Best Crypto ICOs to Invest in 2024: Best Crypto ICOs to Buy

Crypto ICOs allow interested participants to fund a crypto project and potentially earn rewards if it becomes successful. Finding the best crypto ICO is possible with an adequate amount of information, and this article lists promising ICO projects you can consider. Here, we review 5 ongoing token pre-sales and provide you with their total supply, ICO end dates, and other vital details.

Author: Adesuwa Ebuehi   -   Last updated: 16/02/2024

Overview of the Best Crypto ICOs

Crypto initial coin offerings (ICOs) are used by companies to raise funds ahead of a project. These companies provide potential investors their bespoke digital token in exchange for an already existing cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum or fiat currency. Depending on the company’s specific goals, they may offer a fixed supply of tokens, a fixed price on each token, or both. ICOs are similar to stock market initial public offerings (IPOs). However, they carry more risk as they are largely unregulated. Most crypto presales projects offer utility tokens that have use cases in a service that is being provided by the creator of the digital coins. For example, crypto online gambling sites may create a unique token that registered customers can use to play slots and other games. Furthermore, although some ICOs also list security tokens that are tied to a real-world asset, these types are usually strictly regulated by the government. 

This article is a deep dive into the topic of ICOs. We examine the best crypto ICO in 2024 and outline what to look at to identify the most promising crypto projects to invest in. We also answer some of the most frequently asked questions on this subject. 

Best Upcoming Crypto ICOs 2024

In this section of the article, we discuss some of the best upcoming crypto ICOs in 2024 and provide you with all the critical information you need about these projects. We also explain how you can get involved and participate in any of the ongoing pre-sales. 

Sponge V2: SpongeV2 is a meme coin that exists as a follow-up to the earlier version, $SPONGE, which gained some popularity circa May 2023. This token is one of the active crypto ICOs, as its validity period runs from December 18, 2023, to March 18, 2024. It runs on a stake-to-build setup, meaning that investors can only receive this coin by purchasing and staking Sponge V1. Potential investors can buy and stake Sponge V1 with ETH, USDT, or using their cards. 

Bitcoin Minetrix: Bitcoin Minetrix is a cloud mining platform that offers decentralized access to cryptocurrency via its unique token, BTCMTX, which investors can stake to earn credits that can then be used to mine BTC. BTCMTX is a utility token that can be purchased with Ethereum, MATIC, BNB, USDT, or cards. The pre-sale of this token started in September 2023 and will continue in phases or until the digital coin is sold out. 

Meme Kombat: Meme Kombat is a play-to-earn (P2E) crypto gaming service that allows players to bet on meme battles and earn extra tokens and a range of prizes. Meme Kombat offers its token, $MK, to customers who wish to stake and potentially earn a passive yield after a while. Investors can also use their tokens to wager on the outcome of player vs. player and player vs. computer matches. However, like any other crypto investment, it is important to note that this is not guaranteed. Meme Kombat is currently offering 50% of its tokens on pre-sale, which began in September 2023 and will continue in phases until the company reaches its hard cap of $10 million. To participate in the $MK ICO, you can purchase the tokens with USDT or ETH. 

LaunchPad XYZ: Launchpad XYZ is a company that reduces the barrier to entry and makes it easier for web3 enthusiasts to identify new cryptocurrency to buy and other promising opportunities within this space. They offer insights and analytics and help users navigate the highly complex NFT and crypto gaming arenas. Their token, $LPX, is available on pre-sale and can be staked to receive benefits such as community prestige badges, discounts on trading fees, and access to NFT mint wishlists. This pre-sale is limited to 25% of the token and ends on 24 January 2024. You can purchase $LPX with ETH, USDT, or cards.

eTukTuk: eTukTuk promises the future of sustainable transport in developing countries with electrically-powered three-wheelers (Tuk Tuks) that have zero carbon emissions along with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Their BEP-20 standard utility token, $TUK, is built on the Binance Smart Chain and can be staked to earn rewards. $TUK is designed to be used at charging stations and owners of this digital currency can earn as drivers charge their vehicles. Interested parties can participate in the pre-sale phase of this coin and buy as many tokens as they wish with USDT, BNB, or cards. 

Best Crypto ICO Reviews

Here, we provide a summary of the most talked about active crypto ICOs. These ICOs span various sectors, including transportation, gaming, trading and investment, and cryptocurrency mining. As part of our evaluation of these offers, we outline their total supply, end dates, and choice of blockchain. 

Sponge V2

SpongeV2 ICO allows investors to buy and stake their $SPONGE tokens and receive $SPONGEV2 tokens. There are 150 billion of these ERC-20-type tokens available, with 43.09% reserved for staking rewards and 26.93% for bridging. The ICO is currently ongoing and is expected to conclude on 18 March 2024. 

Total Supply150,000,000,000
Ends on 18 March 2024
Blockchain Ethereum

An interface of Sponge V2 website.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, $BTCMTX is the unique token offered by Bitcoin Minetrix in its ongoing ICO. $BTCMTX is an ERC-20-type token, and there are 4 billion units of this digital currency in supply. 42.5% of its total supply will be used for Bitcoin mining operations and 30% for marketing. This ICO’s end date has not yet been announced. However, sales are expected to end when the company has sold out its tokens. 

Total Supply4,000,000,000
Ends on TBA (Sales may end when all tokens are sold out)
Blockchain Ethereum

An interface of Bitcoin Minetrix website.

