Bitcoin Future Review 2024: Is it Legit or Scam?

Is Bitcoin Future a scam? The website offering the bitcoin future trading app claims that the robot has state-of-the-art trading features that make it only one of its kind. This review will help you find out whether or not the Robot is legit. We’ll go over its online review and more.

Author: Usman Ahmed   -   Last updated: 20/03/2024
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What is Bitcoin Future?

Bitcoin Future is a cloud-based trading software designed to trade cryptocurrencies automatically. Traders also have the option to switch off the autopilot mode of the robot to place manual trades.

Bitcoin Future Main Features

Minimum Deposit$250
Offers LeverageYes
Withdrawal Period24 Hours
Customer ServiceEmail / phone / chat
Supported CoinsBTC, ETH, XRP & more
Hidden ChargesCommission fees

The website offering the Bitcoin Future trading app claims that the robot has state-of-the-art trading features that make it only one of its kind. Today, we review the Bitcoin Future in-depth.

Bitcoin Future

Advertised features of Bitcoin Future

As discussed above, the official website of the Bitcoin Future trading app claims to offer one of the best auto trading software with the following features.

Online Access

The Bitcoin future is web-based auto trading software. You can access it online round the clock, instead of having it installed on your machine. The app doesn’t need any subsequent updates as well. The website counts this feature as a unique one in favor of its robot. Whereas, these days, almost every other auto trading app comes with online availability.

Advanced Algorithms

While marketing the robot, the website also claims that the Bitcoin Future trading app has the world’s most advanced trading algorithms that help the robot to place accurate trades with a hundred percent success rate. However, there is no information available on the robot’s website concerning the detail of algorithms as to what type of trading algorithms does the robot use and how it is different than that of other robots that claim to have the same feature.

Artificially Intelligent

The website also talks about the artificial intelligence of the robot, stating that the robot incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to undergo in-depth technical and fundamental analysis of the crypto markets. According to the information available on the webpage of the Bitcoin Future, the robot has revolutionized the art of automated crypto trading. However, we’ve seen many robots making similar claims, but none of them proved a successful venture.

Advertised features of Bitcoin Future

Consistently Profitable

After advertising the robot’s features, such as AI, and advanced algorithms, the website claims that the robot can yield 99.4% returns overnights. However, it doesn’t tell any solid plan that the robot follows to remain profitable. Also, the website doesn’t show any screenshot of any of its member’s live trading account to prove what it claims. It seems that the website has nothing to demonstrate in support of its baseless assertions.

Practice Account

To trade crypto markets, you need to have sound knowledge and extensive trading experience. Therefore trading platforms offer you a demo account so you can learn and practice different trading strategies to improve your trading skills. The provisioning of a demo account helps you to trade the crypto market with confidence because you know you won’t lose anything even if your trading strategy fails. The Bitcoin Future trading app also offers a practice account but claims it to be one of its prominent features. However, it’s quite common for trading platforms to provide the facility of a demo account.

Multiple Payment Options

The Bitcoin Future offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, Skrill, PayPal, Netteller, Web Money, and Wire transfers, etc. There is no restriction in place concerning the maximum deposit limit. However, there have been several incidents reported where such scam websites have stored information concerning credit cards to use later without customer consent. Therefore, make sure to have your session deactivated right after using your credit card online.

Quick Verification Process

The official webpage of the robot claims that traders can have their accounts verified instantly. Unlike other legit trading platforms, the website doesn’t ask you to provide proof of your identity. You can also deposit as many funds in your account as you wish, without being questioned. That’s because the website doesn’t comply with the anti-money laundering procedures. Your funds remain on a stake until you have them withdrawn.

Indeed, how can you trust a website to offer any security to your funds, when it doesn’t follow any SOPs in place by the concerned authorities. On the other hand, you can’t deposit more than a specific amount with legit cryptocurrency trading platforms in compliance with KYC parameters.

Instant Withdrawals

Traders are mostly concerned about the process of withdrawals with any trading platform. The website offering Bitcoin Future claims to offer the facility of instant withdrawals. What it doesn’t tell you is the restriction on funds withdrawal until you complete a specific trading volume with the platform. Since the platform is known for eating up clients’ funds all of a sudden, we doubt you would have any chance of withdrawing even your initial investment.

Customer Support

The website also claims that a team of dedicated customer support executives remains available round the clock to serve customers. However, reality entirely differs from what it claims. After visiting the official webpage of the robot, you won’t find any customer support window or a telephone number to contact the company.

How Does Bitcoin Future Work?

The Bitcoin Future trading app works in association with multiple brokers around the world. You need to sign up with one of the robot’s recommended brokers to access the robot. Another requirement deals with the deposits that you must fund your account with to start using the robot. The minimum deposit amount to get started with the Bitcoin Future app is $250.

How to get registered for an account with the Bitcoin Future?

Opening an account with the Bitcoin Future is relatively simple. You can follow the steps listed below to sign up with the Bitcoin Future.

