Bitcoin Billionaire Review 2024: Is it Legit or Scam?

Is Bitcoin Billionaire a scam? What are its best features that can help you make money? What are its reviews online? This article seeks to answer these questions, and more.

Author: Usman Ahmed   -   Last updated: 20/03/2024
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What is Bitcoin Billionaire?

Bitcoin Billionaire is an auto trading app that lets you trade cryptocurrencies round the clock. According to the official website, the trading robot has an advanced API feature that connects the robot to the world’s most trusted brokers for information sharing followed by instant trade execution.

Bitcoin Billionaire Main Features

Minimum Deposit$250
Offers LeverageYes
Withdrawal Period24 Hours
Customer ServiceChat
Supported CoinsBTC, ETH, XRP & more
Hidden ChargesNo

The robot’s state-of-the-art algorithms scan the crypto markets at lightning-fast speed to keep the robot stay ahead of the market. As soon as a trading opportunity arises, the robot triggers a message to the brokers to execute trade right away. In this Bitcoin Billionaire review, we tell you everything about the bot, in detail.


Self-Supposed Features of the Bitcoin Billionaire


The official website of the Bitcoin Billionaire app claims that the platform is safe and secure. It has the latest antivirus and debuggers installed to prevent any potential threat. Well, since the trading app is web-based, wouldn’t it be more suitable to protect it using advanced internet security protocols instead of using antivirus programs. Also, there is no information available if the funds are backed up through any insurance policy.

Highest Success Rate

The Bitcoin Billionaire trading software claims that it places trades with ultimate accuracy, after detecting the best opportunities to trade cryptocurrencies. That’s why almost every trade that the robot places remains profitable. Like all other scam trading apps, the Bitcoin Billionaire also claims a success rate of 99%. However, the app has nothing to show in support of its baseless claim.

Cloud Computing

The Bitcoin Billionaire app is available online; you can access it anytime. According to the official website of the trading robot, the app makes the best use of cloud computing. The Bitcoin Billionaire has eased the trading process by eliminating the need to install the software on your PC. The trading app doesn’t need any updates as well. However, being available online doesn’t mean that the app will equally be useful to generate profit.

Easy Verification

In a bid to avoid money laundering activities, trading platforms are generally required to fulfill certain KYC (know your customer) parameters. The Bitcoin Billionaire trading app claims to have a smooth process of verification that doesn’t take much of your time. You only need to enter your payment details to have your account verified. Also, there are no restrictions concerning the maximum amount you are allowed to deposit at Bitcoin Billionaire. On the other hand, a legit trading platform does not allow you to deposit more than a specific amount in your account unless you prove your identity.

Multiple Deposit Methods

The Bitcoin Billionaire trading app offers you multiple methods for deposits, including debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, e-payments, etc. The process of deposits at the Bitcoin Billionaire platform is relatively quick. You can deposit as many funds as you wish, and the website won’t mind at all. However, the problem arises at the time of withdrawals. First of all, since the robot is known to flash off your account in no time; therefore, you barely need to put a withdrawal request with the platform. However, if luckily you have some funds left in your account, the withdrawal process might take longer than expected.

Expert Guidance

The website also claims to offer expert advice from the industry’s most experienced professionals to help you earn more. Well, this claim seems to be in contradiction with what the website has claimed concerning the robot earlier. Since the robot places trades automatically without any human intervention, what other advice could you expect from the expert guidance? Is it to invest more? Well, why would you do that when the robot would already have been making you thousands of dollars. The fact is that the lobby behind the robot knows well that the robot is going to wipe off your account in a while, so better to ask you to put more money.

Powerful Technology

The website claims that Bitcoin Billionaire uses the latest technology to ensure that you earn more profits. Also, the robot helps you to start making money the moment you get registered with it. However, there is no information provided about the advanced technology or the method the robot uses to generate quick returns. All you get to know is that the app uses sophisticated algorithms that make the robot remain profitable. Several other scam trading robots have also made all such claims, so what’s make the difference?

