Exchange Review 2024: Fees, Platform, App, Safety & More

This Review will look at desktop and mobile trading platforms – and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use them. We cover how to open an account at, highlight its safety & security features, vet its regulation claims, and look at its fees and other charges.

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Summary is an online cryptocurrency exchange that offers multiple digital solutions under one roof. With a vision to provide financial freedom to the world, the company introduces alternative payment channels to the traditional financial system. In collaboration with renowned payment network i-e VISA, the exchange enables customers to enjoy the same perks offered through conventional banking systems. also hosts cash rebates and bonus programs in addition to interest payments of up to 12% on your cryptocurrency deposits. Other features of the crypto exchange include Crypto Pay, Crypto App, Crypto Earn, Syndicate, and Defi, etc.

In this review, we review in detail. We’ll cover currencies, fees, how to open an account with the exchange, verification, customer support, and online reviews. Main Features

🪙 Number of Coins25+
🔧 Margin TradingNo
🔧 CFD TradingNo
💰 Minimum Deposit1 $£€
💰 Zero Deposit FeesYES
💰 Zero Withdrawal FeesYES Pros & Cons

Besides some promising features, also has some cons. Given below is a list of main pros and cons of the company. To help you understand them better, we will also explain each bullet point briefly.

Advantages of

  • Offers quick signing up procedures following easy verification requirements
  • It accepts fiat deposits
  • Available across Europe, United Kingdom, Singapore, and the US
  • Hosts cashback and discount offers
  • Free Issuance of VISA card

Disadvantages of

  • No physical presence in US and UK
  • Relatively new in the market
  • KYC requirement might compromise anonymity
  • No live customer support


Quick Sign Up – Unlike exchanges with lengthy signing-up procedures and strict verification formalities, the crypto exchange makes the registration process quite convenient. Traders can get started within minutes after minimal verification requirements.

Fiat Currencies Acceptance – supports more than ten fiat currencies allowing customers more flexibility to pay in their local currencies. Indeed, that’s one of the key features why traders find to be easy going.

Availability – The exchanges accept clients from nearly 80 countries around the world, including some significant economic hubs such as the United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, and the United States.

Incentives & Rewards -Traders can enjoy cash rebates of up to 10% on purchases made on the exchange through the web. On the other hand, discounts are also available for staking CROs (the native token of the exchange).

Free VISA Card – The Company doesn’t charge any fee for the issuance of the VISA card. Delivery of Visa cards to customers is also free.


Offices – Unlike other renowned exchanges like the Binance crypto trading platform, Kraken, the Coinbase crypto exchange, etc. seems to have a limited physical existence. At present, the company operates through its sole office located in Hong Kong.

New Entrance – is amongst the exchanges that are new to the industry. It’s only been 04 years since it entered the market.

KYC Compromises Confidentiality – While is highly secure and needs its customers to complete the KYC procedures, some traders might find it a threat to their confidentiality.

No Web Support – In addition to hosting a well-structured FAQs section, the company could have offered live customer support. Also, traders can’t reach the company over the telephone. The only way to contact the company is via the email addressed share under the company’s contact us page Regulation & Supported Countries

Registrations is not a regulated exchange. However, it is one of the first exchanges to have ISO27001:2013, PCI: DSS 3.2.1, Level 1 compliance. The company is also working towards securing regulation across different regions of the world. With its cold storage options and Hot Wallets protected through multi-signature key generation technologies, the exchange is well-secured for investment purposes.

Offices does not have physical offices anywhere in the world except for Hong Kong. One of the reasons could be the time needed to expand its operations worldwide. Despite operating through a remote location, the country offers its services to more than 80 countries around the world. Supported Countries: accepts clients from most of the world except certain jurisdictions. However, according to the information available on the company’s website, is expanding its services across the globe. At present, the company offers sign-up to the countries listed below. Supported Countries
CroatiaCosta RicaColombia
Dominican RepublicDenmarkGuatemala
HungaryHong KongHonduras
NorwayNigeriaNew Zealand
Saint Kitts and NevisRussian FederationRomania Supported Countries
Czech RepublicCyprusUnited Kingdom
ChileCayman IslandsUnited Arab Emirates
El SalvadorEgyptSouth Africa
GreeceGibraltarVirgin Islands, British
FijiItalyVirgin Islands
SerbiaSaudi ArabiaSouth Korea
TurkeyThailand Supported Coins & Crosses supports nearly 70 cryptocurrencies that you can buy, sell, and store on the exchange. The list is expanding as well. Given below are the supported coins and crosses at for your information. Supported Coins