  1. Open the official page of the robot by typing in your web browser. Alternatively, click on the link to get redirected to the company’s portal.
  2. Enter your details on the registration form, such as your name, email id, and mobile phone number. You may also need to generate a password using the generate password button if asked.
  3. Click the register now button to proceed to the payment page.
  4. Select the method of payment you wish to use for deposits
  5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit. The minimum amount that you can deposit with the Bitcoin Future is $250.
  6. Payment through cards will need you to enter your card number, the expiry date of the card, and the three-pin security code from the back of your card.
  7. Confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions apply by check-marking the agreement box.
  8. Press next to finish the payment wizard.
  9. Log out of your account and sign in back.
  10. Check your account’s balance to confirm if your deposits are reflected in your account.
  11. Take a screenshot of your funded account and share it with the company using the online contact form available under the contact us tab on the official webpage of the robot.
  12. Ask the company to share the recommended settings of the robot with you.
  13. Configure the robot, and push the start button to set the robot on autopilot. That’s it.

How Does Bitcoin Future Work screen

Is Bitcoin Future a legit trading app?

No, it is not. There are multiple reasons for declaring the website a scam. First of all, the layout of the website is very similar to those scam trading platforms we’ve reviewed earlier. The video posted on the official webpage of the robot to claim endorsement of celebrities like Bill Gates and Richard Branson is also the same we found on many other scam robot’s websites. There is no information available on how the robot is different from all those trading bots that claim to offer the same features.

Can you make $1100 daily with the Bitcoin Future?

Saying no may not be sufficient to make you believe why we say so. Let’s make you understand logically. Crypto markets are the ones having the most volatile liquidity levels. The price may move all of a sudden, leaving no chance for you to see your funds ever again. The robot makes false claims to generate $1100 daily. The website featuring the Bitcoin Future app doesn’t show any past performance of the robot. You always get to hear that the robot has advanced trading algorithms, but there is no information available on the company’s website concerning the claimed algorithm.

Are Bitcoin Future trading app testimonials real?

No, they are not. We’ve seen the same people endorsing the Bitcoin Future app, appraising other trading robots as well on many other scam robot’s websites. We suspect the Bitcoin Future is one of the scam robots offered by the same group of people running multiple websites under different robot names such as bitcoin profit, bitcoin revolution, bitcoin evolution, bitcoin code, etc. They all have many things in a standard such as their website’s outlay, testimonials section, FAQs area, associated brokers, asked deposit amount, and the signing up procedure. All of them do not care for the identity verification of their clients and are known for eating up clients’ funds in no time.

Bitcoin Future Testimonials

What do reviews on Quora say about the Bitcoin Future trading software?

Quora is a famous American question and answers platform where people from all across the globe connect to share knowledge and information. As far as reviews on Bitcoin Future trading software are concerned, there isn’t much information available on Quora. However, people were discussing different auto trading robots.

Bitcoin Future on Quora

We noticed, most of the members on Quora were against the idea of investing in auto trading robots. A member of Quora said that there is no way a robot can compete with human rational thinking. According to him, the robots have limited functions and can only trade in certain market conditions. On the other hand, a human can understand the need for a change trading strategy and may perform reasonably well in times of market abnormalities.

What do reviews on Reddit say about the Bitcoin Future app?

Reddit is also one of the most popular social networking and information-sharing platforms in the world. To search for some information about the Bitcoin Future app on Reddit, we tried a combination of different keywords, but couldn’t find the robot’s specific information. However, there were a lot of negative reviews on the usage of these so-called auto trading apps. People seemed to have been burnt multiple times by using such scam trading software. Some positive reviews from anonymous ids have also been posted there. But we strongly feel that those reviews must be from the website members in an attempt to give a clean check on the robot.

Bitcoin Future on Quora

Has the Bitcoin profit appeared on TV?

No, it hasn’t. We checked over the internet multiple times to confirm if the news is real. But all our findings lead us to conclude that the story was self-created. However, we still felt that we must verify it from the relevant sources, so we did the same. The Bitcoin Future claimed its appearance in three of the most popular TV Shows, including this morning, shark tank, and dragon’s den. Please continue reading below to know the truth behind the claim.

Bitcoin Future on This Morning

This Morning: Britain’s most favorite show this morning was named to have endorsed the Bitcoin Future as a legit trading app. The robot also claimed that the hosts of the show had the opinion that people should invest their money in it. However, the endorsement news turned out to be fake. None of the show’s panelists knew that the robot having such a name even exist. The representatives of the show also made it very clear that no auto trading software has ever been aired through this morning platform.

Shark Tank: Shark Tank is an American business reality show. The format of the exhibition invites entrepreneurs from all across the country. Those entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to the multi-millionaire investors of the show. If the shark tanks of the show like the business proposals, the entrepreneurs can have their projects funded. It seems that Bitcoin Future deliberately selected the show to claim its fake appearance on TV, followed by the self-assumed endorsement. However, the program’s judges had refused to own the news for endorsing the automated Bitcoin Future trading app.

