Best 5 Crypto Presales Projects to Invest in 2024 – What Crypto Presales to Buy Now?

A cryptocurrency presale is an event where a crypto startup offers some of its tokens for sale while under development. The aim is to raise funds to continue developing the token and power operations preceding the coin launch. Read further as we discuss the best crypto presale tokens 2024 offers and how to choose the right presale coin to invest in.

Author: Eric Gift   -   Last updated: 09/02/2024

Overview of the Best Crypto Presales in 2024

Crypto projects and the development of tokens are often cash-intensive affairs. If a crypto startup finds that it needs some cash infusion to continue development, it may hold a coin presale, offering some of its in-dev tokens for sale, often to a select group of investors. The company gets cash to go on developing the token, and the investors get the early-bird advantage of having the token before it is even out on initial coin offering (ICO.)

Speaking of ICOs, they are not technically the same as presales. Crypto presales happen while the coin is in development, while ICOs often occur after the token is completed. Additionally, presale investors typically have to buy the coins directly from the project developers; with ICOs, the developers sell the coins to the general public via a crowdfunding campaign. Still, some crypto experts consider presales to be a type of initial coin offering, although not for the general public.

Let’s now dive into our overview of the best crypto presale tokens in 2024. We’ll briefly introduce the tokens, do a more in-depth review, and discuss criteria for vetting ongoing or upcoming crypto presale projects. We’ll then conclude with some FAQs.

Best Presale Crypto Tokens

Here is our top presale crypto list for 2024.

Sponge V2: $SPONGEV2 is a play-to-earn crypto token that has entered its presale phase. The coin project builds on the success of the preceding $SPONGEV1, which launched in 2023 after a short but sold-out presale. V2 features distinct tokenomics and is slated to launch early in 2024.

Bitcoin Minetrix: Bitcoin Minetrix is the first stake-to-mine crypto token. Investors can stake the token itself (BTCMTX) on Ethereum and earn BTC in return. Bitcoin Minetrix has been on presale since September 2023, and many analysts project it may slowly outcompete Ethereum after launch.

Meme Kombat: Meme Kombat ($MK) is the token of a robust and innovative ecosystem built for gamers and powered by gaming, gambling, and DeFi. The project released 50% of its tokens on its ongoing presale and has since raised nearly $7 million.

Launchpad XYZ: The Launchpad XYZ project is the handiwork of a successful team of web3 developers focused on building products to make the new paradigm more accessible and profitable. It’s an all-encompassing analytics platform whose crypto token (LPX) has been on presale since November 2023, with up to 24% of its supply available for purchase. 

eTukTuk: E-TukTuk is the greenest project on our presale crypto list. The project merges green energy and blockchain technology to pursue its goals of reducing carbon emissions, promoting economic development in third-world countries, and improving public health. A public sale will follow its coin presale, accounting for about 5% of its token supply. 

Best 5 Crypto Presales Review

In this section, let us elaborate on each project of our token presale 2024 list and its features.

Sponge V2

Building on the previous version and its success, the $SPONGEV2 meme project integrates a few new features that investors within the ecosystem are excited about. One of these is the new play-to-earn functionality, allowing investors to enjoy immersive gaming while earning tokens. An important detail about this feature is that the game in question – Sponge P2E Racer – is still in the works.

Another added feature is the bridging mechanism, which allows holders of the old V1 token to secure their share in the new version by staking those tokens in the V2 pool. Since staking V1 tokens is the only way to earn the new presale crypto tokens, investors who have none of the old ones must purchase some from the ecosystem or any supported exchanges.

Presale Started18/12/2023
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, Card
Total Tokens150B
Tokens available in presale18M
Token TypeERC-20
Min PurchaseNone

An interface of Sponge V2 token website.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix is a token inspired by a need for hassle-free BTC mining, which the project creators’ aim will be the case for 10 years after launch. As of January 2024, the presale crypto token is still available at $0.0129 and has raised up to $8.6 million thus far. It’s the best crypto presale for investors interested in mining a legacy coin.

The project takes the approach of tokenizing cloud mining to make the process more secure and transparent. Mining is on a stake-to-mine basis; with an Ethereum-compatible wallet, investors can purchase and stake BTCMTX for non-tradable Ethereum token credits, which they can then burn in exchange for cloud mining power. 

Presale Started25/09/2023
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, Card
Total Tokens4B
Tokens available in presale3.1B
Token TypeERC-20
Min Purchase$10

The homepage of Bitcoin Minetrix website.

Meme Kombat

Like SpongeV2, Meme Kombat ($MK) is a play-to-earn meme coin. Investors within the ecosystem can wager on battles focused on epic gameplay. There are different battle modes to wager on, ranging from player-vs-CPU to epic player-vs-player ones, all of which provide fair and realistic wagering outcomes by relying on conventional betting mechanics. 

Meme Kombat also has a staking mechanism, which provides up to 477% annual percentage yield – a rather generous figure, given that, by comparison, Ethereum provides an API of just 4%. 50% of the available $MK are presale crypto tokens. Of the remainder, staking rewards account for 30%, while 10% goes into community rewards, and exchange liquidity takes up the rest. 

Presale Started21/09/2023
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT
Total Tokens120M
Tokens available in presale60M
Token TypeERC-20
Min Purchase$5

An interface of Meme Kombat site.

Launchpad XYZ

Launchpad XYZ (LPX) opened its presale phase in April 2023 and has since raised $2.5 million. Up to 24% of the coin supply is available at 0.0445 USDT per coin on this presale, which will end on Jan 31st, 2024. 

