Bitcoin Evolution Review 2024: Is it Legit or Scam?

A complete review of Bitcoin Eevolution. Is Bitcoin Eevolution a Scam? We answer that. Learn how to make money, and grow profits. We’ll help you know how to identify a legit broker. This guide also covers Bitcoin evolution’s special features and online reviews.

Author: Usman Ahmed   -   Last updated: 20/03/2024
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What is Bitcoin Evolution?

The Bitcoin Evolution is an automated trading app designed to trade both crypto and forex pairs. It is a web-based trading software that uses artificial intelligence to detect trading opportunities.

Bitcoin Evolution Main Features

Minimum Deposit$250
Offers LeverageYes
Withdrawal Period24 Hours
Customer ServiceEmail / phone / chat
Supported CoinsBTC, ETH, XRP & more
Hidden ChargesNo

According to the official website, the bitcoin evolution’s advanced trading algorithms help the robot to stay ahead of the market and place accurate trades with the highest success rates. In this piece, we go through the bitcoin evolution review in detail.

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Self-Claimed Features of Bitcoin Evolution

The website claims that the bitcoin evolution app has some exciting, vital features that make it superior to other trading robots. Let’s have a look at them one by one.


You can customize the bitcoin evolution app according to your desired trading strategy. Setting up trading preferences is not difficult at all. You can do so in less than a minute. All you need is to make a selection of the available options. Although it sounds good to hear, however, every other trading robot offers you the same features.

Online Accessibility

The bitcoin evolution app is a web-based trading app. You can access it online from anywhere in the world. The trading app is compatible with all types of windows and IOS-supported devices, including PCs, Laptops, and mobile phones. These days most of the bitcoin automated trading robots are accessible online, so that doesn’t make any difference.

Claimed Consistent Income

The website offering bitcoin evolution claims that the trading robot can bring you consistent income each month. The robot company also claims that the robot places trades with a 99.4% success rate. However, there is no information provided about any of the member’s accounts that may confirm all of those claims to be true.

Demo Account

Like many other bitcoin trading robots, the bitcoin evolution app also offers a demo account where traders can practice their trading skills. You can use virtual funds to try different money management and trading strategies to see if those trading strategies work without risking your real investment. However, do remember that demo accounts are not an absolute replication of the live market. In the live trading market, scenarios appear to be different. The slippage rate, price volatility levels, and market liquidity are all factors that you must take care of vigilantly.

Artificial Intelligence

The Bitcoin evolution trading app is claimed to have been based on AI technology. The machine learning mechanism of the trading app keeps the robot on the right track. With the help of artificial intelligence, the robot makes the best use of its trading algorithms to ensure that even a minor trading opportunity isn’t gone unattended. Well, the fact is that no matter how well the robot uses artificial intelligence, it can’t compete with the human rationale. What can you expect from a robot programmed on pre-determined trading scenarios? What if the market changes abruptly and everything starts behaving unprecedentedly?

Quick Verification

The website also claims that the process of verification for using bitcoin evolution is relatively quick. You can have your account verified within 15-20 minutes of registration. You only need to fill up the registration form and provide your payment details. The website doesn’t care whether you prove your identity or not. It also doesn’t restrict you from funding your account with as much money as you wish. At this point, you might think about why they don’t ask for any identity verification. Because they don’t care. All they want is to have you fund your account, and that’s it.

Easy Withdrawals

One of the most critical factors that traders are concerned about is the withdrawal process. The bitcoin evolution promises to offer quick withdrawals. However, it doesn’t provide any information on the restrictions in place. Traders can’t withdraw their funds unless they complete a specific trading volume. The worst part is that upon completing the said trading volume, you barely have any amount left in your account to withdraw.

Customer Support

When something goes wrong, or you come across anything you don’t understand, you contact customer support. Interestingly, the official website of the bitcoin evolution doesn’t provide an option to enable customers to contact the company. You can neither find the address of their physical location nor any telephone number is provided so you may contact them over the phone. You even can’t get connected to the company via a web support service.

How Does Bitcoin Evolution Work?

Bitcoin evolution works in collaboration with multiple brokers all around the world. You may configure the robot as per your trading preferences. You also need to fund your account with the minimum deposit amount to get started. The minimum deposit amount is $250. However, you are allowed to place a trade for as low as $25.

As soon as you deposit funds in your account, the trading software becomes available to use. You can set the minimum amount to place on each trade, the risk level you can tolerate, the money management strategy you want your robot to use, and the simultaneous trades you wish the robot to place in one go.

Once you have configured the robot, press the start button, and let the robot do the rest. The robot places trades around the clock unless you stop it otherwise.


How Does Bitcoin Evolution Work

How To Get Started With Bitcoin Evolution?

The process to sign up with the bitcoin evolution trading app is simple. Only a few steps are to be followed.