Bitcoin Future on Shark Tank

Dragon’s Den: Dragon’s den is one of the hot favorites UK TV shows. The format of the program has almost everything in common with the American shark tank except the fact that it is a UK-based business reality show. The dragon’s den was also named to have endorsed the Bitcoin Future auto trading software. After having it confirmed by the program’s representatives, we found that the endorsement of the Bitcoin Future on the dragon’s den platform is also self-supposed. The show has nothing to do with the so-called auto-trading app.

Bitcoin Future on Dragon's Den

Have celebrities ever endorsed the Bitcoin Future app?

Well, Bitcoin Future claims that several celebrities, including Richard Branson, Piers Morgan, Holly Willoughby, and Bill Gates, have endorsed the Bitcoin Future app. However, these celebrities have got something else to say as follows;

Bill Gates: According to the official website of the Bitcoin Future app, the pioneer of Microsoft Inc. Bill Gates has also recommended people to invest their money in the Bitcoin Future app. However, Bill Gates turned down the authenticity of endorsement news. He has never recommended people to put their money into a useless auto robot, he added.

Piers Morgan: Piers Morgan is a widespread name that these scam auto trading robots use quite often. Morgan was aware of the fact, so before we could ask any question, he straight away cautioned us that he isn’t expecting someone to ask him the same question over and again concerning the endorsement of any auto trading app. He never did, and never will endorse any auto trading app, he cleared.

Piers Morgan and Bitcoin Future

Richard Branson: The robot also claimed to have the endorsement of the founder of the Virgin Group of companies, Sir Richard Branson. When in fact, the news was false as Branson denied any affiliation with the scam auto-trading app. Concluding his minutes with our team members, he came up with an unequivocal stance that he would never endorse any auto-trading robot and that people should also avoid paying any heed to such false claims.

Holly Willoughby: Holly Willoughby is a famous TV star, anchor, and news reporter. The Bitcoin Future claimed that the model has openly endorsed the Bitcoin Future app and recommended people to give it a try. She seemed annoyed after getting to know that her name was used by an anonymous auto trading software claiming her affiliation with it. First of all, she rejected the claim and said she would be looking to raise the matter with the consumer court.

Pros & Cons

Advantages of Bitcoin Future

  • The Bitcoin Future has an easy account setup procedure that takes no more than a few minutes to be ready.
  • The Bitcoin Future trading interface is very convenient to use that even the traders with the least trading skills may feel using it like a pro.
  • It offers multiple methods for funds deposits and withdrawals.
  • The Bitcoin Future app supports both manual and auto modes for crypto trading.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Future

  • The app is unregulated that puts your funds at risk.
  • Bitcoin Future app offers poor customer support service.
  • The app is available on multiple online trading portals, making it difficult for you to know the real one.
  • Bitcoin Future app has fake testimonials posted on its website.
  • The Bitcoin Future app makes false promises of yielding unrealistic results.


After an in-depth review of Bitcoin Future, we conclude that Bitcoin Future is not a legit trading software. The robot resembles the ones that have already been proven as scam trading robots. There is no information available on the website of the robot concerning the background of the robot. The absence of contact details and the location of its physical office make it look even more suspicious.

The robot doesn’t talk about its claimed algorithmic trading strategy. The website offering Bitcoin Future has nothing to show in support of its claimed advertised profits. We, therefore, suggest people should not waste their money on the Bitcoin Future. Instead, they should look for some other legit trading platform like eToro.

The eToro trading platform is the multi-regulated leading online exchange and cryptocurrency trading platform offering its services all across the globe for the past 14 years. The company’s head office is in Cyprus. eToro offers multiple trading instruments and advanced trading tools to help traders earn money with confidence. eToro offers a custom-built digital wallet – the eToro wallet – where you can store more than 120 cryptocurrencies. You can use the wallet for exchanging or converting crypto assets into one another.

eToro is suitable for both skilled and novice traders. Experienced traders can use eToro’s leverages option to maximize their returns. On the other hand, the social trading platform can help novice traders to make a profit by copying the trades of other successful traders. The company offers multiple deposit and withdrawal options to make the payment process convenient for you.

Number of Coins: 20+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: $200

Invest In Cryptocurrency With $0 Commission

  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Regulated by FCA, ASIC & CySEC
  • Paypal, Debit & Credit Card Accepted
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, neither the bitcoin future nor does any other auto trading robots are regulated.

No, the bitcoin future app isn’t the legit trading software. It works the same way as other scam auto trading robots do.

The bitcoin future has a minimum deposit limit of $250. However, it doesn’t restrict you from depositing as many funds as you wish.

Yes, it does. You have the option to trade the crypto market either manually or use the auto function of the robot.

You can have your account verified within a few minutes. There is no hard and fast requirement for account verification at the bitcoin future platform.

Usually, a copy of your CNIC, Passport, or Driving license is required. However, you can also provide your utility bill to get your account verified. In addition to all those documents, funding your account would be sufficient to aid the process of verification.

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