Algorand – (ALGO)Ark – (ARK)
Ardor  – (ARDR)Band Protocol – (BAND)
Basic Attention Token  – (BAT)Bitcoin – (BTC)
Binance Coin –  (BNB)Cardano – (ADA)
Bitcoin Cash – (BCH)Compound – (COMP)
Celer Network –  (CELR)Chromia – (CHR)
ChainLink – (LINK)Contentos – (COS)
Chiliz – (CHZ) Coin – (CRO)
Cosmos – (ATOM)Dash – (DASH)
Dai – (DAI)ELF – (ELF)
Decentraland – (MANA)Elrond – (ERD)
EOS  – (EOS)Ethereum – (ETH)
Enjin Coin – (ENJ)Fetch.AI – (FET)
Ethereum Classic – (ETC)Golem – (GNT)
Gas – (GAS)Holo – (HOT)
Harmony – (ONE)Komodo – (KMD)
Icon – (ICX)Lisk – (LSK)
KyberNetwork – (KNC)MCO – (MCO)
Litecoin – (LTC)Matic Network – (MATIC)
Maker – (MKR)Nano – (NANO)
NEO – (NEO)Ontology – (ONT)
OmiseGO – (OMG)Origin Protocol – (OGN)
Ontology Gas – (ONG)Paxos Standard – (PAX)
PAX Gold – (PAXG)Ravencoin – (RVN)
Qtum – (QTUM)Stellar – (XLM)
Ripple – (XRP)THETA – (THETA)
Stratis – (STRAT)Tezos – (XTZ)
Tether – (USDT)TrueAUD – (TAUD)
TomoChain – (TOMO)TrueGBP – (TGBP)
TrueCAD – (TCAD)USD Coin – (USDC)
TrueUSD – (TUSD)VeChain – (VET)
USDM – (USDM)Waves – (WAVES)
Waltonchain – (WTC)Zilliqa – (ZIL)
XSGD – (XSGD)Ark – (ARK)
0x – (ZRX)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)

BTC Markets

USDT Markets


CRO Markets


Like other crypto exchanges, also offers a fee model based on makers and takers’ activity. The crypto exchange does not charge any fee for order placement unless their execution occurs.

Limit orders will have a maker fee if, remain unmatched with the order of sellers and buyers on the order book. These limit orders will then be added to the order book, increasing the liquidity of the platform. Conversely, a market order will have a taker fee after the order is fulfilled immediately after being placed.

Past 30-Day Trading Volume

Like most of the exchanges, employs almost a similar pricing mechanism. The trading fee depends upon the volume you have traded over the past 30 days. The crypto exchange applies a cut-off time of 23:59:59 UTC each day.

Fee Schedule

The exchange performs a calculation on your trading volume across all mediums, including USD, CRO staking, and CRO fee payments at 00:50:00 daily.

The traded volume for the past 30 days is then revised at 00:50:00 the following day and changes are made within one hour. Any trades after the cut-off time will add up to the trading volume of the next day. Your total traded volume in a month defines your standing concerning the tiers classifications of This is how you end up being liable for a maker or taker fee. Please be informed that any CRO rebates on trading fees and any interest earned on staking CRO will reflect in your account within one hour of the cutoff timing each day.

Fee Payment & Discounts

Traders can pay their trading fee with CRO. To pay trading fees, you can opt in the automated deduction mode from your account settings panel. You may also become eligible to receive some discounts on your trading fees depending upon the level of your CRO staking.

It is worth mentioning here that charges a trading fee on each of your transactions until the completion of your order.