Unlike the other 2024 token presale projects we discussed, LPX is on the Binance blockchain. Its ecosystem offers access to various basic and advanced analytics on crypto markets and insights to succeed in the web3 landscape. Additionally, it features a customized wallet, fractionalized assets, an NFT marketplace, and a gaming hub. Moreover, investors get increasing benefits for different levels of investment in the coin presale. For instance, on the minimum side, the $50 basic-level investment affords investors an LPX token allocation, weekly market summary emails, and basic Telegram access. On the maximum side, the $25,000 NFT pass-level investment suits professional traders. Investors at this level gain access to the benefits mentioned (Telegram access is VIP) and others like 5 minimum LPQ validated trades weekly, special investor updates, unlimited access at launch, and exclusive ALPHA-only insight.

Presale Started25/04/2023
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT, Card
Total Tokens1M
Tokens available in presale250K
Token TypeBEP-20
Min Purchase100 LPX

Launchpad XYZ site interface.


Built on the Binance blockchain, eTukTuk is an AI-powered project and one of the best crypto presale tokens where sustainable energy use cases are concerned. The core mission of the ecosystem is building electronic three-wheeler vehicles and blockchain-powered charging infrastructure for developing countries. 

To participate in the ecosystem, investors need a Web3-compatible wallet to store the tokens ($    TUK) they purchase. They can then start earning interest by staking $TUK. However, for the time being, the staking is limited to the BNB Smart Chain, from which investors are advised to purchase their tokens if they wish to stake. Alternatively, they can buy the presale crypto tokens and claim them once the presale closes.

Presale Started13/10/2023
Purchase Methods  ETH, USDT
Total Tokens2B
Tokens available in presale210M
Token TypeBEP-20
Min PurchaseNone

An interface of eTukTuk website.

Selecting the Best Crypto Presales

Having seen some of the best crypto presale tokens for 2024, let’s explore the criteria for weighing presale crypto tokens to invest in. Whether you’re trying to select from our list or research other existing or upcoming crypto presale tokens you may like, these factors will help you operate smartly. 

Project’s Roadmap

Every credible crypto project has a roadmap, a visual or graphical rendering of its objectives, deliverables, and timeline. On such a roadmap, you will find a concise presentation of all the steps the project will take to reach its goals, milestones it must reach along the way, critical deadlines, and resource allocation formulae. If you want to assess a crypto presale token for credibility, you must first check that its roadmap is in order, as this will be crucial when planning your moves or tracking your investment. 

Innovative Approach

The ecosystems of cryptocurrencies are often built around solving existing issues. For example, the eTukTuk project involves leveraging blockchain technology to provide sustainable green energy transport solutions. However, if investors have no confidence in the project, it might not see sufficient cash infusion to take off. A project has to approach its aims in a novel and innovative way that inspires investors’ confidence in its future to catch the needed attention. So, if you want to invest in only the best crypto presale tokens in 2024, you need to check out the whitepapers and pay attention to how the projects approach the issues they propose to solve. 

Technological Advancement

The blockchain and cryptocurrency world has seen many advancements as newer and more refined technological solutions emerge. New and old crypto token projects must continue pushing the frontiers and developing novel web3 technologies to solve today’s new problems and future issues to stay ahead of the curve. Our presale crypto list consists of token projects pushing the frontiers of web3 technology and its application to real-world problems.

Social Media Trends

When cryptocurrency meets social media, the result is either a powerful synergy that propels the project forward or a case in point on what sort of projects to avoid. The social media trends surrounding a coin presale are, therefore, potent indicators of whether to invest or not. 

Social media websites are ideal for creating awareness around a coin, galvanizing user bases, engaging with the community, and disseminating information about the project and token. For instance, Meme Kombat announced the start of its presale in a September 21st Tweet. The response was informative for anyone trying to determine how much confidence there is in the coin. If you are considering investing in any coin presale token,  it’s always useful to check if it’s being talked about on social media, by whom, and why. 

Strong Community Support

Crypto projects face many ups and downs as they progress along their roadmap. Some projects don’t make it through, while others do. A factor that’s generally very pertinent here is a strong community. With developers, users, enthusiasts, and investors actively participating in the ecosystem, innovative and novel ideas are exchanged, newer technologies become achievable, and the project progresses merrily along its roadmap in a highly competitive market.


Presale events are an excellent way for startup crypto projects to raise much-needed cash while investors gain early and cheaper access to the token before launch. If you’re looking for the best crypto presale to invest-in in 2024, then you’ll find our presale crypto list very helpful. All these top 5 projects are on the cutting edge of crypto use cases in the various areas to which they apply themselves.

We have also discussed criteria for vetting presale tokens and determining their worthwhileness. To get the best crypto investments in 2024, you need to pay attention to metrics like the strength of community support, roadmap cogency, and innovativeness of technology and approach. 

Best Crypto Presales FAQs

In a token presale, the token developers release a specified number of tokens to a select group of investors for a defined duration before launch. 

You can purchase presale crypto tokens on reliable centralized exchanges. It’s also possible to buy from the token’s presale website. 

Crypto presale is a kind of initial coin offering where some coins are made available to investors to raise funds for continued development. 

In crypto presales, a select group of investors buy the tokens while they are still under development; ICOs are public sales where investors can buy the tokens via a crowdfunding campaign.

The minimum depends on the crypto project. For example, consider some of our picks for the best crypto presale in 2024.  SpongeV2 has no minimum presale amount; for Bitcoin Minetrix, it’s $10.

You can find presale crypto on centralized exchanges or the presale website for the token you’re trying to buy.

Crypto presales are technically not ICOs.

Crypto presales are legal, although a given presale may be illegal for a coin project that does not follow regulatory compliance laws or operates in the wrong jurisdiction.

The best crypto presale tokens to invest in 2024 are SpongeV2, Bitcoin Minetrix, Launchpad XYZ, Meme Kombat, and eTukTuk.

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