  1. Visit the official website of the Bitcoin evolution trading app i-e
  2. Click on the sign-up button available on the top right corner of the web page
  3. Enter your details, including your first name, last name, mobile phone number, and password.
  4. Tick mark the checkbox to confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions that apply
  5. Click “Get Started Now”
  6. On the next page, you will be redirected to the broker’s payment page where you need to provide details of your preferred payment method
  7. Indicate the amount you wish to deposit (i-e $250 min)
  8. Select your preferred payment method, i-e debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, e-payments, etc.
  9. In case you choose to pay with debit/credit cards, you need to provide the card holder’s name, the card’s number, the expiry of the card, and the three-pin security code from the back of your card.
  10. Press continue to finish the payment wizard.

Note: As soon as your payment is deducted, you will receive a notification message.

Get Started With Bitcoin Evolution

Is Bitcoin Evolution A Legitimate Trading App?

Well, it is something you need to decide. Let us bring you the best of information so things become crystal clear and you can make your decision whether you should invest your money with the bitcoin evolution app or not?

First of all, the app promises insane returns without providing any proof. Secondly, the app claims a success rate of 99.4%, which itself appears ambiguous. For instance, suppose all of the robot’s claims are true, then why it is available to use for a deposit of $250 only. Shouldn’t it be more expensive, at least a few thousand dollars?

Does Bitcoin Evolution Support Other Cryptocurrencies?

Yes, it does. In addition to Bitcoin, the bitcoin evolution supports a few more cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, etc. The trading robot also supports forex pairs. You can trade fiat currencies by combining them with crypto assets using the bitcoin evolution trading app.

Can you Make Unlimited Profits with the Bitcoin Evolution App?

No, you can’t. The Crypto market is one of the most liquid markets in the world. It is known to have higher volatility levels than any other financial market. You can’t expect sure profits with such a high volatility level. On the other hand, The bitcoin evolution app claims that you can make unlimited profits with it. It is just a misguiding statement and nothing else.

Also, the bitcoin evolution trading app doesn’t provide any information or share historical data showing that its members have made considerable profits in the past using the same robot. It is just another scam trading software that aims to trap novice traders, get them signed up with their recommended brokers, and earn a commission for every successful deposit.

Are Bitcoin Evolution Testimonials Real?

We do not think so. All of the testimonials available on the official website of bitcoin evolution are from the same traders who have given their testaments for several other trading robots as well. They appear to be paid actors who don’t mind selling anything unless they are well-paid. Let us share some snapshots taken from different websites offering these so-called trading robots in the same manner with different names. You may also be surprised to know that all of these scam robots such as the Bitcoin code bot, Ethereum code robot, the bitcoin era robot, bitcoin superstar, bitcoin revolution bot, and now the bitcoin evolution, etc. are being offered under multiple domains.

Bitcoin Evolution Testimonials

At times, it becomes so difficult to know which one of those websites offering the same robot is for real. The best thing you can do is to avoid investing in all of them. None of these is legitimate for sure. What the official behind such scam robots does is when people start recognizing them as a scam, they set up a new website with a new look but do not change the name of their trading app because they know people will think that they mistakenly registered on the wrong site.

Image Taken From

Bitcoin Evolution Testimonials Screenshot 2

Image Taken from

Bitcoin Evolution Testimonials Screenshot 3

As far as the story behind the snapshots shared above is concerned, you need to pay a close look at these images. You can notice that all of the people giving their testimonials for the bitcoin evolution trading app are the same people appraising other trading robots as well. However, the strange thing is that the websites and didn’t even bother to change the name of these paid actors or the profits they’ve made using these so-called trading apps. They just copy-pasted the images.

What do reviews on Quora say about the bitcoin evolution?

Well, there isn’t much information available on “Quora” concerning the bitcoin evolution trading app. Although, a few traders have asked different questions related to the trading bot as if it is for real. Should they invest in it or not? But it seems that people are sick of these scam-trading robots and do not want to talk about them anymore.

Bitcoin Evolution on Quora

Bitcoin Evolution on Quora

What do reviews on Reddit say about Bitcoin evolution?

The leading social networking platform “Reddit” is full of negative reviews concerning the bitcoin evolution trading app. People seem to be complaining that the bitcoin evolution is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. A lot of reviews were against the idea of investing in bitcoin evolution. One of the members on “Reddit” appeared so annoyed that he wrote a few lines full of anger describing how the so-called Ponzi trading robot wipes off people’s accounts. Therefore, it is better to avoid putting your hard-earned money in such suspicious trading apps.

Bitcoin Evolution on Reddit

Has Bitcoin Evolution Appeared on TV?

In the past, it has happened multiple times that some fake factors intentionally used false news and publications to promote their scam products. Bitcoin evolution is also one of them. It was claimed that the bitcoin evolution has appeared on national and international TV. It was also rumored some of the famous TV shows such as “This Morning” and Shark Tank” have endorsed bitcoin evolution and also suggested people invest in it. To continue reading more, please follow the tread below;

“This Morning”

This morning is a renowned TV show which is being broadcast nationwide in the UK. It’s been more than thirty (30) years that the program didn’t lose public interest ever. As an estimate, it has a viewership of millions of people across the country. The program is presently hosted by celebrities Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Holmes, Judy Finnigan, and Richard Madeley.