If you trade CRO, the applicable fee will also depend upon the respective tier level. As mentioned above, CRO staking does have some discount offer associated with it. However, the minimum CRO staking amount starts from 5000 CRO.

Fee schedules at follow tier classifications that we list below in a tabular format.

Applicable fee on staking ≥ 5000 CRO


10% OFF100% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.090%-0.005%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.081%0.000%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.072%0.000%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.063%0.000%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.054%0.000%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.036%0.000%

Applicable fee on Staking ≥ 10000 CRO


20% OFF100% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.080%-0.010%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.072%0.000%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.064%0.000%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.056%0.000%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.048%0.000%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.032%0.000%

Applicable fee on Staking ≥ 50000 CRO


40% OFF100% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.060%-0.020%
VIP2$250001 – 10000000.09%0.15%0.054%0.000%
VIP3$1000001 100000000.08%0.14%0.048%0.000%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.042%0.000%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.036%0.000%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.024%0.000%

Applicable fee on Staking ≥ 100000 CRO


60% OFF100% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.040%-0.040%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.036%0.000%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.032%0.000%
VIP4$10000001 – 300000000.07%0.13%0.028%0.000%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.016%0.000%

Applicable fee on Staking ≥ 100000 CRO


60% OFF100% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.040%-0.040%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.036%0.000%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.032%0.000%
VIP4$10000001 – 300000000.07%0.13%0.028%0.000%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.016%0.000%

Applicable fee on Staking ≥ 500000 CRO


70% OFF100% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.030%-0.060%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.027%0.000%
VIP3$1000001 -$100000000.08%0.14%0.024%0.000%
VIP5$30000001 – 1000000000.06%0.12%0.018%0.000%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.012%0.000%

Applicable fee on Staking ≥ 1000000 CRO


80% OFF100% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.020%-0.080%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.018%0.000%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.016%0.000%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.014%0.000%
VIP5$30000001 – 1000000000.06%0.12%0.012%0.000%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.008%0.000%

Applicable fee on staking ≥ 5000000 CRO


90% OFF100% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.010%-0.090%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.009%0.000%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.008%0.000%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.007%0.000%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.006%0.000%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.004%0.000%

Applicable fee on Staking ≥ 50000000 CRO


100% OFF100% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.000%-0.100%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.000%0.000%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.000%0.000%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.000%0.000%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.000%0.000%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.000%0.000%

Institutional fees

The applicable fee for Institutions on staking greater than or equal to 5000 CRO


10% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.090%- 0.144%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.081%-0.135%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.072%- 0.126%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.063%-0.117%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.054%-0.108%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.036%-0.090%

The applicable fee for Institutions on Staking greater than or equal to 10000 CRO


20% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.080%-0.128%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.072%0.120%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.064%-0.112%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.056%-0.104%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.048%-0.096%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.032%-0.080%

The applicable fee for Institutions on staking greater than or equal to 50000 CRO


40% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.060%-0.096%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.054%-0.090%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.048%-0.084%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.042%-0.078%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.036%-0.072%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.024%-0.060%

The applicable fee for Institutions on Staking greater than or equal to 100000 CRO


60% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.040%-0.064%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.036%-0.060%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.032%-0.056%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.028%-0.052%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.024%-0.048%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.016%-0.040%

The applicable fee for Institutions on staking greater than or equal to 500000 CRO


70% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.030%-0.048%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.027%-0.045%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.024%-0.042%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.021%-0.039%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.018%-0.036%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.012%-0.030%

The applicable fee for Institutions on Staking greater than or equal to 1000000 CRO


80% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.020%-0.032%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.018%-0.030%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.016%-0.028%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.014%-0.026%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.012%-0.024%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.008%-0.020%

The applicable fee for Institutions on staking greater than or equal to 5000000 CRO


90% OFF

VIP1$0 – $2500000.10%0.16%0.010%-0.016%
VIP2$250001 – $10000000.09%0.15%0.009%-0.015%
VIP3$1000001 – $100000000.08%0.14%0.008%-0.014%
VIP4$10000001 – $300000000.07%0.13%0.007%-0.013%
VIP5$30000001 – $1000000000.06%0.12%0.006%-0.012%
VIP6$100000001 and above0.04%0.10%0.004%-0.010% Trading Platforms offers two types of trading platforms, the exchange, and the app. In this section, we’ll cover details about the exchange leaving the crypto app to be covered later in a separate section. Desktop Trading Platform