Meme Kombat 

Meme Kombat’s standard type ERC-20 token, $MK, is available for presale. 50% of the total supply of 120 million tokens has been reserved for pre-sale and 30% for staking. The ICO is still in progress; no end date has been officially announced. However, sales will end when Meme Kombat achieves its goal of a $10 million hard cap. 

Total Supply120,000,000
Ends on TBA 
Blockchain Ethereum
Token $MK

An interface of Meme Kombat website.

Launchpad XYZ

Launchpad XYZ offers investors 250 million units (25% of its total supply) of its $LPX token on pre-sale. The ICO, which is scheduled to end on 24 January 2024, will enable interested individuals to purchase and stake this token for a variety of rewards.

Total Supply1,025,000,000
Ends on 24 January 2024
Blockchain Ethereum
Token $LPX

An interface of Launchpad XYZ website.


eTukTuk’s ICO is targeted at raising $609,201 USDT via its $TUK token. $TUK is a BEP-20 standard-type coin, and the total supply is 2 billion, with 6% of this reserved for the ongoing pre-sale. The end date for the ICO is yet to be announced. 

Total Supply2,000,000,000
Ends on TBA 
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
Token $TUK

eTukTuk online page.

How We Chose The Best Crypto ICOs

There are many factors we consider when evaluating promising ICO projects, including each company’s whitepaper, liquidity, and social media reviews. In this section, we elaborate on each of these criteria. 

Reviewing the Project’s Roadmap and Whitepaper

Whitepapers provide a comprehensive outlook into any crypto project. They cover the overall purpose of the product or service and explain how it works in great detail. For products that have a unique token, whitepapers explain their tokenomics and provide any important statistics that can help potential investors make a well-informed decision. For each project listed, we examined their whitepapers and roadmaps to determine if the company has a clearly defined timeline of activities and a corporate vision. We also used these documents to evaluate the strength of their teams and overall structure. 

Looking at the Liquidity

Liquidity is a significant determinant of success for all top cryptos in the market and one of our criteria for selecting the best active ICOs for 2024. We selected projects that have a sizeable amount of their total token supply dedicated to enhancing liquidity. This is important because liquidity allocation can affect stability and influence the mass adoption of a digital currency or token.

Using Social Media

Social media sites and online forums are excellent places to discover the most recent happenings in the crypto space. By paying attention to investors and other stakeholders in the web3 ecosystem, we were able to identify the most exciting ICOs that are gathering a lot of attention. Also, these platforms provide unbiased reviews of companies launching their ICOs, which could help to filter out fraudulent offerings. 

Checking ICO Calendar

ICO calendars provide details on ongoing and upcoming pre-sales in the web3 industry. They also offer information on available tokens, including supply, blockchain, and any prospective target funding. In addition to the criteria listed above, we cross-checked with ICO calendars to determine ICOs that are currently active.

Getting Involved in Web3

By getting involved in web3 and learning the fundamental principles of this decentralized ecosystem, you can learn the critical indices to choose an excellent crypto project. Our selection of ongoing ICOs is based on a knowledge of the current developments in this industry. 


In this article, we covered the features of the best crypto ICO in 2024. We also reviewed five of the most promising ICO projects being talked about in the web3 space, including Sponge V2, Bitcoin Minetrix, Meme Kombat, Launchpad XYZ, and eTukTuk. However, it’s important to emphasize that proper research is required before participating in a crypto ICO as they are largely unregulated and do not offer 100% guaranteed return on investments. 

Best Crypto ICOs FAQs

Crypto ICOs are funding initiatives where investors purchase tokens ahead of a project’s proposed launch in exchange for potential profits and other benefits, depending on the project’s success. 

You can discover ongoing crypto ICOs on web3 forums on social media platforms or by searching for an ICO calendar offered by a reputable company. 

ICOs can be an excellent investment. However, they are considered risky, and there are no guarantees of profit. 

Although there are several differences between crowdfunding and ICOs, the primary difference is the nature of the reward offered to investors. While ICOs offer rewards via tokens, crowdfunding usually offers different incentives. 

The timeframe for cryptocurrencies to go on an exchange after their ICO varies. It could range from a few weeks to months, depending on the specific project. 

Publicly listed companies that have ICOs can have their share prices affected by the performance of their coin offering. Failure to complete a successful ICO could negatively impact share prices and vice versa. 

You can start buying crypto as soon as your tokens are listed on an exchange. 

A whitelist provides the eligibility criteria for investors in an ICO. Individuals who are whitelisted by a company will be able to participate during its token pre-sale. 

While ICOs generally offer an opportunity to raise funds via utility tokens, STOs involve security tokens and give investors percentage ownership of an asset. In an IEO, the company does not sell tokens to investors directly but via an exchange platform. 

Each crypto project outlines its process for ICO on its website. You can visit these pages directly and follow the instructions on how to participate. 

There are several exchanges that support ICOs, including Binance Launchpad, ICObench, Coinlist, and Coinlaunch. 

Yes, a US citizen can buy crypto ICO, provided he/she is investing in a utility token. For security tokens, they must confirm if the project is in compliance with SEC regulations. 

You can buy ICO crypto via platforms like Binance Launchpad and Coinlist. 

Several cryptocurrency exchanges provide updates on upcoming ICO projects that you can get involved in. 

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