for birthdays or during the Christmas period. Apecoin is still at an early stage, its value might likely rise in the future.

Apecoin Mining

You can mine Apecoin on your system when you download the Apecoin Miner software. The mining software does not work like you are mining crypto like Bitcoin, it is more of a token blockchain with an SOL contract. Apecoin miner runs on a secure database that keeps your APE token safe and secure. Mining is another means of getting Apecoins if you don’t want to buy them.

How Can You Use Apecoin?

  1. HODL as a Speculative Asset: If you are a long-term investor you can hold your Apecoin tokens for months, years, or even decades. Holding your APE tokens for the long term is one of the best ways to get the most out of your crypto asset as most cryptos increase in value over time. People invest in assets to protect their money against inflation.
  2. Trading Apecoin: Trading is another way to use your Apecoin tokens. You can trade APE CFDs on any broker or exchange of your choice for more profit. You can even exchange for other cryptos on any of the exchanges described above. Trading requires knowledge of price action and technical analysis, be sure to equip yourself with the right skills.
  3. Donate to Charity: Donating your Apecoins to charity homes and NGOs for humanitarian and environmental services is a great way to use your tokens. Many children, displaced people, and refugees will benefit from this act of kindness. Most charity organizations now accept cryptos as donations, so you don’t have to worry.
  4. To buy NFTs: As a token that was created by the Bore Ape Yacht Club, BAYC, you can use your Apecoin to buy NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens are digital arts on the metaverse and you can be proactive by getting involved in them.

What do Reddit and Quora Users Say About Buying & Investing in Apecoin?


Reddit is an online community where people from different parts of the world share ideas and give tips on a lot of topics – education, relationship, writing, forex trading, crypto, finance, and many more. There is a niche for each topic or idea on Reddit and it is called a subreddit. r/apecoins is the subreddit for Apecoin. Reddit users post different questions, personal views, or tips under the subreddit. Here are some of the questions and personal views that Reddit users asked and gave about Apecoin;

APE coin Reviews on Reddit

A Reddit user gave his own about the price prediction for the new meme coin. Apecoin. The user said he ‘aped’  and expected the price to rally up to $300 before it will crash back to $50, just like what happened to GameStop (GME) stock some months ago.

APE coin Reviews on Reddit

Another Reddit user, who is completely new to crypto, asked why Apecoin is a good coin. According to the post, the user said he had looked everywhere for the right info but he couldn’t lay his hands on any. Maybe the Reddit user needs to read this article to get better insight about Apecoin. Here is the post and what other users have to say under the comment section;

A user gave a precise and well-explained reason why Apecoin is a good buy. According to the opinion of the user, he said APE price will skyrocket hard due to the marketing structure of the creator, BAYC. The user explained further that BAYC’s NFTs are more valuable in the market and a lot of celebrities around the world are buying their NFTs. He said BAYC is like the ‘Hermes of cryptocurrency’. The metaverse world will be shaken by BAYC. The user regarded the metaverse as a potential trillion market cap untapped.

Lastly, a user said all the money in the metaverse coins and other meme coins will flow directly to Apecoin. The user regarded Apecoin as the King of the Market.


Quora is another online community where people ask random questions and random users answer the question to the best of their knowledge.

A user named Steve Jones replied to a question that says – What is your price prediction for Apecoin crypto? Here is his answer to the question;

Apecoin Reviews on Qoura

EshamusPrime gave her reply to a random question that says – Is the Apecoin crypto overhyped? Here is what she has to say;

Apecoin Reviews on Qoura

Jennifer Whelan replied concisely to a question about Apecoin which says – Is the Apecoin crypto overhyped? Here is Jennifer’s answer;

Apecoin Reviews on Qoura

Emily Clarke, a former Accountant at Nestle, replied to a question about comparing Apecoin to Bitcoin – Is Apecoin a better investment than Bitcoin? This is what Clarke said;

Bottom Line

Apecoin is a decentralized project that leads community initiatives, which helps to drive culture forward into the universe. It empowers decentralized community building at the forefront of the web3. It is known as a meme coin among crypto experts. Apecoin token is an ERC-20 that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It serves as a utility and governance token that is used in the APE ecosystem. The APE ecosystem is governed by APE DAO. People use Apecoin to access games, events, services, and merchandise on the web3. There are a total of 1B tokens in supply, which are all minted at once.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ApeCoin may or may not be a good investment, depending on the individual investor’s needs and risk tolerance. Some factors to consider include the current market conditions and the potential for future returns. Always consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Yes, anyone can buy ApeCoin. The process is simple. After creating an account, you will be able to purchase ApeCoin through platforms like the ones listed above. Be sure to check them out.

ApeCoin token is an ERC-20 token that is used in the APE ecosystem to access games, services, events, and merchandise in the metaverse. It was built on the ethereum blockchain. 

ApeCoin could have a future! It is a promising cryptocurrency that has the potential to revolutionize online payments. With its low fees, fast transactions, and innovative features, ApeCoin is well positioned to become a major player in the digital currency space. So yes, ApeCoin definitely has a future!

It’s impossible to say for certain, but there is a good chance that ApeCoin will go up in value over time. The reason for this is that ApeCoin is a unique and revolutionary new cryptocurrency that has a lot of potential.

ApeCoin is available on a number of exchanges, including the ones we’ve listed above. Be sure to check them out. 

Yes, ApeCoin is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This provides a robust and secure foundation for our coin, as well as access to all the features and benefits of the Ethereum network.

There are many reputable exchanges that offer ApeCoin in Singapore. Some of the most popular include the ones listed above. Before choosing an exchange, be sure to do your research and compare the fees, features, and Supported countries. Once you’ve found an exchange that meets your needs, sign up for an account and follow their instructions to buy ApeCoin.

ApeCoin is a cryptocurrency that is used for secure, fast and cheap transactions. It’s perfect for use in everyday transactions, such as shopping or paying bills. ApeCoin can also be used to make donations to charitable organizations.

There are 299,531,250.00 APE according to Coinmarketcap.

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