The exchange offers clients to experience deep liquidity for low prices with an instant trade execution facility. Clients can trade a wide range of crypto coins across multiple markets, including BTC, USDT, and CRO at After signing up with the exchange and log in to the account, traders arrive at the dashboard where a stylish-looking interface might blow you away. However, the exchange seems to have tried its level best to keep things simple for its clients.

The exchange page lists all supported crypto assets enabling you to choose from the wide range of tradable coins at Traders can select their preferred crypto pairs from the drop-down menu available on the upper right corner of the web page.

To keep clients updated, the exchange offers options to view the latest prices, highs, and lows, as well as traded volume in the past 24 hours of underlying assets.

After selecting the favorite crypto pair, chart options become accessible by just tapping on the selected crypto pair. Let’s say we wish to trade BTC against the Tether.

How to Open an Account with on the desktop?

To sign up with, you need to follow the simple steps listed below.

1: Visit the official website of the crypto exchange or click the link here

2: Click on the exchange button, the first option available on the top of the page.

Open an Account with

3: Click on the sign-up button from the top right corner of the webpage.

Open an Account with

4: Enter the required details, including your first and last name. You also need to provide your email id, country of residence, date of birth, and a referral id, if any.

5:  Check the boxes to confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions that apply.

6: Enter the captcha and click on create an account.

7: You will receive a confirmation code from Enter the email code in the required field to proceed to the next page.

8: The exchange will ask to confirm your mobile phone number.  Always enter your active mobile phone number.

9: Enter the confirmation code received on your registered mobile phone to continue the signing up procedure.

10: Access your dashboard to start using the platform.
Open an Account with


How to trade Cryptocurrencies with on Desktop?

To start trading cryptocurrencies with the desktop platform, you need to have your account verified first. The exchange will rank you as a started or advanced level user depending upon the status of your verification level.

1: Visit the official web page of the exchange and sign in to your account using the login credentials.

2: Navigate to the option of the markets available on the top left corner of the web page.

3: Select the market you wish to trade. For example, you can choose between BTC, USDT, and CRO markets.

4: Select your preferred crypto pair from the list of available crypto assets. For instance, CRO/USDT, and click trade.

trade Cryptocurrencies with on Desktop

5: Navigate to the bottom of the page. You may find different order types there, select your preferred order type to initiate an order. You can choose between limit, market, and advanced order types. After selecting the order type, fill in the rest of the fields as shown in the image below.

trade Cryptocurrencies with on Desktop

6: Click on the Buy or Sell option as you may feel appropriate.

Let us explain the process a little; 

As highlighted in the image, the rectangular box captioned as A shows the default price when selecting a limit order. It’s the latest traded price of the underlying asset.

Suppose the current market price of the CRO/USDT is 0.1605, captioned as B, but you wish to buy the pair for 1.592, you need to place a limit order. If your order remains unfilled, you can see it under the open orders menu.

The exchange allows you to choose from the predefined percentages that you can use to buy the proportion of the other currency.

For example;

We wish to place a limit order using my 25% of the USDT holdings (882.30 USDT) for the price of 0.16. I will be able to buy 5514.360 CRO in such a scenario. Mobile Trading App

Considering the need for mobility, brings crypto solutions to the power of your palm. Using the crypto app, clients can trade 80 crypto assets along with the option of funding their accounts in 7 fiat currencies.

The app enables you to buy your favorite cryptocurrencies by topping up your accounts using debit cards or credit cards. Mobile Trading App

Traders can exchange cryptocurrencies between the crypto app with their friends and family for free of cost. The app empowers clients to monitor over 200 crypto assets with a matter of a few clicks. Mobile Trading App
Clients can also view the latest market prices and the volume traded in the past 24 hours. The market capitalization of the underlying assets and the charts makes traders analyze the market better. For a fixed amount of fee, clients can withdraw their cryptocurrency assets to external wallets as well. Other features that come with the app include;

How to Open an Account With on Mobile :

Signing up with on the mobile trading platform works the same way as we have done for the desktop trading platform. Clients can follow the listed steps to complete the sign-up procedures on their mobile devices.

