5 Best Cryptos to Buy in 2024

In the growing crypto market, investors have an endless choice of the best crypto to buy. Below in this article, we have introduced the best crypto to invest in in 2024. In addition to that, the factors that are highly significant to consider while buying cryptocurrencies are also highlighted so you do not end up risking your capital.

Author: Saman Ali   -   Last updated: 04/03/2024

Overview of the Best Crypto to Buy in 2024

Whether you’re an experienced investor or a newcomer in the crypto market, understanding the best crypto to invest in is highly significant. Innovative projects like $SPONGE V2, Bitcoin Minetrix, Meme Kombat, Launchpad XYZ ($LPX), and the revolutionary Wall Street Memes ($WSM) make up the list of best crypto to buy in 2024. The unique features as well as the future plans of the crypto projects help investors know about the project clearly. 

This guide will explain why factors such as regulations, market performance, security, community support, plans, and the expertise of development teams need to be considered when choosing the best cryptos to buy. Further to that, we will also discuss more details about each of the cryptos listed to assist investors to gain insight. 

Best Crypto to Invest in 2024

Here are some of the best crypto to invest in in 2024.

Sponge V2: $SPONGE V2 brings innovation to the crypto world with its enhanced features, secure transactions, and a commitment to sustainability.

Bitcoin Minetrix: Bitcoin Minetrix is bringing advanced mining technology with enhanced security.

Meme Kombat: Meme Kombat is a perfect blend of innovation and humor in the ever-evolving world of meme coins.

Launchpad XYZ: $LPX provides innovative tools like Launchpad Quotient and Large Language AI Model.

Wall Street Memes: The Wall Street Memes coin is one of the high-performing meme coins to invest in by investors.

Review of Best Crypto to Buy in 2024

Let us review these crypto projects in detail!

Sponge V2

Sponge V2 is a meme coin and an upgraded version of the SPONGE token. It was launched on February 5th, 2024 with its amazing features of a staking system and a game that will reward players. Early investors benefited a lot from the launch of Sponge token in May 2023. This was a tough time for cryptocurrencies. The Sponge token came in with cool meme vibes and achieved nearly $100 million in market capitalization. Now Sponge V2 has hit the market, a transition from V1 to absorb all that uncertainty in the market.

Sponge V2 was launched as a new ERC-20 token on Ethereum with the Stake-to-Earn method. The greater the holder has a stake in SPONGE V2, the greater the reward he will receive. The tokens staked in the V1 pool need to be taken out or withdrawn to be able to enjoy the V2 transition and get staked in the V2 pool. Those who are thinking of buying a $SPONGE token for the first time will be added to the V2 category. Sponge V2 is set up to offer enhanced value, with over 51% of the $SPONGEV2 token supply designated for staking and Play-to-Earn (P2E) rewards. Under the ticker SPONGEV2, the total supply is at 150,000,000,000 tokens. The distribution breakdown allocates 26.93% for bridged $SPONGE tokens, 43.09% for staking rewards, 10% for centralized exchange (CEX) liquidity, 7.5% for marketing efforts, 8% for P2E rewards, and 4.47% for game development.

Sponge V2 is introducing a unique Play-to-Earn (P2E) game to add more fun to the ecosystem. Users can earn $SPONGEV2 tokens by playing the game and achieving high rankings. They can play for fun on the free version or use $SPONGEV2 tokens to buy game credits for the paid version. These credits enable users to play and earn more $SPONGEV2 tokens. With the enhanced utility of $SPONGEV2, allowing holders to earn tokens within the game, Sponge V2 is providing extended value to the meme coin community.  

The homepage of Sponge V2

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix is set to bring revolution in bitcoin cloud mining, bringing the ultimate solutions to the challenges that are a part of traditional cloud mining. The BTCMTX token provides access to bitcoin cloud mining. Users can purchase and stake BTCMTX tokens to earn cloud mining credits. In this way, they can ensure a decentralized and secure mining experience.