Demo Account

The Bitcoin billionaire app offers you the facility of a demo account so you can practice your trading skills without compromising your real funds. Although a practice account can be a great help to get your hands on while trying different combinations for your trading methodology, however, it can’t replicate the real trading environment. Trading parameters in the live account tend to change from that of a demo account. Price volatility, spread charging, slippage level, and market liquidity are all factors that may differ in a real account.

Instant Profits

If you visit the official website of the robot, you may notice that the website advertises that people can earn $ 6325 daily. Well, that sounds too good. However, the site doesn’t talk about how does the robot is capable of generating such profits within 24 hours. There is no information shared about any of the member’s account trading history so that people may look into it and believe themselves. Claims without proof are nothing but an attempt to misguide people.

Bitcoin Billionaire Screenshot

How Does Bitcoin Billionaire Work?

The Bitcoin Billionaire offers auto trading services in integration with multiple brokers across the globe. Traders have to open an account with the robot’s recommended brokers to enjoy free access to the Bitcoin Billionaire.

The minimum amount to get started with the Bitcoin Billionaire is $250. However, you can choose to place a trade for as little as $25 in a single go. Before the robot can start trading, it needs configuration. You may define the amount to place on each trade, and the risk level the robot shouldn’t exceed. An option to select the cryptocurrency of your choice is also available. You can also select trend indicators and money management strategies you want the app to use while trading.

Bitcoin Billionaire Screenshot

How to get started with the Bitcoin Billionaire app?

Getting started with the Bitcoin Billionaire app is simple. All you need is to follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go to the official website of Bitcoin Billionaire by typing in the address bar of your browser or follow the link.
  2. Enter your details including your first name, last name, email ID, and mobile phone number
  3. Click the register now button to proceed to the broker’s page.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, the minimum amount you can deposit at the Bitcoin Billionaire platform is $250.
  5. Select your preferred payment method from the list of available payment methods
  6. Enter your card details if you would like to pay with a debit or credit card, such as your card number, your full name, the card’s expiry date, and the security code available on the backside of your card.
  7. Click Finish to complete the payment wizard.
  8. Return to the main menu, and take a screenshot of your account.
  9. Share the screenshot reflecting deposits with the platform via email or web chat and ask the officials to share the recommended settings for the robot.
  10. Press the start button of the robot so it may start trading the crypto market automatically.

Is the Bitcoin Billionaire Scam, or a Legit Trading App?

It’s better to let you decide. Do you think the robot making false claims and promising insane returns overnight can ever be regarded as a legitimate robot? Is Bitcoin Billionaire scam? Also, there is no information about the mastermind behind its invention, the geographical location of the company’s headquarters, or any information about the team members.

The robot is being offered through multiple domains which makes it even more suspicious. The website offering the robot is full of testimonials and WhatsApp screenshots from the people who supposedly made thousands of dollars with the Bitcoin Billionaire. However, the site doesn’t show the trading history of even a single trading account of any of its members in support of the robot’s baseless claims.

Can you make $6325 daily with a Bitcoin Billionaire?

A simple answer is no. However, let us explain why we don’t think so. As you know, the robot is an automated trading app that is supposed to place trades round the clock without human support. The robot trades in the crypto market which is known to be one of the world’s most liquid markets, having the highest volatility and slippage levels.


The website claims that the robot uses advanced algorithms to place trades, which means that the robot stays ahead of the market and places trades instantly. But, it also says that the robot needs configuration before it can start placing trades on its own. What if you end up configuring the robot with the wrong trend indicators? What if the selected money management strategy turns out to be inappropriate in certain conditions? In short, the robot places trades according to the pre-determined market conditions that can be changed anytime. So, you can’t rest assured of profits, unlike the robot claims.

Are Bitcoin Billionaire Reviews Real?

Almost every auto trading robot has some testimonials on their official web pages. The only motive of these testimonials is to make potential traders believe that the robot is for real. However, we’ve never seen any scam website showing screenshots of a factual account of people giving their testaments. The same is the case with the Bitcoin Billionaire.

Bitcoin Billionaire Testimonials

The website has a lot of bitcoin billionaire reviews on its official page, where people seem quite satisfied with the performance of the trading app. However, nothing is shared in support of the claims people make about the Bitcoin Billionaire app. We believe most of these testimonials are from the paid actors you can hire to sell even your scrap product. Some of them could be just the random pictures of people posted with self-written testimonials without their consent. Let’s share a picture of a paid actor advertising several other apps on different platforms, in support of our findings.