 1: Visit Google Play or App Store to download the respective version for your mobile device. The app supports both MAC and Android-based mobile phones.

2: Download the app and tap on the shortcut created on your mobile phone to open the app.

3: Click on the sign-up button to access the registration page.

Open an Account With on Mobile

4: Enter your email address and check the terms and conditions box confirming your agreement to the terms and conditions applied.

5: Check your email and click on the link to verify your email address.

6: Enter your mobile phone number to finish the sign-up process.

7: You can access your dashboard on your mobile screen.

How to Buy Cryptocurrencies with on Mobile

Buying cryptocurrencies with mobile app is simple. You only need to make sure that you have complete KYC parameters. The exchange does not allow any purchases unless you have verified your account.  If you are a verified user, please follow the steps listed below to complete your crypto purchases.

1: Open your mobile app and click on the buy button.

2: Select the cryptocurrency that you wish to buy from the list of available cryptocurrencies. You can choose between 80 supported coins at

Buy Cryptocurrencies with on Mobile

3: Select your preferred payment methods such as debit cards/credit cards.

4: You might receive a notification to accept the applicable fee of 3.5% for debit/credit card payments.

5: Add your payment method by clicking the “add debit or credit card” button.

Buy MCO Credit Card

6: Enter your card details, including your first name, last name, card expiry date, and three-digit security code available at the backside of your card. Please note that you might get charged $.10 as the payment authentication fee for a credit card.

7: Indicate the worth of the cryptocurrency you wish to buy and click the buy button.

8: Confirm your transaction and click on Pay. You will receive a confirmation message from both the exchange and your bank confirming your crypto purchase.

Buy Cryptocurrencies with on Mobile


Buy Cryptocurrencies with on Mobile Payment Methods – Deposit and Withdrawals

Deposits accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies for account funding purposes but through the app only. If you have some cryptocurrencies that are supported at, you can use them to make deposits to the platform. However, if you don’t own any cryptocurrency, you can use fiat deposits to fund your account at the exchange. For this purpose, you might need to make transactions through your credit/ debit cards.  The exchange supports the following methods for deposits and withdrawals

  • Bank transfer (SEPA)
  • Bank transfer (ACH)
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Xfers
Transactions typeFees
Fee for Buying using debit/credit cards3.5% + $0.10
Fees for fiat to crypto exchangeFree
Deposits & withdrawals  Fees(SEPA and ACH)Typically free
Deposits & withdrawals  Fees (SWIFT)Varying bank transfer fees may apply
Transfer Wise or PayPalStandard  Transfer Wise & PayPal fees
Cryptos transfers to FNF (app users)Free
Cryptocurrency transfers to external wallet addressesNetwork fees apply

Crypto Deposits

If you already own cryptocurrencies that are supported at, then funding the account at the exchange will be quite easy for you. Just visit the balances tab, select the crypto asset that you plan to deposit, enter your wallet address or you can also scan the QR code for payments, and click the deposit button.

Please make sure that you deposit the minimum amount as specified by the exchange because does not process any amount less than the minimum amount required to fund your account. It is always better to scan the QR code instead of doing things manually.

Fiat Currency Deposit

As mentioned above, clients can use fiat deposits as well to fund their accounts at Traders only need to download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

Please be informed that the exchange platform of doesn’t accept fiat deposits. You have to use the mobile app in any case.


To facilitate clients, allows traders to withdraw their funds to both internal and external wallets. exchange doesn’t support fiat withdrawals. However, the app does allow you to withdraw your funds in fiat currencies as well.

To withdraw cryptocurrencies, visit the balances page, and select the wallet that you wish to use for crypto withdrawals.

Tap the withdraw button and provide the address of your external wallet. Click on review withdrawal to confirm the amount of your transaction.