Bitcoin Minetrix has a goal to raise $15 million in its presale, out of which $10.2M have already been raised in its current presale stage. The total supply of 4 billion tokens is distributed among community rewards, staking, mining operations, and marketing. The decentralized stake-to-mine system will benefit the miners by providing a secure pathway. Frauds are very common in the cloud mining market. On staking this token, the users receive mining credits to burn. Once the mining time ends, the mined BTC transfers to the trading account of the user.

According to its Roadmap, the project is currently in its initial phase of Presale and Token Distribution. Once it is completed, it will move on towards the Development Phase, Launch Phase and then finally towards Mass Adoption Phase. To buy Bitcoin Minetrix, the users have to just connect their wallet and can use ETH, BNB, USDT, or a bank card for the transaction. The current Presale price of BTCMTX is $0.0132.

The homepage of Bitcoin Minetrix.

Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat is another great cryptocurrency that provides a great experience to gamers. The $MK has a total supply of 120 million tokens. The blockchain has made automated battle games with meme characters and upon playing and staking, the users are rewarded with $MK tokens. The presale of this token is ongoing with its current price at $0.279. Out of $10M cap of presale, the project has successfully raised more than $8M right now. The users are restricted to trading $MK on decentralized exchanges till the moment the presale ends. Then when the presale ends and the tokens are on decentralized exchange, the ability to withdraw and trade $MK tokens will be linked to the number of tokens staked.

According to their official website, around 80% of total MK tokens have already been staked with 115% APY. The best thing about this presale is that MK token holders are earning APY on the bought coins. The token distribution is as follows: 50% to Presale, 30% to Staking & Battle Rewards, 10% to DEXs, and 10% to Community Rewards.

The expected platform launch is planned for Q1 2024 with immediate launch of Season 1 for gameplay. The Season 2 is planned for Q2 2024, which is expected to bring enhanced features and experiences for users.

Interested users can buy MK tokens in USDT or ETH by connecting their crypto wallets or using Binance Smart Chain.

The homepage of Meme Kombat.

Launchpad XYZ

Launchpad XYZ is a Web3 project. This project is bringing innovative technology and that is why it succeeded in gaining $2.79 million in its $LPX presale. This crypto will be available to claim from 1st February. The key features of this platform includes giving training to individuals for becoming successful traders. Furthermore, it offers all Web3 users an increased experience level to maximize their profit potential. They do so by offering strong trading signals via Launchpad Quotient (LPQ), a new algorithm introduced by Launchpad XYZ. The algorithm has data points of over 400 signals. It has also launched an AI model named Large Language AI Model (LLM). This model uses the market data to help traders execute successful trades.

The investors or traders interested in this LPX token can buy it on MetaMask and Trust Wallet App. They can also be bought with USDT, ETH, or BNB using crypto wallets. Furthermore, LPX tokens are also available to be purchased in USD via Card. The payment in USD is made through credit card but the bought LPX tokens are transferred to the crypto wallet address provided during the buying process.

The homepage of Launchpad XYZ.

Wall Street Memes

The Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is one of the best cryptos to buy in 2024. It has revolutionized meme coins with its unique features. One of the exciting features of this crypto is that it is built on Ethereum, which strengthens its security as well as adaptability. In addition, it has introduced an automatic burn feature. This feature is great in reducing the supply of the token, which will help in its scarcity and result in a boom in its price. $WSM can be bought, burned, and staked as well. The coin is linked to a group on Reddit called Wall Street Bets, known for shaking things up in the financial world. This community of 14 million users boosted the WSM adoption. Just as in other crypto projects, the people who started it and those who got in early with a lot of tokens could make a great profit if the value of the crypto goes up. You can buy $WSM by connecting your wallet to their official website. A good share of the transaction fees also contributed to providing excess liquidity for traders to trade Wall Street Memes coins.

The homepage of Wall Street Memes.

How We Decided on The Best Crypto to Buy

Before choosing the best cryptos to buy, the following factors are to be considered and accounted for by all investors to make wise decisions.