Bitcoin Billionaire Testimonials Search

Bitcoin Billionaire Reviews

Bitcoin Billionaire Review on Quora

Quora is one of the leading online social networking platforms. People come to seek reviews of others before getting involved in any social or financial activity. We tried to find some Bitcoin Billionaire review on Quora. However, we remain unsuccessful. There is no information available on Quora concerning the Bitcoin Billionaire trading app.

Bitcoin Billionaire Reviews on Quora

We even tried a different combination of questions to get some information about the Bitcoin Billionaire app, but all went in vain. Finally, we decided to search the phrase “which is the best app for trading bitcoin automatically” and then a lot of links appeared. There was a mix of opinions. Some people were saying that they think the trading robot can ease their lives. While most of them were saying that they have had enough of trying various auto trading robots, none of them worked.

Bitcoin Billionaire Review on Reddit?

Like “Quora” we searched “Reddit” to find information about the Bitcoin Billionaire trading app. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any bitcoin billionaire review. It seems that people have become fed off these scam-trading robots. No one wishes to talk about fraudulent trading robots anymore.

However, we find some views of people who were complaining about different auto trading robots such as bitcoin profit, the bitcoin era bot, bitcoin superstar, Bitcoin Revolution etc. We realized that the Bitcoin Billionaire trading app is not separate. It has a similar website in appearance, the testimonials are almost the same; it too asks for a minimum deposit of $250. We then concluded that the Bitcoin Billionaire app is also another scam trading robot.

Bitcoin Billionaire Reviews on Reddit

Has Bitcoin Billionaire ever appeared on TV?

It’s been quite often that we come across such claims where some unknown product claims that it has been endorsed on the National TV. We tried to find the reason why some fake entities try to claim their appearance on TV. The information we collected is not surprising. Scammers deliberately make such claims to catch the attention of people. Since people use to follow their favorite TV shows, therefore, advertisements through the people’s most popular TV programs can have a long-lasting effect on the viewer’s mind. The chances that people would seek out more information about the product appearing on TV become high.

Therefore, Bitcoin Billionaire too advertised that it has been aired on different TV Channels and had a special appearance in two of the world’s most popular TV shows “This Morning & shark tank”. However, after searching the internet, we couldn’t find any information that proves that the Bitcoin Billionaire has ever appeared on TV. We also tried to confirm from the show’s spokespersons. Let’s share what we found in this regard.

This Morning Appearance

This Morning: Among various TV shows aired on national TV in the UK, This Morning show has been categorized as one of the most popular shows. The show started in 1988, and it’s been more than three decades since its viewers haven’t lost interest in it. The famous TV stars Richard Madeley, Eamonn Holmes, Phillip Schofield, Judy Finnigan, Holly Willoughby, & Ruth Langsford are the hosts of the show. The show features segments such as current affairs, interviews of different celebrities, sports, fashion and industry, home improvements, and Showbiz, etc. Upon confirmation from various resources including thoughts of the spokespersons of the shows, it was revealed that the information about the Bitcoin Billionaire endorsement on the This Morning platform isn’t right.

Shark Tank Screenshot

Shark Tank: Shark Tank is also one of the most highly-rated American TV reality shows being broadcasted on ABC TV in the United States for the past twelve years. The program’s executive producers include Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec. The show is a business reality show where multimillionaire investors listen to the ideas of the country’s skilful entrepreneurs and fund their projects if they find the projects worth their investment.

Like other scam trading robots, the Bitcoin Billionaire trading app also claims to have been endorsed by the shark tank. However, the claim was baseless. There is no information available on the internet that can confirm the claim good to be true. We, too, couldn’t find even a single reference.

Have celebrities ever recommended the Bitcoin Billionaire App?

Many scam trading robots claim that various celebrities have endorsed them and recommended people invest in them. The website offering the Bitcoin Billionaire app also claims that different celebrities including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Piers Morgan, Holly Willoughby, and several other stars have endorsed the Bitcoin Billionaire. Please continue reading below what we find when asked celebrities to have some words on the said claim.