Bitcoin Evolution on This Morning

The show talks about routine life, fashion, and industry, lifestyle, business and finance, home and garden, etc. When the hosts of this morning’s show were asked about the authenticity of the said news, they denied it. They further explained that some obnoxious entities occasionally try to cash the fame of the morning show; however, the show neither broadcasted the bitcoin evolution nor intend to do so in the future.

“Shark Tank”

Shark Tank is an American reality show that is broadcast on ABC TV in the United States. The show had its first appearance in 2009. It has become one of the most popular reality shows in the US and has captured the interest of millions of viewers across the country. The program theme is to help new business ideas to become live ventures, grow, and contribute positively to the country’s economy. In this program, the entrepreneur presents their ideas to multimillion investors, including Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and Barbara Corcoran. If the plans are worth investing in, these multimillionaires.

Bitcoin Evolution on Shark Tank

When the panel of the shark tank and its hosts were asked to second the stance they have endorsed the bitcoin evolution trading app, they straight away rejected the claim. All of the panel members were on the same page that they never supported bitcoin evolution and they won’t ever unless they become sure that the project isn’t a Ponzi.

Have Celebrities ever endorsed the bitcoin evolution?

Celebrities’ names are often used for the promotion of different products. Most of the time celebrities’ names are quoted for the publicity of various products without their consent. The same is the case with the bitcoin evolution trading app. The trading app claims that celebrities such as Elon Musk, Judy Finnigan, Holly Willoughby, Piers Morgan, and several others have endorsed the bitcoin evolution. However, none of these celebrities owned that they ever supported the bitcoin evolution trading app. Some stars even exclaimed with surprise as they hear the name of any such app for the first time. Let’s quickly go through a few of the comments these celebrities shared upon the confirmation of the news.

Holly Willoughby: Holly Willoughby is a famous TV star, model, and presenter. The 39 years old charming and attractive media personality was named to have endorsed the bitcoin evolution. When she was contacted to share her views in this regard, she said that she never appraised any such trading app. She didn’t even know what the bitcoin evolution trading app does. She said that it’d been quite a long that her name gets quoted in the promotion of different products sometimes with her consent and sometimes without. However, she thinks that she should seek legal protection against those who try to defame her.

Bitcoin Evolution and Holly Willoughby

Elon Musk: Elon Musk needs no introduction. He is a well-known public entity, an engineer by profession, and a start-at-heart. His handsome personality has already won the hearts of millions. However, his name has also been used multiple times to promote different trading software, including bitcoin evolution. When “Musk” was asked to share his opinion on the bitcoin evolution endorsement, he laughed out loudly. He said that it’s not the first time his name is being quoted for the false advertisement of a scam trading robot. In the past, there were quite a few attempts to use his fame to sell unsold items. He also said that he doesn’t care about those fake factors anymore as he has repeatedly warned people not to believe any such claims unless they hear him live.

Pros & Cons

Advantages of Bitcoin Evolution

  • The Bitcoin evolution trading app is quick to setup
  • Bitcoin evolution accepts customers from all parts of the world
  • It supports both crypto and forex trading
  • It can be accessed 24/7

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Evolution

  • The bitcoin evolution is not regulated and is therefore not safe for investment purposes
  • It doesn’t provide any information about the algorithms it uses
  • Its customer support is poor
  • It claims insane returns that sound unrealistic


After an in-depth review of the bitcoin evolution trading app, we conclude that it is one of the scam trading apps we have reviewed earlier. There is no information available as to who made it, what trading algorithms it uses, how much money can you expect the robot to generate in a reasonable time. All it does is make false claims with no proven trading history. We suggest people should avoid investing their hard-earned money in such a scam trading app and try investing their funds with legitimate trading platforms such as the eToro trading platform.

eToro is the world’s leading crypto-oriented social trading platform and an exchange where you can not only trade multiple crypto assets but also have your cryptos exchanged with other available cryptocurrencies. The exchange is based in Cyprus and has its regional offices located worldwide. It holds many regulations from the world’s most renowned regulatory bodies including the ASIC, CySEC, and the FCA. It offers multiple methods to deposit and withdrawals and has a digital wallet – the eToro Wallet – where you can store more than 120 cryptocurrencies. Its social trading platform enables you to copy trades of successful traders and enjoy making money right away.

Number of Coins: 20+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: $200

Invest In Cryptocurrency With $0 Commission

  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Regulated by FCA, ASIC & CySEC
  • Paypal, Debit & Credit Card Accepted
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The robot claims that you can make unlimited profits with it. However, since the bitcoin evolution trading app has been named as a scam trading software by many third parties independent reviewers, we doubt its capability of even retaining your initial investment.

The minimum amount to get started with the Bitcoin evolution trading app is $250.

No, it is not. Every trading robot that claims insane returns can never be a regulated one. Because regulation instigates a sense of responsibility and bars entities from making such claims owing to the highly volatile factors of the crypto markets.

The verification process on bitcoin evolution is nothing but a formality. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes. You can start trading right away as soon as you fund your account.

Yes, it does. The bitcoin evolution also supports forex pairs. You can trade different crypto assets and forex pairs with the bitcoin evolution trading app.

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