Make sure that you have entered the right wallet address since coins sent to the wrong wallet will never be retrievable again.

Customers requesting withdrawal first time with need to go through the two-step authentication process first. Clients can also transfer cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another for free as long as both wallets share the same platform i-e

Please note that hosts a minimum withdrawal amount along with the applicable withdrawal limits per day. Given below is the list of some major crypto assets along with the minimum withdrawal limit and applicable withdrawal fee.

CodeCoinDeposit FeesMin WithdrawalsWithdrawal Fees (USD)
USDTTetherUSFree10.03.0 CoinFree100.020.0
XLMStellar LumensFree200.00.1
USDCUSD CoinFree10.03.0
BCHBitcoin CashFree0.020.001
ENJEnjin CoinFree50.020.0
PAXGPAX GoldFree0.010.00150
BATBasic Attention TokenFree20.014.0
OMGOMG NetworkFree3.00.80
CELRCeler NetworkFree500.0680.0
BANDBand ProtocolFree1.500.50
EGLDElrond eGoldFree1.250.01
WBTCWrapped BitcoinFree0.0010.0003
RENRenFree3510 Education

To help customers learn and grow, offers a few educational resources under the head captioned as University. You can find the University option in the news section category at The exchange seems to have been missing much of the resources under its education section. Only a handful of articles covering some basic information are available at However, the research section was much better as compared to the availability of educational material at Customer Support offers an average level of customer support. The exchange has a well-structured FAQ section covering detailed information on almost every topic that can be a part of daily routine. The company doesn’t offer live customer support. Also, clients can’t talk to the customer services representatives over the telephone. The only medium to establish contact with the company is through email. Despite offering such phenomenal investment and trading services, the customer support department of the company could have been much better. Online Reviews

What Do People Say About on Reddit?

People on Reddit have also cast their votes in favor of In response to the question raised on the credibility of the platform, a member on Reddit replied that is as safe as any other top-rated crypto exchange.  He spoke in favor of, saying that the crypto exchange has a proven record of securing people’s money. He also explained how the crypto exchange is continuously evolving as a one-stop point for all your trading needs mentioning services like crypto earn, crypto loan, insurance offers, and cold storage options. on Reddit

However, some people also showed their reservations concerning the safety measures of the crypto exchange. People seemed to be arguing that is relatively a new business venture and might not be as safe as other exchanges available around for ages. They also showed distrust in the company amid the billion-dollar scam controversy.

What Do People Say About on Quora? seems to have positive reviews of people on Quora. While searching for information about, we came across many positive comments of members appreciating A crypto trading and investment expert at Quora mentioned that the exchange mainly focuses on crypto solutions. According to him, traders can join for multiple crypto services, including loan acquisition, interest premiums on crypto staking, VISA cards, and wallets. However, if crypto trading is your only concern, then the market has got some other better alternatives available. on Quora

Some of the reviews also rated the platform to be a scam. Those people were not seemed to be happy with the services of A member named “Merton Beck” even suggested people signing up with underrated platforms instead. Beck claimed that once went under the control of intruders causing financial loss to the company, but most people don’t know about this fact. However, he failed to produce any proof to confirm his claim.

Is Safe?

Yes. The exchange is a safe investment opportunity. Further, it is one of such crypto exchanges that have ISO27001:2013, PCI: DSS 3.2.1, Level 1 compliance certification.  In addition to maintaining audited accounts with transparent disclosure of liabilities and risk assessment modules, the company also keeps clients’ funds in cold storage wallets protected with multi signatures signing in protocols which provides additional protection from being hacked. offers FDIC insurance to US Clients under which traders can claim their financial losses of up to 100 Million US Dollars in case the company goes bankrupt.  The exchange also ensures confidential information of clients through SSL web encryption as well as two-step authentication factors. VS eToro

While it is difficult to compare two of the best available options side by side when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, looking for the one that fits your need is crucial. Today, we compare eToro and Since each of the exchanges has its own merits and demerits, we’ll try to cover some of the core values that these exchanges offer to their clients. is a new entry in the crypto world. The exchange tends to cope with current issues of the crypto market to take an edge over the existing crypto exchanges. The company seems to have studied the needs of clients well and came up with the idea of providing crypto trading solutions through a one-stop-shop. Clients can explore the wide range of crypto assets to sell, buy, or stake them at It also accepts multiple fiat currencies allowing traders to fund their accounts conveniently. An easy-to-use trading platform makes the exchange even more considerable for the newbies.