Bill Gates: The founder of Microsoft “Bill Gates” needs no introduction named to have endorsed the Bitcoin Billionaire app. Besides, on several occasions, Bill Gates has appraised the fortune of the bitcoin that doesn’t mean he also recommended people start trading bitcoin with auto trading robots. Anyhow, after confirming from the concerned resources, it was clear that the news of bill gates endorsing the Bitcoin Billionaire app was fake.

Bitcoin Billionaire and Celebrities

Holly Willoughby: Holly Willoughby is a famous model, anchor, and TV presenter. She has been quite times, named after the fake endorsement of multiple auto trading robots. Every time she was contacted to confirm if the news were real, she denied it. Concerning the Bitcoin Billionaire app, she said she would love to do an advertisement for the Bitcoin Billionaire app only if she is guaranteed that the app does not support auto trading. She held the view that all of the so-called auto-trading robots are good for nothing.

Richard Branson: Richard Branson is an English entrepreneur, investor, and founder of a Virgin group that controls more than four hundred companies across the globe. The Bitcoin Billionaire app and other scam trading robots try to cash his name quite often. That’s the reason why Richard Branson and Bill Gates appear in most of the videos that these robots post on their official web pages without a voice. Richard Branson disowned the Bitcoin Billionaire claims and said that he doesn’t know the quoted trading app even exists.

Bitcoin Billionaire Review – Pros & Cons

Advantages of Bitcoin Billionaire

  • The Bitcoin Billionaire app is easy to use and even a novice trader can navigate through it conveniently.
  • The Bitcoin Billionaire trading robot is a web-based trading app that you can access around the clock.
  • The robot offers multiple deposit and withdrawal methods.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Billionaire

  • The Bitcoin Billionaire is not regulated and is, therefore, unsafe for investment purposes.
  • The Bitcoin Billionaire testimonials are self-written and are, therefore, not real.
  • The Bitcoin Billionaire app doesn’t allow you to trade fiat currencies.
  • The robot makes false claims and promises unrealistic returns.


After going through a detailed Bitcoin Billionaire review, we concluded that the Bitcoin Billionaire trading app is not legit software. The information concerning the invention of the trading app and it is proposed algorithms that it is based upon isn’t available. The trading app works the same way as other scam trading robots do. We genuinely have strong reservations about the authenticity of the robot. Hence, we do not suggest people invest in it.


Investment in the auto trading robot is the same as that of purchasing a lottery ticket. Either you become rich, or you lose all of the money you spent to buy the lottery ticket. Since, we have reviewed so many auto trading robots, and never heard anyone saying to have become rich overnight, we think it is better to invest your money with some legit trading platform like eToro.

The eToro trading platform is the world’s most legitimate trading platform that offers you a wide range of tradeable instruments, including crypto. It’s also one of the best crypto CFD brokers. The platform has its headquarter based in Cyprus. The exchange holds multiple licenses from the most reputable regulatory institutions in various jurisdictions of the world. With the eToro digital app, you can save numerous crypto-assets, and have them converted into one another. The eToro trading platform also has a built-in wallet – the eToro digital wallet – where traders can store their crypto assets. Skilled traders can make the best use of the eToro leverage options, whereas social trading may work best for novice traders.

Number of Coins: 20+
Margin Trading: YES
Minimum Deposit: $200

Invest In Cryptocurrency With $0 Commission

  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Regulated by FCA, ASIC & CySEC
  • Paypal, Debit & Credit Card Accepted
BankGiro PayMastercardNetellerPayPalSkrillUnionPayVisaYandex

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it does. You can switch the robot to the manual mode so you can trade the market yourself.

To get started with the bitcoin billionaire trading app, you need to deposit a minimum of $250.

No, the robot doesn’t allow you to trade forex pairs with it.

No, neither the bitcoin billionaire nor any other auto trading robot is regulated.

Yes, it does. The bitcoin billionaire app allows you to deposit and withdraw funds using multiple methods, including debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and electronic payment wallets (Skrill, Neteller, PayPal), etc.

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