The crypto market regulations are important when thinking about buying the best crypto. This is because the crypto market is highly volatile. Investors are likely to be manipulated when they select an unregulated crypto. They might end up buying the crypto from brokers that are not regulated by the right authorities and lose their money to fraudulent attacks. In the US, the regulatory body that regulates the whole crypto market is mainly the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Different countries have been busy in introducing their own regulatory bodies such as CySEC, a regulatory body in Cyprus. These regulatory bodies have been focusing on enhancing the security of the market and protecting traders from illicit activities. 

Market Performance

Investors need to consider the past performance of the crypto market; how the trends were changing and strategies to cope with certain market conditions. The overall in-depth study of the crypto market helps investors understand how the market reacted to certain conditions and how experienced traders were able to handle volatility. Before an investor considers the best cryptos to buy, he should clearly analyze their performance by going through the price history over different time periods. They should avoid extreme high and low trends by coins. In addition, they can look for the supply metrics of the best coins. As many cryptocurrencies have limited supply, the investor can get an idea on scarcity of the coin through its circulating supply.


The crypto market is not fully regulated and is less secure as compared to other markets. There are fluctuations in the regulations in different regions of the world when it comes to this particular market. Instability and uncertainty prevail more in the crypto market making it less secure as well as highly risky for investors with no prior knowledge. The market itself is new and the hundreds of new cryptocurrencies introduced now and then confuse investors with their legality and security. It is significant for an investor to make sure he chooses a secure crypto to buy in all aspects to refrain from possible losses.

Community and Adoption

A cryptocurrency with a strong and active community helps in its promotion to a large extent. Usually, the highly valued and trusted cryptocurrency gains more attention by people. More and more people adopt cryptocurrency that promotes user engagement, rewards them with bonuses, and comes up with schemes that are community-driven. Investors look for great community-driven ecosystems. The strong community helps others understand the basics of the crypto, by creating more awareness on the crypto features and use cases. More people get attracted to it, increasing the crypto adoption.

Future Plans and Roadmap

The success of a cryptocurrency depends a lot on its future developments and roadmap. A clear and well-developed roadmap is the key to planning and executing the developments within an ecosystem. The plans of a project talk about the goal behind it and what it plans to solve in the ecosystem. This is highly important for investors to evaluate the sustainability of a crypto project before choosing the best crypto to invest in.


Investors need to assess the utility of a cryptocurrency. The demand for a cryptocurrency is linked to its utility. Cryptocurrency that solves a problem or has use cases is widely adopted by investors. Most of the cryptocurrencies have been enabling users to build decentralized apps (DApps) that attract the investors looking for the best crypto to buy. The advanced features and specifications add up to the utility of a cryptocurrency.

Development Team

An experienced and highly skilled development team takes a cryptocurrency project to higher levels. The developers ensure the security and quality of the coding of the project. The team’s dedication to the project anticipates the likelihood of great adoption by the community. The challenges are better catered by skilled developers. The more reliable and skilled a development team of a crypto is, the more the crypto is classified as one of the best without any doubt. This is because of the fact that developers play their role in helping the crypto achieve new heights by actively developing plans for new features and initiatives within  the project.


Investors who are ready to step into the crypto market need to be very vigilant when finding the best crypto to buy. They should have a good understanding of researching different coins to diversify their portfolio. The coins are unlimited but not every coin is for everyone. There are endless factors to be considered when selecting a crypto. From market performance to the regulations surrounding the crypto world, doing in-depth research of every factor helps investors make better decisions. Some of the best cryptos to buy in 2024 include Sponge V2, Bitcoin Minetrix, and Launchpad XYZ etc.

Best Crypto to Buy FAQs

The best crypto to buy right now are Sponge V2, Bitcoin Minetrix, Meme Kombat, Launchpad XYZ, and Wall Street Memes.

The best time to buy crypto is the time an investor finds out after market research. It is different for every investor depending on their trading goals and strategies.

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), Sponge V2 (SPONGEV2), and Meme Kombat (MK) are some of the best cheap cryptos to buy at the moment.

The best way to buy crypto is through a regulated broker.

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