On the other hand, the eToro trading platform is a regulated exchange offering trading services in multiple financial derivatives for more than a decade. With over 30 Million clients, the company serves across nearly 140 countries around the world. Mainly known for its social trading services, the company also holds a remarkable reputation for providing budgeted trading solutions to its customers in both digital assets and retail forex trading. Whether it’s about spread costs and commission, or ease of usability of the trading platforms with round the clock customer support, eToro is a tough competitor to compete.

That said, let’s find out what are the main features that each of these exchange has to offer.

Trading platforms – VS eToro

Both of the exchanges offer user-friendly trading platforms. However, the trading interface appears to have comparatively complex options that could be confusing for beginners. The company allows you to enter trades via three different locations, including the exchange, balances page, and markets page. Other available options, such as the trading arena, crypto staking, and syndicate option, etc., might become too difficult to digest for newcomers.

On the other hand, eToro’s intuitive trading platform is quite simple to adapt. As soon as you log in to your account, easy self-explanatory options guide you to explore through the trading interface. Beginners can even take advantage of eToro social trading platforms. Through the social trading platform, newbies can opt to copy trades of the industry’s most experienced professional to start generating profits from the first day of trading.

Trading Costs – VS eToro

Trading fees can make a significant impact on your returns. Despite generating profitable trades, if you are paying excessive fees, you could end up losing a large part of your profits.

Although also hosts competitive pricing models, Still we feel the fees could have been lower. The crypto exchange has categorized fee schedules into different tiers. Both makers and takers need to pay a 0.2% trading fee for a traded volume of less than or equal to $50,000 a month. However, the incremental reduction occurs in the fee schedules for trading higher volumes, such as it becomes 0.04% to 0.1% for a traded volume of above $10,000,000 per month. Clients staking CRO tokens can also claim discounts between 20% to 100% at

eToro offers the most competitive pricing structures. eToro mainly makes money through spread charging. The spreads may vary depending upon the market conditions. Unlike other exchanges, etoro does not charge a spread fee for buying or selling the underlying asset separately. Instead, it incorporates one-time charging on a complete round trip of the traded asset. The average spread on cryptocurrencies at etoro ranges between 1.9 percent to 2.9 percent. However, the company might employ high rates for clients holding overnight positions.

Financial Instruments – VS eToro offers an extensive product portfolio consisting of around 70 crypto assets with a wide range of tradable crosses across multiple markets, including BTC, USDT, and CRO. Along with a wide range of tradable assets, the company also hosts promotions such as syndicate to help traders receive up to 50% discounts on purchasing other cryptocurrencies. However, the syndicate option comes with specific requirements where traders need to fulfill a minimum level of CRO staking.

On the other hand, eToro also offers a vast collection of financial instruments. In addition to crypto trading, clients can trade forex, indices, and commodities at eToro is also one of the best crypto CFD brokers. Although the range of crypto assets offered at eToro is not as big as, It still takes an edge over when it comes to numbers of customers subscribing to these products. Because eToro accepts clients from nearly all parts of the world while is available mostly in Europe, UK, Singapore, and the United States.

Customer Services – VS eToro does not offer a live web chat service. Clients seeking information concerning anything need to send their query to the company at However, a detailed FAQ section is available to offer instant support to traders’ issues in a way that clients can find relative answers to their questions under this section.

eToro also lacks in providing efficient customer services, but you can talk to the company’s representatives through web chat support. You only need to wait for your turn to get connected to the first available agent.


Considering various aspects of both the exchanges, we can conclude that both of the crypto exchanges are remarkable in terms of offering reliable trading solutions to their clients. However, being easy to use, eToro might appeal to customers more as compared to as far as novice traders are concerned. On the other hand, skilled professionals might prefer trading with because it offers more potential for generating lucrative returns through multiple investment options available at Lastly, when it comes to low trading costs, convenient signing up procedures, hassle-free payment methods, and a copy trading facility, eToro is a winner.

Number of Coins: 20+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: $200

Invest In Cryptocurrency With $0 Commission

  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Regulated by FCA, ASIC & CySEC
  • Paypal, Debit & Credit Card Accepted
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex

Other Products


Customer can hold their digital assets in multiple wallets available at, such as the crypto app and the Defi Wallet. The main difference between these two wallets is control over your assets. In the crypto app, clients can instruct the company to hold, store, or manage their digital assets, but private keys stay with the exchange.

On the other hand, the Crypto Defi wallet offers complete control over your assets. You hold the keys to the wallet exercising complete control over your assets. Also, you don’t have to sign up for an account with You are free to keep your assets the way you prefer.

Trading Arena:

To appreciate traders by offering them incentives and rewards, the exchange holds competitions between traders to motivate them to undergo high trading volumes.


To help the most promising startups in their fundraising campaigns, and to have their tokens or coins listed on, the exchange offers a syndicate module. Clients having CROs staking might receive discounts of up to 50% on coins through this option.


Traders can earn interest for staking their cryptocurrencies at The exchange offers up 6.5% interest on your cryptocurrencies. The interest rate can even be as high as 12% per annum on staking stable coins.


To motivate merchants across the globe, the exchange offers easy settlements in cryptocurrencies, saving businesses a cost of up to 80% with zero processing fee.


CRO is the native token of exchange. You can use CRO for multiple purposes. Traders can receive exciting discounts on purchases made through CROs while investors can receive interest for staking their tokens with the platform. Clients can also receive a trading rebate of up to 100% when paying in CROs.


The exchange offers its customized payment cards in collaboration with VISA. With a MCO VISA card, clients can enjoy the same benefits and perks as any conventional bank offers to their customers. MCO VISA cards are accepted worldwide. Traders can use them for dining in restaurants, shopping on merchant outlets, and for entertainment purposes across the globe.  MCO VISA cardholders can also enjoy amazing discount offers and cashback rewards from different merchants around the globe.


After a detailed review of the company, we can safely conclude that is a legitimate exchange working towards maximizing the scope of cryptocurrency usability. The crypto exchange offers multiple investment solutions together with a secure trading environment that makes traders feel super comfortable. The crypto exchange has some unique features to offer, such as syndicate, crypto loan, and crypto earn, etc.  However, the company still needs to pay attention to the level of customer support it provides to its clients and the education section that needs considerable improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can’t just “cash out” your crypto without first converting it into a fiat currency like US dollars or Euros. However, once you’ve done that, you can then withdraw the funds from your Crypto com account straight into your bank account.

The fees vary depending on the amount of cryptocurrency that is being traded. Generally, the fees are around 0.25% of the total transaction value. However, there may be additional charges depending on the payment method that is used.

There are several ways to make money on You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, invest in a crypto fund, or use the platform to pay for goods and services with your cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you can earn rewards by referring friends to the platform and by participating in loyalty programs.

There could be a few reasons why you’re unable to withdraw your money from Crypto com. It could be that your account is not verified yet. Crypto com requires verification in order to ensure security for users. Alternatively, it could be that you do not have enough funds in your account to cover the withdrawal. Please check your account balance and make sure you have enough funds available before attempting to make a withdrawal.

It takes 2-3 hours to withdraw money from Crypto com.

The minimum you can withdraw from Crypto com is USD 100

Some people may find that investing in cryptocurrency is a good way to earn additional income, while others may take on more risk and invest larger sums of money. Ultimately, it is up to the investor to decide how much risk they are willing to take on. Cryptocurrency can be a volatile market, so individuals should always do their own research before investing any money.

Transfers generally take 1-2 business days to process.

Any gains or losses made through trading on Crypto COM will be subject to capital gains taxes. So, if you make money through Crypto COM trading, you may need to pay taxes on those earnings.

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